Check out the coolest St. Patricks Party Games for your lucky leprechaun celebrations at school or at home. 

This list is packed full of the best games for all your party guests… from Rainbow inspired, to crazy fun games this list has it all!

You will love all the St. Patty’s day fun these games hold.

If you love any reason to celebrate, like I do! Than St. Patricks Day is the best way to jump into that fun. From leaving leprecaun prints to bingo, anything is better with a little gold and rainbow. Here are a few other fun ideas for your Patties Day party.

Fun St Patricks Party Games

Topping the list of fun party games for this lucky day I adore playing a food focused game like: 

Lucky Charms

Fill a 2-liter bottle with Lucky Charms cereal (or get this bag of marshmallows and just use the marshmallows) then tape the filled bottle to another empty 2-liter bottle.

Make sure all of the Lucky Charms are in one of the bottles.

Give the taped together bottles to the player and when you say go, they must shake shake shake the bottle to get all of the Lucky Charms to the other bottle.

First-person to get all of the Lucky Charms from one bottle to the other wins!

St Patricks Day Party Games

Golden Slime

I don’t know about you but my kiddos are still obsessed with the slime craze. That is why this golden slime activity is perfect for our St. Patricks day celebration! See how to make this fun golden slime here! 

Minute for the Gold

This quick game requires a little skill and some serious hand-eye coordination!

The gold is to use chopsticks to get all your gold coins from one container to another in the quickest amount of time. This is one of my favorite St. Patricks Party Games to play with a big group. 

Rainbow Games For St. Patrick’s Day Parties

Roll the Rainbow

Print out enough of these roll a rainbow sheets either for everyone who will play to have one or one per team.

To play, players must use one die to try to be the first to “roll a rainbow” by rolling the number on the die associated with a color on the rainbow. 

So easy & a great classroom idea for numbers & counting.

Pop the Rainbow

Color and FUN this game has it all! I love everything about this St. Patricks party game.

The goal is simple, just like your traditional balloon popping carnival game, but make it rainbow!

Throw your dart, pop your balloon, and win a prize.

Rainbow Relay

For this game, you will need rainbow-colored candy, paper plates, straws, and plastic cups.

Give each team one plate of candy and one plastic cup per color of candy and give each child one straw!

On “Go!,” the first player uses their straw to suck one piece of candy to the end of their straw and drop the candy into the plastic cup that matches that color.

If it drops too soon or is dropped into the wrong cup, the child has to keep trying and put it into the correct cup. Players cannot move the candy or the cups with their hands.  

The game continues to the left until the minute is over. The team with the most pieces of candy in the plastic cups wins. 

Coin Flip Game

This rainbow coin flip game is filled with wonder and St. Patrick’s day fun!

Get a stack of lucky coins and flip to see who wins. As you go, the winner gets to keep the change. 

Move around the room flipping and collecting lucky coins until there’s only 1 player left.

Rainbow Party Games

Crazy Luck Of The Irish Games

Shamrock Shake

Before the game, empty a green tissue box for each player and tape a pair of pantyhose on it so that you can basically tie the tissue box to your waist.

Players must put 20 green ping pong balls inside of the tissue box then tie the tissue box around their waist.

Then as soon as the timer starts, players must shake their hips and do a “shamrock shake” to be the first one to get all of the balls out.

Peppermint Patty Party Game

Super simple, yet fun at the same time. You need a bunch of Peppermint Patty candies.  Do not unwrap them! Set the timer for one minute and see how many you can stack before the timer goes off.

The winner gets to keep them all! I’m just kidding, that’s a lot of candy though you can include some of the candy mixed into your party treats.

Cabbage Crawl

Tape a long piece of tape across one side of the room and then another one on the other side of the room. On the one side of the room, put one head of cabbage for each team.

Players must get down on their hands and knees and push their heads of cabbage to the other side of the room using just their head, crawling on their hands and knees. The first player to have their cabbage cross the finish line wins.

Fun Party Games

Guess Who, What and Where… These Party Games are too FUN!

Who’s the Leprechaun

Are you going to be “It” or will you be the Leprechaun? One player is chosen to be “It” and that person needs to exit the room. The remaining party guests choose someone to be the Leprechaun. Then, the “It” player comes back into the room.

The Leprechaun starts doing an Irish dance move, like a beat, cut or lift and the other party guests need to imitate the moves of the Leprechaun.

The “It” player then needs to figure out who the Leprechaun is.

St. Patricks Day Jeopardy

This one requires a bit of research and planning in advance, but if your friends are huge Jeopardy fans, just make up your Irish version. Create categories like History, Literature, Music, Pop Culture, Catch Phrases, etc., all with an Irish theme.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Find as many green items of clothing as you can and put them in a bucket for each team.

Have players stand on one side of the room and place the bucket of clothes on the other side of the room.

Players must either hop like a frog or if you want to use two players, must play leapfrog from their side of the room to the bucket on the other side. When they reach the bucket, they must put on one item of clothing and hop back.

Whoever puts on the most items in the minute wins!

Fun Party Games

St. Patricks Party Games to Buy

Sometimes you just need to hit purchase and go in the middle of a crazy week. These easy to buy St. Patrick’s party games will kick the day off on just the right note.

St Patrick’s Day Bean Bag Toss

I love using this leprechaun bean bag toss for a classroom or Sunday school game. It is so fun and easy to play, plus it is super festive for all your St. Patricks day party plans.

Let’s Play Bingo

These St. Patrick Day themed bingo cards are the perfect game to play at any festive party! Here are some of my favorite funny prizes to hand out to each of your winners.

Inflatable Hat Toss

Go big or go home, am I right? This fun inflatable hat toss game is a great St. Patricks party game for guests of all ages!

Roll the Dice

This St. Patty’s Day game is definitely one for the adults! Roll the dice and see what you get.

It can be anything from chug your beer to a bar-hopping frenzy, the fun just doesn’t stop.

I hope these St Patricks Party Games bring a whole bunch of fun to your celebration… Let me know in the comments you all-time favorite.