Inside: The Best Halloween Party Games for Kids

Ghost, Candy, and Costumes, it’s time to play! My favorite time of year is full of sugary sweets and crazy cute costumes and this year we have put together one fun list of Halloween party games for kids.

Whether your throwing a classroom party, spoiling the kids at home, or throwing a fun DIY monster bash these games are perfect for all the kids. So gather up the supplies and let’s have ourselves one heck of a party.

The Best Halloween Party Games

The Was To Make Your Spooky Party More Fun

Donut Eating Race: If you’ve never participated in a donut eating race, you are missing out! It is a great game not only for Halloween parties but birthday parties too.  If you can get the adults to participate, your stomach will hurt from all the laughing, I promise!

Candy Corn Guessing Game: Fill a jar full of candy corn and let each kid guess how many are in the jar. The winner can take the jar home with them at the end of the night.

Witch Hat Ring Toss: You can make your own ring toss game or buy one that is so cute here.

Halloween Party Games

DIY Halloween Party Games for Kids

Feed the Monster: This fun ball toss game will keep all the kids entertained!  (Plus it is super budget-friendly as it is basically made out of a box!)

Pop the Pumpkin Balloon: Just stuff the balloons with slips of paper that have prize names written on them to be claimed later.

Ghost Pumpkin Bowling: This DIY Halloween game is SO cute!

DIY Halloween fun challenges

Classroom Halloween Party Games for Kids

Poke the Pumpkin: This looks like fun, similar to the balloon pop game!  Possibly even easier to put together, since instead of blowing up balloons, you’re just wrapping orange tissue paper around a paper cup and securing with a rubber band.

Marshmallow Toss Game: Easy and fun- you can use mini marshmallows and paper cups or large marshmallows and some of those little tin buckets from the dollar store would be great too!

Pumpkin Patch Stomp: Any Halloween Party can be made so much better by popping a few balloons for prizes! Before blowing up the balloons, stuff with money slips of paper, or squish-proof candy

Halloween Bingo: Halloween Bingo is always a hit, I especially love this for classroom Halloween parties or playdates. You can find tons of free printable Halloween Bingo cards online.

Classroom Party games

Budget-Friendly & Free Games for Kids

Toilet Paper Mummy: This toilet paper game is budget-friendly (who doesn’t have toilet paper) and loads of fun, it’s sure to have everyone laughing like crazy! The way the game works, is you pit several teams of 3 (one mummy, 2 wrappers) against each other, and the team that finishes wrapping their roll of toilet paper around the mummy first, wins!

Halloween Charades: Another great Halloween game idea? Charades with a Halloween theme!  So many laughs and so easy to play. Grab the free Halloween Charades printable here.

Pumpkin Toss: Another budget-friendly DIY Halloween Game for your party. This one is especially great for toddlers. It’s easy to put together as the pumpkins are just toilet paper wrapped in felt and you can get the baskets from your local craft or Dollar Store!

Pumpkin chuckin games

Halloween Trivia – Test your knowledge of all the spooky things with this Halloween trivia game featuring questions about historical facts, scary movies, candy, and much more.

Eyeball Spaghetti Dig – This Halloween game is super slimy yet incredibly simple. Put plastic eyeballs in a bowl filled with cooked spaghetti noodles and watch your little guests dig them out. The eyeball spaghetti dig even works as a great sensory activity. 

Pumpkin Sweep – Grab some brooms and pumpkins and split the guests into teams. The first person to sweep their pumpkins right up to the finish line and back to the next player and back to the next person in the line wins the game.

Pumpkin Carving Challenge – Pumpkin carving is a classic Halloween game that is going to keep everyone active and engaged. With unique designs and silly faces, there’s definitely no limit to the ideas they can think of.

Halloween Word Search – Print out a fun Halloween word search for some simple old-school Halloween fun! Children will love seeing how fast they can find all the Halloween words.

Halloween Freeze Dance – Halloween is always a fun game to play – no matter what event or holiday you’re hosting. Kids are going to love to dance to their favorite Halloween tunes before the music stops and they have to freeze!

Your spooky party will surely be a huge success with these fun and fabulous Halloween game ideas! The best thing is they are easy to throw together and don’t require too much effort or planning.

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