Some games just never go out of style, and the egg race game is certainly one of them. Who hasn’t heard of this classic activity that works for any age?

It requires minimal supplies and set up, and there are lots of ways to add twists that make it even more fun! 

Although you’ve probably heard of it, you might not quite remember all the rules of an egg and spoon race. But don’t worry – I’ve got you covered… 

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Here’s everything you need to know about playing the egg race game, including what you’ll need, the guidelines, and different ways to play, and suggestions of similar games for all ages.

What Is an Egg and Spoon Race?

The egg race game is a simple game that is exactly what it sounds like – it involves racing from one point to another while holding an egg on a spoon, with the goal being to reach the finish line the fastest WITHOUT dropping the egg. 

What Are the Egg Race Game Rules?

The rules of the egg race game are simple: contestants line up at a predetermined start line.

Holding an egg on a spoon, they race to the finish line.

If the egg drops, you’re out! The first player to get to the finish line without breaking their eggs wins.

3 photos of egg race game supplies, including eggs and spoons.

Egg and Spoon Race Supplies

Besides room to play and a start/finish line, you don’t need much to play the egg race game. The absolute necessities are:

  • Regular eggs: You can use raw eggs, or you can hard boil them. If you plan to use raw eggs, definitely plan on playing this game outdoors somewhere that can get messy!
  • Spoons: Regular silverware works, but plastic may offer more options (like holding the spoon in your mouth) for alternative ways to play.

Here are a few optional items to make the game even more fun:

  • Egg race set: This wooden set makes for easy cleanup, and you play the egg race game endlessly with these unbreakable eggs!
  • Plastic eggs: For a fun twist (see the section below), you can use plastic eggs and even fill them with treats and prizes! 
  • Giant spoons: Another silly twist is using different kinds of spoons for the egg race, like these large silicone ones.
  • Egg dye kit: Have fun decorating the eggs before racing with them.

4 photos of items that put a twist on the egg and spoon race, including giant spoons and plastic eggs.

Fun Twists on the Classic Egg and Spoon Race

There are SO many fun ways to put a special twist on the classic egg race game! Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Use plastic eggs filled with prizes: the first to cross the finish line gets a bigger prize, but everyone goes home with at least the contents of their egg!
  • Dye the eggs: Extend the activity by boiling the eggs and dyeing, painting, and decorating the eggs first.

Pro Tip: Go all out on decorating the eggs (real or plastic) by adding glitter, stickers, googly eyes, and whatever crafting materials you have on hand or can think of.

  • Use giant spoons: Using silly-sized spoons is a fun way to switch the game up and make it accessible to more players!
  • Change the rules on holding the spoon: You can only hold the spoon in your mouth, behind your back, with your armpit… there are lots of ways to make the game more challenging.
  • Change the racing method: Skip, gallop, bunny hop, or crawl to the finish line… whatever fun ways to move you can think of!

3 examples of egg and spoon race alternatives, including the three-legged race and potato sack race.

Egg and Spoon Game Alternatives

If you want to keep the fun going after playing the egg race, or you decide this game isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of similar activities to keep a group entertained. 

  • Potato sack race: Similar rules as the egg race game, but instead of holding an egg on a spoon, players compete to get to the finish line first while wearing a potato sack!
  • Three-legged race: Contestants pair up and race with one leg tied to each other. Use these colorful bands to comfortably and safely tie legs together.
  • Water balloon relay race: Have the group divide into teams with an equal number of players, and each team lines up with equal space between each player. Players toss water balloons to each other down the line, trying to get as many into a bucket at the end without dropping the balloons.

Pro Tip: I love these magnetic water balloons because they are reusable and cut down on waste (and cleanup). 

  • Hula hoop pass: Divide into two teams, and have each team stand in a circle holding hands. A hula hoop gets passed around each team, with players having to step through and pass the hoop through their arms without breaking the circle. The first team to make a full circle without separating wins! This game goes fast, so you’ll probably want a play a few rounds.

Pro Tip: Get these light-up hula hoops to play this fun game in the dark!

  • Wheelbarrow race: Contestants partner up, with one player holding the ankles of the other as they use their hands to walk across the ground. Warn players that the hand walker needs to set the pace.

So, what do you think? Do you feel prepared to throw an egg and spoon race, and do you have everything that you need? 

What I love about this game is that it’s a classic, but there are so many ways to put a unique spin on it! Let me know in the comments: Do you remember playing the egg race game as a kid (or an adult)? What’s your favorite twist? I personally love the idea of using plastic eggs filled with prizes!

That way, everyone’s a winner, no matter who crosses the finish line first. 

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