Inside: Crazy Candy Corn Games for Fall Festivals. 

It’s no secret that I love everything about fall time. I love the crisp air, apple picking, pumpkin picking, and fall harvest fun! I think these candy corn games is perfect for all of those fall fun harvest celebrations. They are so simple and fun to play and add a little sugar to any fall activities.

From classroom parties to a little fall fun these games add the perfect little bit of fun. Check out our favorite candy corn games and let us know your favorite.

Candy Corn Games

Candy Corn Guessing Games

Candy Corn Counter: Fill a clear plastic container with candy corn.  While you are filling the container count the candy and write down the total number in the jar.   Seal the container.   While guests are arriving at the party ask them to guess how many pieces of candy corn are in the jar.  Provide pencils and paper so they can write down their name and guess.   At the end of the party read the guesses and see who is the closest to the number in the jar.   The winner takes the jar home!

Candy Corn Pitchers: Take turns pitching ten to twenty candy corn kernels, one at a time, into a bowl from a set distance. You might choose to have various bowls of different sizes and at different distances. Display the points based upon difficulty. Keep score of how many kernels end up in the various bowls. The winner is the youth with the highest score after three rounds.

Candy Corn Drop Games: Have the youth stand on a sturdy chair or other safe elevation and drop the pieces down into a person’s mouth who is lying on the floor. The youth who gets the most candy corn into the person’s mouth in a given time frame wins.

Candy Corn Games

Candy Corn Classroom Games

Candy Corn Tornado: Fill one of the 2-liter bottles with the candy corn – about 1/3 of the way full.  Place the other 2-liter bottle so that the 2 bottle openings are together and tape them together.   Use a stopwatch or timer and see if a player can transfer all the candy from one bottle to the other in 1 minute.

Candy Corn Mummy: Give each player three rolls of crepe paper.   They must wrap the rolls around themselves to resemble a candy corn (yellow on the bottom, orange in the middle, and white on top).  The player with the shortest time wins!

Candy Corn Cluckers: Fill a bowl with dried corn kernels or peanuts and add several pieces of candy corn. Blindfolded youth must retrieve the candy corn from the bowl within a designated amount of time without eating the dried corn kernels/nuts. The teen that retrieves the most candy corn in the designated time limit wins.

Classroom Games
Candy Corn Games with a Group

Relay Candy Corn Stack Game: Give each player a dish containing candy corn.  Set a timer to 1 minute and see how many pieces of candy corn they can stand upright before time is called.

Chopstick Game: Give each player two bowls and a pair of chopsticks.  Fill one of each player’s bowls with 25 pieces of candy corn.  On “go” players transfer their candy from one bowl to the other using only their chopsticks.

Scavenger Hunt: Set up a fun Fall Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt for party guests with a Fall theme!  Our Fall Scavenger Hunt List has 30 fun Fall / Autumn theme items to find, including candy corn.

Candy Corn Straw Relay: Divide the youth into teams and give every person on a team a plastic straw and a paper cup. Place a piece of candy corn in the first team member’s cup. The youth must create a vacuum in the straw to pick up the candy corn and place it into the next person’s cup. The first team to get the candy corn into the last person’s cup wins. If the candy corn is dropped on the floor, the team must start completely over at the beginning.

Candy Corn Group Games

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