Inside: Animal party games that are perfect for a safari themed birthday.

One of my favorite things about throwing a kid’s party is all of the adorable themes that you can choose from. It’s like you get to relive a little bit of your childhood through them, how cool is that?

Out of all of the themes out there, a timeless classic that can never be overdone is a safari-themed party.

You’ve probably seen these done at baby showers and other kid-oriented parties, and yet they never cease to be adorable. 

Animal Party Games for Jungle Safari Birthday

The most fun part about a kid’s party has to be the games. There are so many ways to get everyone working together and having a blast, too many. So I thought I would put together 33 of the cutest animal party games to help you get some ideas for your next safari party!

I included both pre-made and some printable ones as well, so there is truly a game for every need you may have. So take a look.

Jungle Party Games

1. Feed The Crocodile – This is an adorable and simple game that everyone will love. You have a board with a big hole in it, with a crocodile. The croc’s mouth is around the hole, and the game is to toss a ball through the hole to feed the croc! Simple, Fun, Adorable. 

2. Pin the Tail on the Zebra – A classic game, re-imagined. Don’t get me wrong, the donkey is adorable as well…but this one just feels more exotic and fancy. 

3. Cheetah Race – Make a cute sign that says ‘Cheetah Race Starts Here’, this is the starting line for a race that kids can take part in, where they will run fast like cheetahs.

4. Knock The Animals Down – This DIY is a fun and simple one for the kiddos. Save some plastic jugs, then paint different animals on them(like the photo in the link). Then stack them up and try and knock them down with a ball. 

5. Potato Sack Race: Animal Edition – Decorate some sacks to look like animals, then you can essentially use the same rules that are used when playing in a potato sack race. 

6. Toss the Ring On The Croc – How cute is this game? I am I sucker for ring toss games. They are a crowd pleaser, are simple to manage, and they are easy on the pockets as well. Can’t go wrong.

Feed the Croc Cornhole Game

7. Chicken Egg Hunt –  Who says that egg hunts are only for easter?

8. Monkey Toss –  This is a monkey version of corn hole, where you toss bean bags into the mouths of monkeys!

9. Barnyard Beanbag Toss –  I think that a beanbag toss is a must-have at a jungle party, not only are they simple but they are fun for even the smallest kiddo!

10. Animal Costume Contest – On the invitation, include that there will be an animal costume contest. When everyone gets there, have a competition to decide who has the best costume. Bonus points if they do an impression of the animal they are dressed up as!

11.Bean Bag Toss

12. Pin the Nose on the Elephant – A spin on pin the tail on the donkey, but make it a safari theme!

13. Give the Monkey a Banana –  Yet another spin-off of pin the tail on the donkey. But this time it gives the monkey a banana.

14.Animal Balloon Decorations – Decorate your own balloon DIY!

15. Pin the Tail on the Pig – Looks like I saved the pin the tailspin offs for the end of this list, but they were just too cute not to include. 

16. Cute Animal Ring Toss – Again, how can you say no to a classic game of ring toss?

Animal Themed Party Games, Wild Animal Bingo Card

Animal Themed Birthday Party Games Printable

17. Animal Trivia – For kids who love animals, why not help them to learn some more facts about them in the form of a game? That’s what trivia is for after all!

18. Mixed Coloring Challenge – I think that coloring is a timeless way to pass the time at any party. Check out these awesome coloring challenges that the kids can take home with them when they are finished. 

19. Jungle Bingo –  Bingo is not just a grandma thing, it’s also perfect for the kids. Not to mention it works wonders for building their cognitive skills. I’ve added a few different kinds of animal bingo to this list so pick whichever fits you and your style best.

20. Animal Charades Cards – Charades is such a fun thing to get everyone involved, parents and kids alike. It’s a timeless game that has been around for decades If not centuries, and it is still just as fun today. 

21. Memory Games – Memory games are great because they are like the secret veggie of the game world. You have no idea it’s good for you because it’s hidden and surrounded by cheese and goodness. Memory games are proven to help strengthen neural pathways. 

22. Woodland Word Search – This one is more geared towards slightly older kids, but it’s still such a fun one to include. You can create a challenge to see who can finish their search the quickest.

23. Animal Scavenger Hunt – This printable scavenger hunt is the perfect way to amp up your party in a simple way that will save you energy and time. So check this out!

24. Baby Animal Name Quiz – Sometimes you would be surprised by the names that baby animals have. It’s not as simple as you think! This game is a fun way to brush up on the many different names and terms of different baby animals. 

25. Woodland Animal Fill In The Blank – Fill in the blanks are perfect for those of you who love brain games. 

26. Disney Animal Emoji Pictionary – Who doesn’t love Pictionary? What about emojis? Well, these two together are truly unstoppable. These are too fun if you ask me!

27. Wooden Animal Painting Games – These DIY animal painting games are so much fun. In the end, the kid will get to take home their project, so it’s a win-win. 

28. Zoo Animal Bingo 

29. Animal Party Card Game – Card games are a classic and a forever favorite. Plus you will be able to keep this deck for a long time. 

30. Printable Lion Paper Crown DIY – You can get this DIY crown for every guest that will be at the party. They can all be little jungle kings!

31. Monkey Tic Tac Toe – You can never go wrong with a classic. This monkey-themed tic tac toe is the perfect printout for your safari party!

32. Matching Game 

33. Wild Bingo

Animal Party Games

I hope you loved these awesome animal party games that would be perfect for your next party. There are so many cute ones out there I understand it can be hard to decide on which ones you want to include. 

When deciding, I think the most important thing to keep in mind is your target audience. If you are hosting for toddlers, then perhaps stay away from the printable.

There is no sense in giving those to people who can’t quite read yet. 

I know you will be able to come up with the perfect match for your tiny guests. If you want some more party ideas, I’ve got your back, check these out.