Happy birthday to all those March babies! If you are looking for some ideas for your March birthday, you’ve come to the right place.

These March birthday ideas, games, themes, and overall fun will guarantee you an excellent birthday. 

Whether you are looking for a party theme or ideas for games to play at your party, this list will give you some great inspiration. 

Four images with birthday cake and decorations

The March-themed ideas are tailored around activities and holidays that happen in March, keeping everything on theme. 

I love celebrating a March birthday. Since there are so many month-specific holidays and celebrations, it makes it easy to stay on theme.

March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, Barbie Day, and National Oreo Cookie Day are just a few March holidays that are great to revolve a birthday theme around.

If you are looking for some inspiration for what to do for your March birthday, here are some of my favorite ideas.

Themes All Ages For Fun 

1. A Lucky First Birthday 

Show off all of your luck during your 1st birthday party with a St. Patrick’s Day-themed bash. The party can incorporate ideas straight from the holiday, like lucky charms and leprechauns, or it can take a more subtle approach with the overall theme of luck

2. Parties For Preteens

There are a ton of those super random holidays that fall in March that sound made up. Whether or not they are real, they do make for an excellent party theme. March is National Crafts Month, which means a crafting party pretty much has to happen. Barbie Day, Giant Panda Bear Day, National Oreo Cookie Day, and National Puppy Day fall in the third month of the year, and all make excellent themes to revolve a birthday party around. 

3. Teenagers Take The Win

If you have a sports lover in your life, you know that March is all about basketball. Combine their love of basketball and their birthday in March with a March Madness-themed birthday party. Include basketball games to play, college team-themed decorations, and a cake worthy of scoring the winner shot. 

4. An Adult Celebration

Adults can have a themed birthday party, too!

Combine your love of movies with your birthday party this year and celebrate all things Oscars. The Oscars air in the middle of March, making it a great day to combine the two celebrations.

Have a red carpet and movie-themed snacks, and see if you can guess the winners of all the categories.

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Games For March Birthdays 

5. National Bubble Week 

National Bubble Week falls during the second week of March. So, if you have a birthday that falls then, it only makes sense to make it a bubble party. Go crazy with bubble games and watch the little balls of soapy waterfall all around.  

6. St. Patrick’s Day Games 

You better hope the luck of the Irish is on your side for these St. Patrick’s Day birthday games. Go on a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt, try to pin the gold in the pot, or test your luck with St. Patrick’s Day trivia. 

7. Basketball Games 

Forget watching all the games on television. Get in on the action and play your own version of March Madness. Set up your own tournament with 3-on-3 teams or compete in a classic game of knockout. 

8. Award Show Drinking Games 

If you are having an awards season party, it only makes sense to have an awards season drinking game to go right along with it. Follow the rules and see if you can keep up during Hollywood’s biggest night of the year. 

Four images with four leaf clovers, basketballs, red carpet, and a barbie.

Decorations For March Birthday Parties

9. Lucky One Birthday Tassel

10. Lucky One Balloon Tassel

11. St. Patrick’s Day Balloon Garland

12. St. Patrick’s Day Birthday Banner

13. Basketball Back Drop

14. Basketball Ticket Invitation 

15. March Madness Balloon Banner

16. Red Carpet Runner

17. Customized Oscar

18. Award Season Invite

19. Barbie Birthday Cake Topper

20. Barbie Invitation 

21. Puppy Party Garland

22. Puppy Party Balloon Garland

23. Happy Birthday Panda Banner

Three images with birthday party decorations.


Can these themes be for any age?

Yes, any of these themes can work for all ages. The decorations and games may need to be adjusted depending on the age of the partygoers. 

What will I need to celebrate my birthday in March?

Tailor the supplies needed for the party depending on the theme. Follow the guides above and fill in with the themed decorations. 

These March birthday party ideas are a great way to celebrate. No matter which party theme you choose to go with, you are bound to have an amazing celebration. All of your friends and family will be impressed by how the theme matches up with the month at hand. 

I am so excited to pick out one of these themes to celebrate my March birthday. I can’t wait to see how all the decorations and games come together.

P.S. If your birthday doesn’t fall in March, don’t worry. Our winter birthday party themes or jungle safari birthday ideas will give you more inspiration for what you should do to celebrate.