Inside: The Best Printable Halloween Games

Halloween time can be full of sugary sweets and crazy costumes. From trick or treating to monster bashes, there is so much holiday fun to be had. One of our favorite ways to celebrate the spooky season is classroom parties and small group get-togethers.

Every year I make sure to printable out a few fun games that are perfectly on theme for Halloween. Here are my favorite printable Halloween games.

Printable Halloween Games

Fun Printable Halloween Games

Halloween Bingo: Halloween Bingo game set is perfect for home activities, family gatherings, excellent indoor games, or just for family entertainment!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Send trick-or-treaters on a hunt for much more than just sweet eats! Perfect for Halloween party games, this spooky version of a scavenger hunt is easy to play for even the littlest ghouls and boys. Simply hide the icons around your haunt and have kiddos compete to be the first one to find ‘em all.

Printable Halloween Games

Pumpkin Matching Game: Match the crazy pumpkin faces to their matching side. This is a great game for younger kids, especially if you are planning to carve pumpkins together. It’s perfect for a fun themed Halloween night.

Villan Match-Up Game: Match up these classic Halloween villans for a spooky night of fun.

Spooky Halloween Games

Halloween Mad Libs: Four-Part Halloween Mad Libs For Adults & Teens – Hilarious Halloween party game. Ideal for large groups. Perfect dinner party table game.

Ghost Story Mad Libs: Kids Halloween Mad Libs Ghost Story – Fun Halloween game for your middle school classroom party, church harvest party, or kids/tweens Halloween party – even trick-or-treat bags!

Halloween Would You Rather: Choose between this or that questions that show your real spooky side.

Classroom Games

Trick or Treat – Our Favorite Printable Halloween Games

Happy Halloween Word Search: Search for your favorite spooky words in the scrambled mess of letters. This is a great classroom or small group activity for kids of any age.

Tic Tac Ghost: A frighteningly fun and easy game for kids to play this Halloween!

Printable Halloween Games

Don’t Eat Pete: Play it like Don’t Eat Pete! One player leaves the room. Place candy on all the characters. Choose 1 character to be “Pumpkin Pete” or “It” and keep it a secret. The player comes back in and eats the candy one at a time. Keep quiet until he/she chooses the secret Pumpkin Pete and exclaim “Don’t Eat Pumpkin Pete!” That player’s turn immediately ends.
Repeat until everyone has a turn.

Pin the Spider on the Web: Just like your classic pin the tail on the donkey with a fun Halloween twist.

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