Inside: The best Friday the 13th party ideas to get you into the spooky mood

Friday the 13th is a big holiday in the world of superstition. I don’t know if I would call it a holiday per se, because people who are superstitious tend to not enjoy themselves on this day. This is because it is believed to be a day of bad luck. 

But it doesn’t have to be, we can reclaim this day by throwing a party in its honor. There are so many ways that we can go about this that it may feel a little daunting, but in reality, it is so doable and an absolutely great time. 

Some people actually celebrate this as an ‘anti-holiday since so many people don’t look forward to it.

It’s like reclaiming it in a way that makes it safe for the masses and fun. 

Friday the 13th Party Ideas

Friday the 13th only happens once or twice a year, so throwing this party should be well planned. Could you imagine planning everything and then having to wait until next year to throw it? No thank you. So check your calendar for your nearest Friday the 13th before you get planning. This is something I sure wish I would have done.

I’ve created an epic list of over 40 of the best Friday the 13th party ideas that will get you into the spooky spirit in no time… even in the middle of July. Take a look to get started.

Friday the 13th Theme Ideas

1. Superstition Party – Since Friday the 13th is all about superstition, then having a superstition party is the way to go. If you are someone who finds yourself nervous about breaking superstition, then have a safety party where you do things that give you good luck. But if you don’t mind, and you find the spooky things in life to be fun and intriguing, then have a party with spilled salt, open umbrellas, and an under-the-ladder limbo. It’s up to you!

2. Friday the 13th the Movie – Friday the 13th(the movie) is an obvious second choice for a theme. This movie is a cult classic horror film whose gore and sound effects go unmatched. There are many ways you can achieve a Friday the 13th-themed party, but a few stand out. Get yourself a Jason-themed birthday cake, and some scary costumes, and re-create your space to match that of crystal lake. 

3. Scary Characters – Just because Friday the 13th is one scary movie, doesn’t mean that it’s the ONLY scary movie that can be represented on this day. Friday the 13th is about being unlucky, and I think that running into any horror movie villain is bad luck. SO have everyone dress as their favorite horror movie villain and get ready to party!

4. Bad Luck Party – If you are one of the brave few who could care less about superstition, it could be fun to throw a party dedicated to the silly beliefs. You can have themed food, games, and anything you want.

5.  Killer Day Party – Have everyone bring their favorite horror movie and dress up as their favorite killer, real or fictional(I am too much of a wuss to learn about real killers, so more power to ya), and have fun!

6. Jason Themed Party – Have every single person dress up as Jason, spend the night watching the movies, eating themed foods, playing games, and seeing who is the best at scaring others!

Party Ideas For Teens

Party Ideas for Teens

These are some of the cutest Friday the 13th party touches that teens can make sure to include in your upcoming spooky Halloween party, or really any time! From themed decor, to photo props there is something on this list that your party cannot live without.

So take a look and get excited about the epic bash you are about to throw.

7. Friday the 13th Cookies 

8. Crystal Lake Decor

9. Superstitious Decor

10. Spooky Jason Cake

11. Jason Cake Pops

12. Funny Sound Effects Photo Prop

13. Friday the 13th Table Set Up

14. Creepy Chocolate Cake

15. Cute Superstition Cookies

16. Bloody Cherry Pie

17. Hilarious Pizza

Spooky Party Ideas for Adults

If you’re an adult who is throwing a Friday the 13th party then there will be one main thing that you’ll want to include that I have yet to touch on: cocktails!  Down below are some yummy cocktails recipes that are perfect for this occasion along with some other ideas like props, foods, and decor.

Dive on in like it’s Crystal Lake!

18. Friday the 13th Cocktails

19. Creepy Halloween Prop

20. Killer Cupcake Tower

21. Horror Dipped Strawberries

22. Bloody Cocktail

23. Blood Drink Bags

24. Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake

25. Horror Movie Table Decor

26. Edible Organs

27. Creepy Eye Pies

Friday the 13th Games

Friday the 13th Games 

28. Printable Halloween Game Bundle  – For teens, the simpler the game the better. And these printable Halloween games were literally meant for this occasion. There is a whole bunch in this bundle and every single one will add to the fun and spookiness of this party!

29. Horror Movie Game Quiz – Horror movies are basically the name of the game when it comes to Friday the 13th parties, so this quiz will just go to show who at your party has the best knowledge on the most iconic of horror movies. 

30. Friday the 13th Game – This game is trivia dedicated to Friday the 13th in general. So it was literally made for this party. Regardless of if you are a teen or an adult, you HAVE to look at this.

31. Friday the 13th Drinking Game – Put on the movie and take a drink every time someone dies, every time the sound effects start, and every time a teen makes a dumb decision. Good luck getting through the movie. 

32.  Baking Challenge – Get your supplies and see who can make the goriest(and yummiest) dessert out there. 

Friday the 13th Decor

The decor is what makes or breaks the party. It’s what stops you from being considered a bunch of weirdos dressed up and sitting at home for no reason. Imagine you walk into a room full of Jasons but no on-theme decorations…you are going to run for your life from those lunatics. But if you add a few simple decorations then everything changes.

These options are perfect for any kind of Friday the 13th party that you may be throwing. So take a look and see which one makes you feel the most excited about throwing this creepy rager! 

33. Cute Friday the 13th Banner

34. 100 Pc Horror Movie Character

35. Paper Plates

36. Fake Corpse

37. Murder Weapon Garland

38. Killer Birthday Banner

39. Ceiling Twirly Decorations

40. Horror Movie Photo Props

41. Gory Decor Set

42. Creepy Balloons

43. Friday the 13th Scene

Friday the 13th

I hope you enjoyed all of my tips, tricks, and must-haves that you’ll absolutely be dying to have at your party. Hosting a Friday the 13th bash can be a bit of a daunting task, but I think if you just follow the list that I’ve created…you’ll throw the creepy party to end all creepy parties. 

There are so many other awesome games that you can include that can really make or break your party. Remember, the most important part is that your guest is entertained.

And that of course, you have fun. That is what it’s all about.