Inside: Hocus Pocus themed party ideas to help you host an epic party

With Halloween just around the corner, our favorite witch sister trio is defrosting. Hocus Pocus is one of the best Halloween movies out there; you cannot argue with me on that. It has everything you’d want: Witches, Monsters, Romance, and a talking cat. So naturally, it makes the perfect theme for a party too.

This movie has so many different iconic moments and themes that it can be hard to find a place to start, but don’t you worry.

I have created a list full of tips and ideas on how to create the best Hocus Pocus- themed party that will do the Sanderson Sisters justice. 

Hocus Pocus Themed Party Tips for Hosting

I have included everything from decorations to activity ideas, so all you have to do is look through them and choose the ideas that make your heart happy. After all, this party is about: feeding the inner child and having some fun. So let’s get into it!

Hocus Pocus Themed Party Decorations

The decorations are the most important part; they can transport your house and turn it into the perfect Sanderson Sister setup. I made sure to add everything you could need, from banners to lights, to what to put your snacks in. Take a look at all of these and choose the ones that make you the most excited.

That’s the most important part of the party preparation step, to get excited about what you are about to be decorating with!

1. I Smell Children Banner – This iconic line makes for an iconic banner. Your party will be full of laughs when your guests feast their eyes on it. It’s a must buy.

2. Potions Bar – If you are planning on having a drinking station set up at your party, then consider adding this sign above it. It will give your guests some direction while also adding some extra pizazz and a general fancy feel to the party.

3. Three Sisters Table Cloth – Everyone knows that you can’t throw a party without a themed table runner or cloth. Take a look at this adorable one that features the Sanderson sisters in full effect.

4. 3 Piece Caldron Dip Set – When throwing a party, the magic lies in the little things. Things like these caldron dip sets. You can put anything you want in here and it instantly feels extra spooky! 

5. Wooden Hocus Pocus Signs – I can see these being perfect little additions to your countertops throughout your house. Everywhere your guests turn the Sanderson Sisters will be there waiting! 

6. Cute Hocus Pocus Plates – I think adding themed plates can make the whole party feel that much more put together, it may feel like a small touch but all the small touches add up to one awesome party.

7. Light Up Witch Hats – Look at these and tell me that they aren’t just perfect for this occasion. You can’t!

8. Colored Confetti Balloons – These are the perfect color scheme for this party. They have all of the token witch colors; purple, orange, and black.

9. Melted Candles – If you want the place to be low-lit and creepy, then these melted light candles are your best bet. How spooky!

Hocus Pocus Themed Food

Witchy Themed Food

If you want to transport your guests truly, the decorations aren’t going to be enough. You have to have some adorable themed snacks and food, otherwise, the spell is broken!

Lucky for you, there are so many different Hocus Pocus- themed foods out there due to all of the die-hard fans of the movie. So take a look through these examples to get some inspiration for your own party food.

10. Sanderson Charcuterie Board

11. Hocus Pocus Jello Cups

12. Hocus Pocus Rice Crispies

13. Spooky Cookies

14. Eyeball Bites

15. Spooky Snack Crunch

16. Witch’s Caldron Pops

17. Cinnamon Roll Guts

18. Puking Pumpkins

Hocus Pocus movie night Ideas

Hocus Pocus Themed Ideas

And lastly, here are some ideas for what things you can include at your party to make it extra special. These are almost as important as the decorations. I have a lot of great ideas here, so make sure to try and incorporate one or two of them. Having games and activities will help to keep your guests entertained and get them to open up with each other.

No wall flowers are allowed at a Hocus Pocus Party.

19. Hocus Pocus Drinking Game – This game is the ultimate way to take your childhood movie and turn it into something that is more suited for adults. We even have a guide that will walk you through how to play!

20. Play the Hocus Pocus Soundtrack – If you are throwing a themed party, the music needs to on theme as well. These are just the rules. You can find the soundtrack on YouTube.

21. Costume Contest – Have all your guests dressed up as characters from the movie and then hold a contest to see whos is the best.

22. Find the Eyeball – At the beginning of the party, let your guests know that there is a fake eyeball hidden somewhere in the house, and the first person to find it gets a prize and is deemed the winner.

23. Printable Themed Bingo – You can all sit down and play a good old fashioned game of bingo. But this one has a twist; it’s Hocus Pocus-themed. Take a look at this adorable printable PDF that everyone will love.

24. Hocus Pocus Trivia Game – If you are inviting all of your fellow Hocus Pocus lovers, then you have to include this trivia game. Put all of your knowledge to the test to see who is the realest fan of them all. The winner can get their own prize.

25. Don’t Say Witch – This is a spin-off of the classic baby shower game: Don’t Say Baby. When your guests arrive, pin a little ribbon on their shirt, and then throughout the night, the first people who say witch get their ribbon taken away by the person who heard them say it. The winner at the end is the person with the most ribbons!

26. Potion Making – You can turn your drinking station into a DIY potion-making class. You just had to buy some cool-looking glasses and some color-changing drinks. There are many alcohols that do this, so have your guests be their own mixologists. 

27. Hocus Pocus Crafting Session – Get all of your friends together at the party and get your craft on. There are plenty to choose from on the internet, but this one is super fun.

Hocus Pocus Themed Party

Are you excited about your party yet? I am, and I am not even invited! No hurt feelings, though. I am throwing my own. I hope you found this list helpful and that you are feeling inspired to throw the best party of your life.

Parties bring people together the same way that holidays do, so enjoy the company of the people you love most.

Play games, have some good food and drinks, and remember the Sanderson Sisters Rule!

Oh, and remember that you don’t have to include all of these things for it to be a good party. Just choose a few of them if you want. The real life of the party is the people you are with and, of course, the Hocus Pocus movie itself… which better be playing.