Inside: Halloween Charades ideas that are filled with spooky fun.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s the kick-off to our holiday season, and it can be more fun than any of the other holidays because it is so light-hearted and silly. What other Holiday lets you dress up in a costume and collect sweets? Unless your name is Santa Clause, the answer is none.

As you get older, it can be hard to enjoy that Halloween spirit in the same way you did as a child. First of all, you can no longer trick or treat.

You are suddenly the parent who follows their kid around while they get all the candy(jokes on them, you get to pick out all the good stuff when they fall asleep).

So you may be thinking to yourself, there must be some way to enjoy this holiday ALONGSIDE my kid…not trailing behind them.

Halloween Charades ideas that are spooky and fun

Well, I have some good news for you! You can definitely achieve that by adding some themed games. They are simple and so much fun. Today we are going to cover everything that you will need to play the classic game of Halloween charades. I have instructions and ideas for some word prompts, so take a look!

How to Play Halloween Charades

To play Halloween charades, you need to call upon all of the goblins and ghouls, the witches and warlocks, and the other fellow monsters who run amuck during the witching hour. Just kidding! You will need to gather your own group of friends and family to play. The more people, the more fun you will have.

Before playing, you will have to write down a bunch of word commands and place them into a bowl for people to grab. These words will essentially be challenges that players will have to act out without saying a word.

For example, if you were to pull ‘the cat in the hat’, the person would act out a cat impression and a hat impression. So, once you have all of your group together, divide the room in half. Each half is a team, and players from each team will alternately stand up and try to mime a word from the bowl to their team. If they guess the word, they get to keep the paper. Players will have 3 minutes to try and mime as many words as possible.

You can go back and forth until you have either reached the number of rounds that your group agreed upon or until you run out of words. When you are done you can simply tally up each team’s point based on the papers they have collected. The team with the most points wins!

Now that you understand how it is played, let’s get into some word prompt ideas! Check these out.

Easy Halloween Charades Ideas 

First up, we have easy charades ideas. I figure that starting out simply is the best way to go because you can stretch your miming muscles and get used to the game before really going all in. These are one-word prompts that should be perfect for your first round of Halloween charades! I made sure to pick words that are essentially the staple of Halloween. You can write these down on pieces of paper and place them in your bowl, ready to be chosen when the time comes.

1. Ghost

2. Zombie

3. Vampire

4. Spider

5. Werewolf

6. Bat

7. Skeleton

8. Mummy

9. Frankenstein

10. Pirate

Halloween Charades Ideas

Funny Halloween Charades

For the second list, I thought I would go with some funny charade prompts. This game is already funny by itself; watching your friends and family act out words can be such an entertaining thing. But these words are going to be even funnier to see how they try and describe them.

The power of mime must be strong because some of these may be a little harder than the first list. But the challenges are all part of the fun.

11. Scaredy Cat

12. Mad Scientist 

13. Screaming Banchee

14. Riding a Broom

15. Being Scared

16. Haunted House

17. Crying Baby

18. Doing a Trick

19. Trick or Treat

20. Egging a House

21. Bobbing for Apples

Spooky Charades Ideas

Spooky Charades Ideas

I couldn’t make a Halloween charades list without adding a spooky section, now could I? This list is full of some of the spookiest topics. Now on the surface, some of these may seem not very scary, but imagine watching someone try and act out turning into a cat…that sounds scarring. I am especially fond of the idea of watching a loved one miming a monster under the bed. I am going to have to add this game to my Halloween To-Do list.

22. Lava Monster

23. Bloody Mary 

24. It the Clown

25. Monster Under Your Bed

26. Walking through a spider web

27. Eating Brains

28. Child Eating Witch

29. Turning into a Cat

30. Falling in a Trap

31. Headless Horse Man

32. Freddy Kruger

33. Chucky the Killer Doll

34. Devil

35. Jason Killer

36. Bad Luck Cat

37. Scream Killer

Fun Halloween Prompts

Now, this next section is one of my favorites. It is absolutely full of the most fun Halloween activities that you can do during this awesome holiday. If you think anything is missing from this list, feel free to add them when you are writing these down. Make it extra special by adding things that are special to you and your family.

The more specific you are, the more fun this game will end up being. So get to brainstorming and add some of your own if you can!

38. Apple Bobbing

39. Jump Scare

40. Candy 

41. Carving a Pumpkin

42. Stirring a Potion

43. Monster Mash

44. Scary Movie

45. Candy Corn

46. Boo Hoo 

47. Spells 

48. Happy Halloween

49. Out of Candy 

50. Goblins

Hard Halloween Charades

Hard Halloween Charades

Lastly, these are some of the hardest Halloween Charades ideas. I feel like the longer the sentence, the more of a challenge it is to mime them out. Remember that you can always discard your card and pull another one if you really can’t figure out a way to get the word across. The point of the game is to have fun, not be stressed out because you have a brain fart! So check these out and add them to your charades pot…if you dare. Good luck!

51. Taking a trip to the Pumpkin Patch

52. Decorating for Halloween

53. Getting an Apple in your Trick or Treat Bag

54. Pirate Ship Being Taken Over

55. Putting on Halloween Costume

56. Elsa and Anna

57. Watching a Scary Movie with Your Little Sister

58. Counting your Candy

59. Painting Your Face

60. October 31st

61. Black Magic

62. Voodoo Doll

63. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

I hope that you loved my Halloween charade ideas and that you will use them in your next game. At the very least, I hope that these gave you the inspiration you need to come up with your own game ideas. Choosing the words can be the longest part of this game, so this should have helped to shorten it. 

The quicker you have your words ready, the faster you get to play. Ultimately playing games with your family is an act of love. You get to spend some quality time with them, making memories and having fun. That is what the holidays are all about, including Halloween. 

There are so many other awesome Halloween activities that you can do with your family to help foster even stronger connections. So you can start adding them to your traditions. You will not be sorry!