Inside: Best Halloween family feud questions to ask that will make Halloween extra fun

I feel like Halloween games really stick to the basics: apple dunking, candy tosses, etc. But after so many years, these games will start to feel a little repetitive. I understand this, but it is entirely avoidable.

As you may be wondering? By getting creative, of course!

There are so many other Halloween games than the basic ones out there, and today we are going to talk about one of my absolute favorites: Halloween Family Feud.

Best Family Feud Questions

We have all seen the TV show that is hosted by Steve Harvey, and we have all wished we could be on it. It seems like so much fun. Well, this Halloween, you can be on your very own version of it. I have put together a list of the best questions you can include in your game, as well as some printable options at the end as well that include the answers.

Take a look, and remember to have fun!

Easy Halloween Family Feud Questions

I thought I would kick things off with some easier questions. When you look through these, come up with the answers you think match. This way you can make it specific to you and your friend or family group.

Only have one or two people do this; that way, they can act as the judges when you play. You can use all of these or simply pick the ones you like. It’s up to you!

1.  When you enter a bathroom, what do you really hope NOT to see in the mirror? 

2. Name one thing you can do to celebrate Halloween that isn’t trick or treating

3. Name the most famous vampire you can think of.

4. Name a Halloween movie that you have to watch during the spooky season.

5. What is the top food of Halloween? 

6. What is the most popular brand of Halloween candy?

7. Name something you’ll need to include at a Halloween party.

8. Name a costume you would want to buy your dog for Halloween.

9. Name something that would bite you on Halloween night.

10. What does a witch wear?

11. Where do monsters hide to scare little children when they sleep?

12. Name something that you would find in a haunted house.

13. What are the top most basic Halloween costumes of all time?

14. Name colors that are associated with this spooky holiday.

15. If a witch lost her broomstick, what other household appliance could she ride?

16. Name a popular fantasy movie-inspired costume.

17. Name a Halloween Prank.

Name a reason why going on a date on halloween is a bad idea.

Funny Family Feud Questions

Everyone knows that the funny questions are the best ones. Because of this, I just had to create a whole section with some of the funnier questions that you can be asked. You’ll be surprised by some of your family’s answers to questions. I have found that the best way to have a good time with this game is not to think, and just say the first thing that pops into your brain. This results in the funniest answers. Check out these funny Halloween family feud questions!

18. What are the best Halloween movies to watch on a date that will secure a good snuggle session?

19. What games might you play at a Halloween Party…if you got invited?

20. What is a scary movie character that you would have a crush on if they weren’t so creepy?

21. Name reasons why going on a date on Halloween is a bad idea.

22. Which big-screen vampire would you leave your husband for?

23. What would be the most inappropriate reaction to someone scaring you in a haunted house?

24. What are the worst Halloween costumes to wear when you run into your crush?

25. What is one way you can impress your friends on Halloween?

26. What is the correct age to stop dressing up for Halloween?

27. What is the worst thing to say to your significant other on Halloween?

28. Name the best ways to play off the fact that you are scared.

Hard Questions for Family Feud

There aren’t too many hard questions when it comes to family feud. These are pretty strong though! I hope that you have extensive knowledge of Halloween pop culture. Because Halloween pop culture is its own little subsection that sits just outside of regular pop culture. Halloween people are truly dedicated, therefore, they have the advantage here. This is going to be so much fun. Take a look through these!

29. What is the worst thing you can do to prank a house?

30. Name the characters in Hocus Pocus.

31. What are some popular Halloween Decorations?

32. What are the best last-minute costumes for lazy people?

33. Which characters in the movie Monster House die?

34. Name the most popular of the cast of Stranger Things

Other than halloween when is another appropriate time to wear a costume?

35. What are some of the scariest monsters?

36. What are the big Halloween no-nos?

37. Since Halloween is the holiday to scare, what is the best way to scare someone?

38. What is the least popular candy?

39. Other than Halloween, when is another appropriate time to wear a costume?

40. Name something that is pumpkin flavored.

41. What are the stereotypical costumes that men wear?

42. What are the stereotypical costumes that women wear?

Halloween Family Feud

Halloween Games to Buy

If putting your own questions together doesn’t sound like very much fun to you, then don’t feel bad. I totally get it. Especially if you are throwing your own Halloween-themed party. You may not have the time to put together a game like this. Luckily for you, there are tons of awesome games online that you can buy to save yourself some time.

I have included some of the best for you to look through. These are already all put together, so you won’t have to worry about coming up with your answers!

1. Digital Zoom Family Feud – Isn’t technology amazing? If you are looking for something that will replicate the real family feud game, then this awesome game will do that for you!

2. Halloween Feud – This game is printable, and it comes with some super cute little decorations on the cards. You have to see these!

3. iPad Virtual Halloween Game – For this game, you can hook up your iPad to your TV and project it onto the big screen to make it feel like it’s the real deal.

4. Halloween Trivia Game – This friendly feud is perfect for Halloween time. See who knows the most about the best holiday of all. Sorry Christmas, there is a new star in town.

5. Simple Family Feud – If you want to keep it simple with a printable sheet of paper, then this is the game for you.

See, what did I tell you? There are so many awesome ways to spice up your Halloween holiday! Though there are so many awesome classic games, they can tend to get stale after a few years. So that’s where games like these awesome Halloween family feud examples come in handy. 

There are so many other awesome Halloween games that you can incorporate if you are looking for more than just one game to fill your time at a Halloween get-together. These games would be absolutely perfect for bringing families together in a way that is fun, new, and hilarious!

When it comes to Halloween, you really have to take the time to come up with the best game you can play. Otherwise, as you get older, you may lose that spark that you once had for this holiday. Don’t let that happen!