Inside: Minute to Win It Easter Games

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the tulips are blooming! That can only mean one thing, SPRING IS HERE! Oh man, I love spring! I love everything it has to offer, the life that is given back into nature around us, celebrating Easter, and of course all the good Easter candy, am I right?

Easter is totally one of my favorite holidays, first because it is celebrating Jesus, of course! But, also being able to gather with family and celebrate together! As you know one of my favorite things to do is play games! So I had to find the perfect list of Minute to Win it Easter games for you and your family!

They are filled with sugary treats, lots of laughs, and a ton of fun!

Minute to Win it Easter Games

Minute to Win It Easter Games

Stack the Peeps: Who can stack the most peeps in under a minute? It’s not as easy as you think! There’s a strategy to stacking Peeps.

Popsicle Time: Give each player a little cup filled with Jelly Belly beans and a popsicle stick. When the game starts, players must put the popsicle stick in their mouth and then add Jelly Belly Beans to it until they are balancing six Jelly Belly Beans on the popsicle stick to win.

Easter Party Games

Jelly Bean Scoop: Have one person from each team scoop one jellybean at a time off the table with a plastic spoon and put it in an Easter basket. The other hand must be behind their back. The team that has the most jellybeans in their basket wins.

Stacking Eggs: You know all those eggs you took about for Matching Halves? Time to use them again for Stacking Eggs. Just like with Stack the Peeps, see how many egg halves you can stack before the tumble over!

Balance the Cadbury Egg: Players have one minute to balance a Cadbury egg on their head while walking from one spot to another. If the egg falls, they must go back to the starting place and begin again. Whoever gets the furthest in one-minute wins.

Super Sweet Easter Games

Candy Face: Just like the classic minute to win it  game, cookie face, Using only their facial muscles to get the candy from your forehead to your mouth! Using only your facial muscles and tilt of their head, they try to move the egg from their forehead to their mouth. They will end the game with chocolate all over their face!

Jelly Bean Pick Me Up: The smaller the jelly bean, the better to make pickup easier.  Give each player a handful of jelly beans, a small bowl or basket, and a straw.  Set the timer for 1 minute.  Players use the straw to pick up one jelly bean at a time and transfer it into the bowl by sucking up air through the straw.  The player with the most jelly beans in their bowl by the end of the minute is the winner.

Minute to Win It Games

Bunny Tail Drop: The object of the Bunny Tail Drop is to see how many bunny tails (cotton balls) you can get in the bucket. Have the children stand on a chair or step stool. Holding the bunny tail to their nose, drop them into the bucket! How good is your aim?

Easter Memory Match: Place the jelly beans in rows in the playing area.  You can mix the colors up however you want.  Use the plastic egg halves to cover each jelly bean.  Let players take turns choosing 2 eggs at a time to uncover.  If the jelly bean colors match then that player gets to eat those jelly beans and the eggs that were covering them are removed from the game.  If they do not match, simply cover the 2 choices with eggs again and let the next player try.  Play until all the jelly bean matches have been found.

The Best Spring Minute to Win It Games

Easter Egg Throw: For Easter Egg throw, you are going to do exactly what you think: throw Easter Eggs. How many Easter Eggs can you toss into the bucket in one minute?

Peep Face: Give each child an open packet of peeps. Set a timer for one minute. See who can get the most peeps to stick to their face in one minute.

Spring Cleaning: Give each player a bowl full of five different colored Jelly Belly beans such as red, purple, blue, green, and orange, making sure everyone has the same exact number of jelly beans. Place the five cups per player around them in a circle. Players must sort the cup of jelly beans by picking out one Jelly Belly bean at a time and then placing it in one of the cups, designating that cup for only that color. The first player to sort their jelly beans into the five cups first wins. – This is my favorite Minute to Win it Easter Game (I think its the sorting and my OCD lol)

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Spoon Full of Sugar: Fill a bowl completely full of Jelly Belly beans. Set the bowl on a table on one side of the room. Give each team a spoon and a small cup. Players must transfer Jelly Belly beans from the bowl to the fill their small cup using only the provided spoon, which must be in the player’s mouth anytime it is touching the jelly beans.

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Now gather up your bunny besties, break open those chocolate eggs, and let us play some games! Let us know in the comments your favorite Easter candy!