Inside: Hilarious white lie party ideas that will leave you laughing

I love living in this day of age. Parties just keep getting better and better! There are so many new fun themes and games that have never existed before, and I am so happy to be able to experience them.

For example, have you ever heard of a White Lie Party? The idea behind this one is everyone has to show up wearing a white T-shirt with a lie on it.

It’s a super fun way to kick back with your friends and have some laughs, plus these shirts make great conversation starters.

Funniest White Lie Party Ideas

Typically you would write a lie about yourself on your shirt, and the funniest one wins the night. If you are going to throw or have been invited to a white lie party, you might be here to find some inspiration for your own shirt. Well, I got you; I am going to cover the funniest white lie party ideas that will win you the night! So take a look at these ideas.

White Lies Ideas

I know it can be a little nerve-wracking about calling yourself out on a shirt, but it’s a great exercise in not taking life too seriously. Plus, you are going to have plenty to drink. After you’ve had one or two, you won’t even be worried about it. So my advice is to pick the phrase that feels the most accurate for you. Even if it’s PAINFULLY accurate, check out these white lie party ideas.

1. I won’t be late!

2. I have great taste in men

3. I totally care

4. I care about your feelings

5. I’m Not Moody

6. I don’t like older men

7. I’m not mentally ill

8. No, I won’t judge you

9. I’m Straight

10. I’m excited to be here

11. I have the best taste in men

White Lie Birthday

White Lie Shirt Ideas

Here are some more awesome white lie shirt ideas that you will love. I have been to one White Lie Party and being able to surround myself with people who could laugh at themselves was so refreshing. You will have a blast, but it all starts with your shirt.

Take a look at this next list if nothing has stood out to you yet. 

12. I’m not that kind of girl

13. I’ll text you back

14. I always skip arm day

15. Definitely not a control freak – Capricorn

16. I’m a good driver

17. I won’t drunk text you

18. I am not going to leave early

19. I’m a natural blonde

20. I have my life together

21. I can’t…I have plans

Funniest Lie t-shirt Ideas

Funniest White Lie Ideas

And lastly, I found some of the funniest white lie shirt ideas. These are for those of you who are ready to fully put yourself on blast. I feel like the more ruthless you are, the funnier the shirt is. This group below is definitely an example of that.

After this list, I went ahead and made a simple DIY for you to see how to make your shirt look extra good. Check it out.

21. I won’t ghost you

22. I finished too

23. I don’t have an attitude

24. I am never drinking again

25. I didn’t meet my Beau on Tinder

26. I only had two beers

27. I’ll hit you up later

28. No Red Flags Here

29. I’m 5’7

30. Of course I remember you

31. I never make the same mistake twice

32. No I don’t have daddy issues

33. I’m Sober

How to make a White Lie Shirt: White Lie Party Ideas

If you haven’t found a phrase you like, that is okay. Use these as inspiration; now you know the kinds of shirts that you will be seeing…how can you top them? Once you have a solid idea of your phrase, we can get started with this DIY.


For this shirt, you really only need two things: A White Shirt and a Permanent Marker. But I am going to show you some tricks to help ensure that your shirt comes out looking clean and well put together. For that, you will need a few more things. 

Step One: Tape Your Shirt Down

I think one of the worst things that happen when you write on a shirt is the fabric moves. When this happens, it causes your marker to skip a spot, mess up it’s groove, and makes the overall look of the lettering seem like it’s straight out of kindergarten. So unless your white lie is that you have great handwriting, let’s avoid this. 

Take your T-shirt and lay it on a large flat surface. You are going to stretch it, just until it is taught slightly. Then you will take your duct tape and line your shirt all around the edges. This will secure it down so that you are ready to write.

Step Two: Make Guide Lines

Next, we are going to make some guidelines. Because what is worse than warbled writing? SLANTED WRITING. If you are hoping to get even, clean words, then the best and simplest way to achieve this is to make guidelines. 

To do this, take your rule and lay it across the chest of your shirt. Make sure it is in the spot that you want the writing to be. Then using a light pencil, make a mark on either end of the ruler. If your phrase has more than one line, then do the same thing, but one inch lower. 

Take your duct tape and put it over the shirt so that the little marks you made with the ruler are covered. Then you can use that as your line. If you want to make your letters even, add another line of duct tape to the top to mark where your letters should stop. 

White Lie Party Ideas

Step Three: Write

Now that you have prepared everything, you can start writing. The most important part of this is that you take your time and write clean and clear. You can look at fonts online if you want to get really fancy, but it’s unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. 

Everyone just ends up getting drunk, so their vision will be blurred anyways. The markers are important, though; they make it so that the color doesn’t bleed if you get the shirt wet. Plus, they are easier to use on fabric. 

Now you just have to let the ink set, and that is it; your white lie shirt is all done!


I hope you loved these white lie party ideas as much as I loved finding them. I am actually thinking about planning my own white lie party now, so I am going to try these out. I think that the best part of any party starts with planning. So I am very excited; I already have half the planning done. 

Now all I have left is the food and party games…which I also have some pretty great ideas for. If you are in the same party planning boat as me, then you HAVE to check out these ideas.

They are some of the funniest drinking games I have ever come across, and I know they would be perfect for my white lie party, as well as yours. So what are you waiting for? Let’s continue on this party planning fun.