Inside: Ideas for DIY dance charades cards that will get you grooving.

I don’t know about you, but I love to dance. It’s fun, freeing, and good for your heart. I also love teenager party games, specifically group games the whole family can play. Like the classic ones that we’ve been playing since we were young. So naturally, it shouldn’t be surprising that one of my all-time favorite games is dance charades. 

What’s that? You’ve never heard of this game you say? Well all that is changing, because you are missing out.

It combines two of the best things in the world, and it brings people together in hilarious ways. 

Dance Charades ideas to DIY Cards at Home

So if you are interested in learning about what this game is, and how to play it, then you are in the right place. Not only am I going to cover those topics but to make your life easier, I am also going to include a list of topics and ideas for you to DIY your own charades cards at home. It can be stupidly hard to come up with on the spot, so I thought I would save you the trouble.

So let’s hop, step, and jump right into this. 

What is Dance Charades

Dance charades is pretty straightforward. It’s in the name! The objective of this game is to be the player with the most points at the end of the rounds. In order to get points you must dance act what is on the charades cards, if the players aka judges like your move, they will throw a token into the dance floor.

At the end of your turn, you get to count the tokens and that is how many points you have for the round. So let’s go over some of the rules and what it looks like to play this game.

How to Play Dance Charades

Dance charades is both simple and complex at the same time. It’s the game equivalent of rubbing your stomach while patting your head. On the outside, objectively it sounds super easy and doable, but once you try it you’ll find that it requires some practice. 

I am going to break it down into steps so that it’s easy to digest. 


  • Charades Cards
  • Bowl
  • Music
  • Timer
  • Tokens

Step One

The first step is to write down all of the ideas and subjects on small cards. When you are done you mix them up and place them in a bowl to be pulled from when the game begins. To get ideas for the subjects and topics, please keep scrolling.

You will find my list of different words that can act as the basis for your charades list. I’ve gone ahead and divided them into different categories, ranging from easiest to hardest. Pick whichever ones you like. Once you are done with this, you can move on to the next step.

Step Two

Everyone needs to decide on how many rounds they want to play. Pass your tokens out to everyone who will be playing, and decide who will be the first to dance. You will also need to decide on who will be your DJ. After the initial person goes, the circle will move in one direction.

Dance Charades

Step Three

When you feel prepared, draw a card. The music will start to play and you will have 1 minute to try and mime out what is on the card through dancing. This is where it differs from regular charades. Sometimes I have found that this makes it even simpler, like if you pull the word sprinkler. There is a pretty well-known dance for that. 

But it can also be hard, for example, how are you going to dance mime out the word ‘singing’. Sounds rough right?

Step Four

You are not allowed to speak in any way at all, and that includes mouthing words. I am the queen of the accidental lip sync. My brain just wants to convey the word so badly that I’ll absentmindedly start to mouth the words before I even realize what I am doing. So try and avoid that.

It’s up to your fellow teammates to try and guess what it is you are trying to get across on your own. If someone is able to guess what you dancing then you get a point and get to pick another card. This continues until the timer goes off. The cards you got will be your points. 

Players are also allowed to toss tokens into the ring if they thought their dance moves were awesome enough, and those will also count as points. But they are only allotted 3 tokens to throw. 

Step Five

After you have finished all of your agreed-upon rounds, it’s time to tally up the points. The person with the highest amount is deemed the winner. They get a prize of choice and a song of their choosing as their celebratory song. 

So, does this sound interesting to you? If so, then take a look at my list of words that you can use for your charade ideas. There is a lot here so I recommend going slow otherwise your risk a hand cramp…and those are terrible.

Catergories for Dance Charades

Categories for Dance Charades

1. Animals

2. Sports

3. Activities

4. Jobs

5. Movies

6. Food

7. Songs

8. Instruments

9.  Famous People

10. Emotions

Easy Dance Charades Ideas

11. Sad

12. Laughing

13. Mowing the lawn

14. Cutting Hair

15. Texting

16. Cat

17. Soccer

18. Flute

19. Typing

20. Jump Rope

21. Singing

22. Light

23. T-Rex

24. Phone Call

25. Bird

Medium Dance Charades Ideas

Medium Dance Charades Ideas

26. Frying Pan

27. Tacos

28. Teacher

29. Eagle

30. Reading a Book

31. Moana 

32. Disco

33. Spiderman

34. Surfing

35. Football

36. Cat In The Hand

37. The Little Mermaid

38. Baby Shark

39. Shoe Laces

40. President

41. Saxophone 

42. Birthday Cake

43. Lizard

44. Shock

45. Hot N Cold – Katy Perry

46. Tennis

47. Murder

48. Leonardo DiCaprio

49. Bull

Hard Dance Charades Ideas

Hard Dance Charades Ideas

50. Porcupine

51. Little Orphan Annie

52. Fixer Upper

53. Albert Einstein 

54. Drummer

55. Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bob Marley

56. Mr. Rodgers

57. Hair Spray

58. Chandler Bing

59. Forest Gump

60. Scooby-Doo

61. Chopping Vegetables

62. Michael Jackson

63. Blush

Does your hand hurt from writing all of these out onto cards yet? Because mind totally does. It started way back around the 20s. But I know that playing this game will make it all well worth it, for the laughs alone. 

I hope that you found these words helpful because I know how hard it can be to come up with topics for charades. It’s like all of the words you’ve ever known just fall right out of your head the minute you need them. It can be so infuriating. But that’s why I’m here, to help you avoid that feeling. 

If you are a fan of charades in general and not just the dance kind, then you have so many other ways that you can use these cards. That way you don’t have to feel like they are wasted when you’re done with this game. It’s cool to think that dance charades are just one version of charades, and there are countless other ways to play them. 

The gaming possibilities are endless!