Inside: The best ideas for Halloween scavenger hunt for kids.

Halloween is already such a special holiday that it is hard to imagine a way to make it even MORE special. I am here to tell you that there is a way, and it is not only super fun but super simple.

As a parent, I am sure that you want nothing more than to give your child the best childhood that they could possibly have, and this is done by going the extra mile sometimes. Though Halloween does already come with lots of activities, there is one thing that you can add that will just push it over the top in terms of fun.

Cue Halloween Scavenger Hunts! 

These days, our kids are screen-obsessed. This isn’t an entirely bad thing of course, because it will come in handy as they grow in a world that is fastly becoming more technology-driven than ever. Still, it can be hard to bring them into the present.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids Ideas

One of my favorite ways to do this is by playing a scavenger hunt. These games are known to help kids be aware of their surroundings and make stronger cognitive connections. AKA, make longer-lasting memories. So if this sounds like something that you and your child might love, then keep reading.

I have compiled a list of the best Halloween scavenger hunt ideas for your kids that are perfect for this Halloween.

I have made sure to include both pre-made lists and ideas for making your own. So take a look and get excited for this up-and-coming Halloween!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printables

For this first list, I wanted to include some pre-made printable options. Because we all know how time-consuming being a parent can be, holidays especially. So why add any more stress to your life when you could just download a PDF and print that sucker out, bing, bang, done? Not to mention these are absolutely adorable. The best place to find printable games is always Etsy. They are handmade (virtually), and you are supporting a small biz! Take a look and see what I mean.

1. Cute Editable Halloween Hunt – If you want to your scavenger hunt to feel fancier than just pen on paper but want to come up with your own ideas still…then this is the printable PDF for you. It’s editable. Check it out and add it to your cart.

2. Instant Download PDF Printable – These are some of the cutest scavenger hunt cue cards that I have ever seen. They incorporate all of the Halloween colors as well as some cute photos of the Halloween staples like bats and spider webs. Too cute!

3. Simple Adorable Hunt – If you like to keep it simple, these are the scavenger hunt cards for you. They don’t go too crazy but are still just as cute and effortless as those that do. Take a look at these to see what I mean. You won’t be able to resist them!

4. Cute Scavenger Hunt Cards – If you prefer scavenger hunt cards over checklist paper, then you will have to download these bad boys. They have everything that you could want; they are spooky, adorable, and have some great scavenger hunt items to find.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

5. Crafty Scavenger Hunt Cards – Scavenger hunts with adorable little banners are hard to find sometimes. But these are just perfect. They are simple with their checkered border, but at the bottom, they have a layer of cute Halloween Decor items. Check these out.

6. Adorable Hunt Cards – These are some very simple scavenger hunt cards, but I think they are my favorite on this list. Sometimes, too much-added decoration to a printable PDF can be too confusing for kids and, overall, just too loud. These have just the right amount.

7. 25 Item List – If you prefer checklists over scavenger cards, then this is the list for you. I find that lists for better so that you can physically check off an item when you see it. Otherwise, the whole thing can get too confusing!

8. Outdoor Spooky Scavenger Hunt – You can’t think I would have a whole article about Halloween scavenger hunts without adding one that has a spooky theme, can you? Check out this list if your kiddos are of the brave variety. They will go crazy for this one!

9. Adorable Halloween-Themed Hunt – I had to finish this list off strong with a simple but PERFECT scavenger list. This one uses circles by the items for the kids to put a check it, but I like to use stickers because they add an extra layer of fun and cuteness. Check these out and get yourself some stickers!

Halloween Costume Scavenger Prompts

If you are planning on playing your scavenger hunt while you are out trick or treating, then how about adding some costumes to your list? These are some of the most popular costumes that you and your kids can plan on seeing this year.

To help them feel more involved, as your kids about what kind of costumes they want to add to the hunt. This will help them remain alert and at the moment as they are in search of that monster or character. Or better yet, have them add their favorite cartoon or movie character. This will be great!

10. Stranger Things Character

11. Frankenstein

12. Disney Princess

13. Zombie Costume

14. Scooby-Doo

15. Spiderman

16. Bluey Costume

17. Patrick Star

18. Encanto Character

Halloween Staple Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Halloween Staple Scavenger Hunt Ideas

This last list is full of some of the best Halloween staples you and your kids will see this Halloween. If you can think of any other item that you would like to add, go for it. These lists can be as long or as short as you want. So when creating it, think about your kids and how many items they will realistically be able to find.

There is nothing less satisfying than not being able to complete a scavenger hunt. Been there, done that. No, thank you!

19. Black Cat

20. Jack-o-lantern

21. Candy Wrapper

22. Broomstick

23. Spiderwebs

24. Ghost

25. Zombie

26. Crow 

27. Witch Hat

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

So, are you excited to incorporate this Halloween scavenger hunt for kids into your holiday? Because I sure am! The kiddos in my life are going to be so excited. And I am so excited to watch them enjoy this game because that is what it is all about: seeing the people you love happy.

 I know that it is sometimes easy to write off adding extra activities to Halloween since you already have so many to do. You must carve the pumpkins, pick out a costume, get ready, and go trick or treating.

But when I tell you that adding another little activity like this goes a long way, I am not exaggerating. 

Holidays are all about making memories with the people you love and having fun together. I know that this scavenger hunt will help supply that quality time and extra fun to an already awesome holiday. After all, you can never have too much fun!