Top St Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt ideas to try your luck with. 

So, let’s talk about St. Patrick’s day. Personally, this is one of the most underrated holidays for me, most likely because I myself am very Irish, but it really does not get the hype that it deserves. 

Setting up a scavenger hunt for the kids is a fun way to celebrate the luck of the Irish on an otherwise normal day. 

Best St. Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt Printables

The most popular thing to do on St. Patricks Day is to get hammered, but if you have little kids… that isn’t really an option.

But hey, there are still so many awesome and fun things you can do to celebrate…

but the easiest and most fun option is setting up a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt!

I have pulled together some of the cutest St. Patty’s day printables for you to choose from. You’ll love these.

St. Patrick’s Day Hunt Printables

When it comes to activities, the printable ones make my life that much easier.

Because of this, they are my favorite. I wanted to share with you some scavenger hunt ideas that will make your life easier too. 

1. Cute Printable Hunt Idea – I think the best part about these printable hunts is how simple and easy they are. Gone are the days when you have to spend hours concocting a fun activity for your kids. Now, you get to ENJOY it without the yawn halfway through.

2. Scavenger Hunt Cards – I love any scavenger hunt that comes in the form of cards. They are so cute, and there is so much room for change. You’ll see how many different styles there are as we go through this list together!

 3. St. Patricks Day Hunt Idea – You can decide how easy or how hard your hunt can be based on the one you choose. So take a look at these with the idea in mind of what kind of scavenger hunt you’d like most. 

4. Hunt with 18 Clues  – This one comes with 18 clues, it’s super well put together, and it’s adorable. How could you possibly go wrong!?

5. St. Patty’s Day Affordable Hunt – Almost every option on this list is affordable, but this one takes the cake. It’s only 2 dollars, and it’s perfect for a St. Patty’s Day activity. 

6. Adorable St. Patty’s Day Idea – I am obsessed with this. The color scheme, the little details, the riddles. Yep, sign me up!

7. Cute Little Hunt Card Ideas – Here we have a whole bunch of little cards that will have your family searching for whatever it is you want to hide. 

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Leprechaun Hunt Clues For Kids

I know that some of these scavenger hunt ideas would be a little hard for small kids, so I made this list with them in mind!

If you have any little children in your lives that will be playing this year, then you should choose something from this list. 

8. Scavenger Hunt for Kids – 

I thought I should have a whole section dedicated to the smallest of us. And no, I am not talking about leprechauns; I’m talking about the kiddos! 

9. Scavenger Hunt Paper Checklist – 

Sometimes, the little cards can be a lot to hold for the littles, so perhaps this singular paper would be better suited for tiny hands. Plus, it’s easier to understand than the little cards. 

10. St. Patricks Game for the Family – 

Here is one that the whole family will love, but especially the kids. The fun border and little leprechaun is such a great touch!

11. Little Green Cue Cards – 

Everyone knows that green is the color of the day. Do you remember going to school, and if you didn’t wear green, you would get pinched? It was such a fun and stressful time.  

12. Rainbow-Themed Wreath – 

If green is the color of the day, then a rainbow is like a mascot. What else are you going to follow to find the pot of gold?

13. Little Cartoon Character Cards – 

I don’t know about you, but I truly think that if you put a cute little character on a game…the fun intensifies 10x over. 

14. Multi-Patterned Hunt Card – 

Technically, I think any of these scavenger hunts would work for children, I just think that the ones on this list go above and beyond. 

Fun leprechaun adventure games for kids

Lucky Scavenger Hunt Ideas

And lastly, these are some of my favorite ideas that I have found on the internet so far. I made sure to put some variety in terms of hardness, so kids of all ages can play depending on which one you pick! So take a look and see which ones you think would be perfect for you and your loved ones this year!

15. Clover Shaped Cue Cards – 

I think these ones might be my favorite ones on the whole list. They are shaped like little clovers. My heart could burst! 

16. Good Hunt Idea Cards – 

“Sneaky little leprechauns have visited your house. They left a trail as quiet as a mouse. Follow the clues that are left behind, and enjoy the treasure you shall find.” This is a little sneak preview. 

17. Glitter Rainbow Border – 

If you have older kids, then some of these options just won’t do. This hunt was made with the older kids in mind, so it is perfect for you! Oh man, I am talking in rhymes again. I have been looking at these riddles TOO LONG.

18. Epic Scavenger Hunt Bundle – 

I think this option is an epic one. Not only is it cute, but the riddles are super cool. Check this out to see what I mean. 

19. St. Patricks Day Golden Game – 

I love the fact that they made this a golden game! Because on St. Patty’s Day, gold is the name of the game. Sadly we cannot actually find the end of the rainbow, but we can fill our house with chocolate gold coins!

20. Plaid Green Game – 

If frills aren’t your thing, then I think that the best thing for you to do is look at this option. 

21. Dark Green Cards – 

Green is my favorite color, as it should be when someone is as Irish as I am. But I digress; here are the last scavenger hunt options for you to try out this year!

St Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt

I know a hunt with the kids is not be the same as having a brew or 2. But you can have plenty of fun if you put effort into coming up with creative St. Patrick’s Day clues along the way.

If you ARE going to be drinking, then perhaps you need some inspiration on drinking games…

We have you covered there too. Depending on the size of your party and the effort you are willing to put it, you may be interested in throwing a Beer Olympics party. 

St. Patrick’s day has a special place in my heart, and as I get older (and my hangovers get worse), I love finding new ways to spend the day. I hope that you are excited about your St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt this year.