Getting a first tooth is a pretty big deal. While some people may move on quickly, I think it deserves a full-on celebration with a my first tooth party. 

When your kids are little, every little milestone is a big deal.

The biggest ones of all include getting your first teeth. It is always so exciting to see the little white specks come poking out of the baby’s mouth. 

Since the milestones are so thrilling, I figured it was a great idea to celebrate my baby and their first tooth coming in with a my first tooth party.

The party is definitely more for the parents, right ;), but also a good excuse to celebrate your little one and how far they have come. 

I love to make big deals out of the first milestones with my babies. Celebrating their first steps, first real food, and most importantly, their first birthday party are always high up on the list of parties.

The best thing is that this can be such a simple and easy party to create. Lots of the decorations are printable and can easily be set up. Plus, they make really cute backdrops to take your little one’s photo with their first teeth popping out.

Pro planning tip: Celebrating small moments is a fun way to gather just a small group of people and gives some breathing room from the big milestone birthdays.


Celebrating A First Tooth

If you are looking for a lovely way to celebrate your baby, a first tooth party is the way to do it. These ideas, games, and decorations will get you inspired for the tooth celebration. 

Party Ideas For A First Tooth 

1. A Simple Post-Nap Celebration 

Let’s be real, the tooth celebration here is more for the adults than the baby. Keep the party simple with an afternoon lunch, after nap time, of course! Serve a couple appetizers and desserts like these adorable tooth cookies.

2. Keep It Cool 

Teething can be very painful, and all things cold are solid ways to ease the pain. Go with the cold theme for the party and keep everything cool. Serve popsicles, smoothies, milkshakes, and other food items that are soothing to eat with a sore tooth.

3. Tooth Fairy Introduction 

With the first tooth just making an appearance, it doesn’t hurt to introduce the tooth fairy into the mix. Organize the party theme around the tooth fairy and go crazy with sparkles and glitter for decorations. 

Games and Decorations 

4. Hunt For The Tooth Fairy’s Loot 

Hide some of the tooth fairy’s treasure around the house and split up into teams to find where she hid the treasure. 

5. Toothbrush Decorating 

Pull out the crafts supplies and get ready to customize your own toothbrush. Make sure to add just to decorate the end, as you won’t want glitter on those brushes. 

7. Tooth Knockout 

Think you have what it takes to knock out all the teeth? Put your skills to the test and make this homemade knockout game from cardboard for the tooth party

YouTube video

8. First Tooth Banner  

Show off your pride with a first tooth banner. Hang it above the high chair for a great photo op! 

9. First Tooth Box 

Keep the memories of the special day all in one place with a first tooth box

10. Teeth Banner 

Since the party is all about teeth, you might as well have a banner that fits the bill. 

First tooth cupcake toppers

11. Tooth Cake Topper 

Would it truly be a party without cake? Celebrate the first tooth with a special bite of cake. 

12. Party Favors 

Send your guests home with a special party favor to remember the special day.

First tooth party decorations and ideas

13. Balloon Tooth Garland 

Show off the teeth with a balloon garland bigger than your little one. 

14. Center Pieces 

A good party always has table decorations to show off the theme. Put these pearly whites around the room to celebrate all the teeth. 

15. Teeth Cupcake Topper 

If you plan to have a lot of little kids at the party, cupcakes may be the way to go. They are a lot easier to eat for little ones. 

Four images with tooth accessories and baby's showing off their teeth.


Should you have a first tooth party? Yay or Nay?

Having a first tooth party may seem like a silly celebration, but celebrating your little ones’ milestones is always exciting.

In Armenian culture, a first tooth party is known as Agra Hadig or Atam Hatik. It is a traditional celebration where the baby sits before several symbolic items. Each item represents a future profession of the child. 

These first tooth party ideas, games, and decorations are a great way to celebrate your little one growing up and all the sweet moments that go along with it. The simple celebration can be for family, friends, or just the parents of the young child. No matter who you invite to celebrate, the party will be a great time. 

I can’t wait to share these ideas with all of my friends who have little ones and are on the fence about having a first tooth party.

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