Inside: Top winter birthday party ideas + themes to use during the cold, dark months.

I think that the general consensus with birthdays that fall under the month of December is that they kind of…suck. Not because of the birthday people themselves, but because you are so close to Christmas! But I think that this thought process needs to be changed.

December birthdays are the best because you get to have a winter birthday party! I love the month of December, and I would kill to be able to have my birthday be all Christmassy and cozy. There are so many ways that you can make this party personalized to you while also being super cute and wintery. It’s just the best.

Best Winter birthday party ideas

I am going to prove it to you. I have pulled together the best winter birthday party ideas for you to look through to bet inspiration for your big day. Take a look to get some ideas!

Winter Birthday Party Themes

First I thought we could start with the themes. Here are some of my favorite themes to work with when planning a winter birthday party. These are simple, cute, and one of my 

1. Classic Winter Theme – You can never go wrong with a classic winter-themed party. For this, all you need to do is decorate with blue and silver, along with cute snowflakes and have hot cocoa! It’s simple but super cute.

 2. Blizzard Party – A blizzard party is essentially a party where you go all out by decorating with snow. I am talking about a ceiling full of snowflakes and fake flocked windows. You can really go wild with this one. 

3. Frozen Party – You really cannot go wrong with a Frozen Movie-themed party for wintertime. It’s literally in the name! With this, you can decorate like you are in the palace and have everyone come dressed as their favorite characters. 

4. Narnia Party – Narnia is another movie that is heavily set during winter time. So you can recreate the place where the children first entered Narnia and serve cool foods like Turkish delights. 

5. Winter Wonderland – For a winter wonderland party, you will need decorations similar to the ones above, except you need to make emphasis on having sparkles. This will help it feel like a wonderland.

6. Christmas Party – Decorate everything with red and green, have your tree up, and serve Christmas goodies; this one is really simple. I know you will have a blast with this. 

7. Blue and White Party – Decorate everything in blue and white. Serve blue and white food, and have everyone come dressed in blue and white. The whole vibe is winter!

8. All Things Winter – For this party, you will have everything be winter themed. Have every guest brings something that reminds them of winter. Play winter music, and have different winter foods. 

9. Winter Character Party – This one is super fun. You will have each guest dress up as a different character from their favorite winter or holiday movie. Then you can hold a contest to see who is the best. 

10. Ugly Sweater Party – Now you have to admit, you expected this one to be on here. Ugly Christmas sweater parties are the absolute best. Have each of your guests show up wearing their ugliest Christmas Sweater, and then judge who is the best. Or would it be the worse?

11. Winter PotLuck – And lastly, you can never go wrong with a winter potluck. Have everyone bring their best winter food and then pig out with the people you love!

How to decorate on a cold day indoors.

Decorations for Winter Party

I thought we should start out with some decoration ideas. These are going to be what set the tone for your party, so I made a list of some of the must-have ideas for any winter party. Check out this list and see what you need to get. 

12. Snowflake Garland

13. Snowflake Table Centerpiece

14. Soft LED Christmas Light

15. Winter Wonderland Garland

16. Christmas Backdrop Balloons

17. Cute Light Branch

18. Cute Blue Balloon Arch

19. Silver and White Ceiling Decor

20. Fairy String Lights

21. Snowflake Table Runner

22. Cups and Plates

Food Ideas for Winter Birthdays

Whether it be for a child or for an adult, any winter birthday party needs winter-themed foods. So I have come up with a list of some of the cutest wintery foods that you can supply or bring to a party if you get invited to one. Each of these is so cute you are going to fall in love!

23. Christmas Tree Spinach Twists

24. Grinch Fruit Sticks

25. Caprese Wreath

26. Christmas Tree Charcuterie

27. Mini Baked potatoes

28. Chocolate Dipped Cherry

29. Candy Apples

30. Cherry Mice

31. Snowflake Pull Apart Bread

32. Snowman Cookies

33. Snowflake Donuts

34. Apricot Kolache

Winter Party Games

Indoor Party Games For Cold Weather Days

Now here is the fun part, it’s game time! I have compiled some of the best winter-themed games that you can put together for your party. These are great to have to keep your guests entertained. Plus, what is the point of a party if you aren’t going to have games to play? You’ll just be standing around!

35. Snow Shovel Race – For this game, you are going to have a pile of cotton balls on the floor, and then players will be blindfolded. They have 1 minute to get as many of the balls into their container as they can using a spoon.

36. Christmas Obstacle Course

37. Hit the Hot Chocolate – This is basically hot cocoa-themed cornhole. How cute!

38. Tallest Snowman Challenge – Everyone is tasked with making the tallest snowman they can by gluing together marshmallows.

39. Candy Cane Hook – I love candy cane games because they are affordable but super fun!

40.  Cup Push Challenge

41. Hungy Hungry Christmas Hippo – I love this game. So you have a bunch of cotton balls on the floor, and you have four players lay on their stomachs. Each teammate has to push them into the middle, and they have to try and grab as many of the cotton balls as they can.

42. Whipped Cream Challenge – I used to do this challenge all the time because it is a good excuse to eat whipped cream. But it’s loads of fun too!

43. Tree Push Shuffle Board

44. Spill it, and You Lose – Each person gets a glass of water, and they have to go in a line to fill up an empty glass. The first person to spill it is the loser.

45. Candle Blow Challenge

46. Bottle Hourglass Challenge

47. 6th Sense Challenge – For this one, you need to be prepared to laugh!

Winter Birthday Party

And there you have it; now, do you feel better about having a December birthday? I hope so! Because there are so many different ways that you can make it special. 

There are so many more fun Christmas Themed games that you can play as well at your party. The whole thing will be a blast. If you want some more game ideas, then I have you covered on that front as well. Take a look here!

My birthday lands right at the end of summer, which might sound nice, but it comes with its own ups and downs. Like I can never have my birthday celebrated by my class in school. That’s not fair, and I always hated it growing up. So before you get down on yourself about having a December birthday, remember that the grass is always greener. So enjoy your birthday!