Inside: Masquerade party themes that are magical

Have you ever been to a Masquerade ball? If you have, you are lucky. I have not, and it has been my dream since I was a little girl. I remember watching a Cinderella story(with Hilary Duff) and dreaming about my spotlit entrance. 

As I am growing older, I don’t get very many invitations to grand masquerade parties… so I thought, you know what? I am going to make my own, and it is going to be epic. So I have been brainstorming a whole bunch of ideas for themes, decorations, and even outfits.

I want to share these with you today so that if there is anyone out there like me who has always dreamed of attending one of these style parties, your wish can come true!

Masquerade party themes and ideas you'll love

Take your future into your own hands, and create your own! But first, you’ll need to look at the ideas below to get some inspiration for it. I have everything that you could need here. By the end of this list, you will be eager to start planning your own party! So, let’s get into it. 

Masquerade Party Themes

For this first list, I have compiled some of the best masquerade party themes for you to choose from. There are several different options here that range in intensity and seriousness so I know something on this list will fit you!

1. Classic Masquerade – Not to be obvious, but it would be kind of hard to have a list of masquerade ideas without listing a classic masquerade party idea. For this, you just host a ball-themed party and have your guests come in masks.

2. Classy Ballroom Masquerade – Okay, for this, you will need a large open space with a dance floor. So if you don’t have one at home then you may want to rent one out. Decorate this with some classy decor(options below), and have everyone come dressed to the nines. 

3. Pop Culture Masquerade Party – There have been plenty of masquerade parties in movies and pop culture. Have your guests choose one person to come that is dressed in masquerade. A few examples are; Hilary Duff in a Cinderella Movie, Anastasia in Fifty Shades, etc. 

4. Bridgerton Themed – Bridgerton has such a unique and vintage feel with its 1800s London look. To capture this feeling within your own party and host a Bridgerton-themed masquerade party!

5. Masked Costume Party – Have everyone come dressed as their favorite masked character. One of mine is Westly from the princess bride, AKA the dreaded Prince Roberts.

6. Great Gatsby Party – Everyone knows Mr. Gatsby throws the best parties, so why not base your bash on one of his? We even have an in-depth article on this party, so check it out. 

7. Mardi Graus Party – If you prefer more color and feathers, then this party is for you. I love it because it is so free-spirited and fun. Play some Mardi Graus music and have all of your guests come in their best-themed outfits!

Masquerade Party Decorations

Elegant Masquerade Party Decorations

Decorations are one of the most important parts of throwing any party, but especially a masquerade party. They are how you can transform your space from a boring room into a grand ballroom fit for a bash. Take a look at this decoration and see which ones you like!

8. Tinsel Backdrop – This is perfect for photos and will help bring the whole party together. It has such a fun and elegant feel. Check it out. 

9. Black and Gold Decorations – I feel like when it comes to masquerade party themes, you have to include black and gold decorations. These are some adorable ones that you can include. 

10. LED Light Up Balloons – Add all the lights you can in as many places as possible. Even the balloons! These will bring a magical feel to your space.

11. Balloon Arch – If the tinsel wasn’t a cool enough background for photos, try out this balloon arch. How cute is this?

12. Unique Hanging Lights – I LOVE string lights, but those alone can be very boring. If you are looking to add something that will pop, include these awesome light fixtures. They are simple, affordable, and super unique. 

13. Red Carpet – Is a red carpet necessary? This depends on who you are and what kind of values you hold. I say yes, it is absolutely necessary to help make the night feel extra special.

14. Ceiling Drape – Now, if you are in a space that doesn’t necessarily scream ballroom then have no fear…ceiling drapes are here! I know, the name doesn’t sound very pretty. Just take a look at the photo and you will love it. 

Masquerade outfit ideas

What to Wear: Masquerade Dress and Mask Ideas

Now, the costumes are basically part of the decorations. If you show up to a masquerade party in jeans and no mask, the whole thing will feel off. So if you are looking for outfit inspiration, look no further; this last list has you covered. 

15. Champagne Pink Dress – I think this lacey champagne dress is just to die for. It would go perfectly with a silver mask…don’t you think?

16. Full Black Dress and Mask – A darker monotone look more your speed? I have you covered! Take a look at this duo.

17. Classic Suit with Mask – Sadly, guys don’t have the craziest wardrobe options. But on the bright side, a classic tux is pretty cute. Just add a colored tie to match your date, and you are all set. 

18. Silver Mask with Blue Dress – I am a sucker for a silver mask. Maybe it’s because it’s what Hilary Duff wore in a Cinderella Story…I don’t know. But what I do know is that they are adorable.

19. Grey Ribbon Dress – This is literally such a magical dress. It just seems so light and flowy. Check out what I mean!

20. Golden Goddess Outfit – If you are a fan of gold, then you have to check out this dress idea. It is giving greek goddess of gold proportions. Love it!

21. Soft Blue Dress  – And lastly, we have this gorgeous soft blue dress. I have found that these baby blue dresses are such a beautiful statement piece in a crowd of people. Take a look and see if blue is your color! 

Masquerade Party Themes

Okay, What do we think? Do you feel inspired to throw your very own masquerade party? I hope so…because I am! Who said you needed to wait on others to make your dreams come true? You can fulfill them yourself. And chances are you will make the people around you happy throughout the process. 

Hosting a good masquerade party comes with a slue of responsibilities. None of which overshadow how fun this idea is. So I hope you loved these masquerade party themes as much as I loved coming up with them. If you think of anything else to add to your own, then throw it in there. Make this party unique to you and the ones you love. 

That is the beauty of parties; after all, you get to throw them however you like. I know it will be hard to choose the theme, but all of these ideas are epic…so you won’t go wrong.