Inside: Minute to Win It St. Patrick’s Day Games for Kids.

We have been spending so much time playing games and hanging out as a family. For Valentine’s we played these fun games together and really enjoyed a fun-filled themed game night, so we decided to continue the fun with these Minute to Win It St. Patrick’s Day Games for Kids.

Minute to Win It Games are an all-time favorite in our house, which made these themed ideas even better. Most of them are just a fun twist on a classic game to add a little festive flair.

Min to Win It St. Patricks Day Games for Kids

What Supplies You’ll Need to Play these Minute to Win It Games?

For these fun Irish games, you will need just a few festive supplies.

Minute to Win It St. Patrick’s Day Games for Kids

Lucky Charms Stack: Use chopsticks to stack marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms. Whoever has the highest stack after one minute is the winner.

Fruit Loops Sort: Each person gets 2 cups (measured) of Fruit Loops cereal to sort by color. Whoever sorts hers first is the winner.

Threading Fruit Loops: Each person gets some Fruit Loops and a pipe cleaner. After one minute, the person with the most loops on the pipe cleaner is the winner BUT you can only use one hand to do it.

One Minute St. Patricks Day Games for Kids to win it

Sucking Skittles: Each person gets a straw, a plastic cup, and a pile of Skittles. After one minute, whoever has the most Skittles in her cup is the winner BUT the only thing you can touch is your straw – not the cup or the candies.

Scooping Skittles: Dump a couple of handfuls of Skittles out on the table for each player, who has a spoon and an empty cup. Players may only touch the spoon, no hands on the candies during play. The player with the most Skittles in her cup after one minute is the winner.

Minute to Win It St. Patrick’s Day Games for Elementary Students

Catching Skittles: You play in teams with partners about 3 feet apart. One partner throws Skittles into the paper cup of the other partner. After one minute, the catcher throws and the thrower catches. The team with the most Skittles in the cup after two minutes is the winner.

Dropping Skittles: This game is surprisingly difficult. You start with a vase with a small (about 1″) opening between your feet, then you drop Skittles from waist-high into the vase. The person who gets the most Skittles into the vase in one minute is the winner.

Get off my lawn: Play in two teams with a line drawn down the middle of the table. Start with equal amounts of Fruit Loops on each side of the line (say, 1 measuring cup on each side) and each player should have a straw. Players attempt to blow the Fruit Loops across the line into their opponents’ turf. The team with the LEAST Fruit Loops on their side after one minute is the winner.

Min to Win It St. Patricks Day Games for Elementary Students Classroom Games

Cup of green: Each pair gets a bowl of Skittles. Each person has a pair of chopsticks and has to get only the GREEN Skittles into their own cup. The person with the greenest Skittles after one minute is the winner. You could also play this with Trix cereal. That would be a little easier since Skittles are slippery.

Balance the rainbow: Each person gets a large popsicle stick and a stack of Fruit Loops. Put the popsicle stick in your mouth and use your hands to make the tallest stack of Fruit Loops possible on the stick. Whoever has the tallest stack after one minute is the winner.

St. Patty’s Day Games

Rhyming game: Traditional Irish games often include rhyming or chanting, so this is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Each player (or pair if you have emerging readers/spellers) gets a piece of paper and a pencil, and the person or team with the most rhyming words at the end of one minute gets a point. We played four times, one minute for each word: GREEN, GOLD, SAINT, and LEAF.

Stacks of Gold: Each person gets a stack of pennies and the person with the tallest stack after one minute is the winner.

Easy st. pattys day minute to win it game ideas

Breakfast Scramble: Cut the fronts of the Lucky Charms boxes into rectangles, 20 rectangles per box. Each person or pair has to reassemble their box front into the correct picture.

Stack Attack: For this one, you will need 21 green plastic cups. The object is to stack the cups (all of them) into a pyramid and then slide the pyramid down into a single stack, all in under one minute.  Like Breakfast Scramble above, you don’t. have to constrain it to a minute and the winner was the person who did it the fastest.

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