Heading to the zoo with young kids is a great way to spend a day. Want to make the day even better? Add a zoo scavenger hunt to the mix for a day that you won’t forget! 

Whether you go to the zoo regularly or make a special day out of it, adding an animal hunt to the day’s activities will be an excellent idea.

Printable scavenger hunts that the kids can follow as you walk through the exhibits will give a whole new meaning to a day out at the zoo. 

4 images with kids at a zoo and animals.

I love incorporating scavenger hunts into everyday activities. They make the outing even more fun, especially when the activity can drag on at certain times. I always gravitate towards picking scavenger hunts because they are simple to follow along with and allow everyone to get involved.

Printable Zoo Games For Kids

What I love about adding a scavenger hunt to the day at the zoo is the ease of the activity. All of the exhibits are already set up, so you just have to follow the instructions on the hunt to get the game started.

Here are a few other scavenger hunts the kids will love:

The printouts for this Zoo hunt with clues and other games has the full details for everything you need to make the zoo scavenger hunt a blast. 

Another reason why these zoo scavenger hunts are excellent ideas to bring along are because they are great for all ages. Everyone can get involved and take the day trip up a level.

If you are looking for a fun way to enhance your day out at the zoo, add some animal hunt activities to the agenda. 

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Kid-Approved Zoo Scavenger Hunts 

While a day at the zoo looking at animals big and small is thrilling, adding a scavenger hunt to the day is even more exciting. The tricky games and clues will have you looking at the animals, enclosures, and exhibits in a new light. 

If you are thinking of a clever way to add an activity to the zoo, look no further than these zoo scavenger hunts.

They are great to play on a family outing, on a school field trip, or during a one-on-one outing with your child.

1. Check It Out 

Keep a checklist of all of the animals you see. If you want to take the competition up a notch, set a time limit or split up and see who can see the most animals first.

2. Good Guessing Skills 

Put your guessing skills to the test and see if you can figure out the animal from the listed clues. When you find the animals, check them off the list. 

3. Around The World 

Take turns checking off animals from around the world. As you go, write them down and see who can fill in the animals first from A to Z. 

4. Lights, Camera, Action 

Get your camera ready and tell the animal to say cheese. This photo scavenger hunt doubles as an activity and a great way to collect memories from the day. 

5. Animal Riddles 

Grab your thinking cap as you walk from enclosure to enclosure and solve the clue to figure out what animals you should see next on your zoo scavenger hunt. 

6. The Basics 

If your little one seems to be losing interest, pull out this basic checklist for them to follow along with. The pictures are super clear, making it easy for all ages, even non-readers, to follow along in the game. 

7. The Details 

Go into detail and look at the animals to check off the specifics for this zoo scavenger hunt. See if they have scales or fur to check them off. You might have to head to a few different habitats to check off all the animals on the list. 

8. Zoo Bingo 

Not all scavenger hunts have to have clues. Let this game of bingo take the classic scavenger hunt place and see who is the first to find all of the animals on their card. 

9. Jungle Hunt 

If you only have time for one exhibit, you can still participate in a zoo scavenger hunt. This hunt dives deep into jungle animals, so see how many you can spot. 

10. Safari Day 

Grab your safari gear and head to see the animals in the Sub-Sahara region. These are not animals you see every day, so make sure you take your time looking for each and every one. 

3 images with a checklist and animals with kids at a zoo.

11. All In One 

This zoo scavenger hunt keeps the games going long after you leave the zoo. Use the printouts while you are at the zoo and then continue on with the rest of the activities in the car or when you get home. 

12. Sleuthing Around The Zoo 

Put your detective skills to work and see if you can solve all the clues to this zoo scavenger hunt. The hunt will take you all around the zoo, clue by clue. 

Exciting Animal Hunts For Kids 

13. All The Questions 

Go down the list and answer all of the zoo-related questions. If you think you got it right, the clues will guide you to all of the different animals. 

14. Hunt Down Under

Head to the enclosure that is all about Australia and see if you can spot the kangaroos and koalas. The zoo scavenger hunt is tailored just for all of the animals living around the Outback. 

15. Keeping It Simple 

Not all zoo scavenger hunts need to be complicated. Keep the game simple and easy with this hunt. Everyone will love it, no matter how old they are. 

16. Two Games In One 

Combine the skills of looking with a game of bingo in this scavenger hunt bingo printout. Once you get bingo, move on to the whole card to see who can fill it in first. 

17. Short and Simple 

If you leisurely want to follow along with a hunt, this printout will let you do just that. It’s simple enough that you don’t have to follow each and every step to get through the list. 

18. Zoo Paparazzi 

Get ready to become the paparazzi for all the animals at the zoo with this photo scavenger hunt. Read the clues and get ready to snap away. 

4 images with kids and two animals.

19. Small Zoo 

Even if you are headed to a rather small zoo, you can still play along with a scavenger hunt. This basic checklist hunt goes through all the popular animals that you might see at a small exhibit. 

20. National Zoo

The next time you are going to Washington D.C. make a stop at the National Zoo at the Smithsonian. Explore the zoo and see if you can fill in the printable scavenger hunt as you explore the animals living in the capital. 

21. Bronx Zoo Scavenger Hunt 

Up the ante on your next class trip to the Bronx Zoo with these zoo scavenger hunts specifically for this zoo. The personalized activities differ by grade and interest, so pick the one that looks best to you. 


Do I need to bring any materials to the zoo for these scavenger hunts?

With the majority of these printouts, you just need a writing utensil and the paper. Follow the instructions on the individual printout to see if anything else is needed. 

How old do you have to be to participate in these zoo scavenger hunts?

These games are great, no matter how old or young you are. If you are too young to read, most of the printouts have simple pictures, so the kids will understand what they are looking for. 

These zoo scavenger hunts are an excellent way to switch up a simple day at the zoo. The printable games are easy to bring along and turn the whole day into a game. The games are just a starting point, so feel free to add rules or head to a specific exhibit to make the hunts even more challenging. 

I am so excited to use these printouts the next time I head to the zoo. I can’t wait to see all of the different animals and to follow the clues from the hunts to take me around the zoo. 

If you thought these printouts sounded like a great idea, there are many more to choose from for all the different activities. Check out our printable car scavenger hunts and photo scavenger hunts to keep the fun going.