Inside: Hilarious animal charades topic ideas.

When it comes to games that make you laugh, nothing quite matches the classic fun of charades. It’s been played for generations and still holds strong against new technological games. It brings people together, both at parties and family get-togethers.

This game is free and easy to follow. The hardest part of preparation is finding the words to work with. So today, I have created a list of the funniest animal charades topic ideas for you to add to your game. I separated them into different categories of animals so that you could keep some structure to your game.

The further down the list you go, the harder the words are to pantomime.

Funniest Animal Charades Topics

So check those out because you’ll find them to be super helpful. First though, for those of you who are new to the world of charades…let’s go over the basics!

What are Charades?

Charades is a classic party game in which players have to pick a word from a pile of little papers and then try to convey it to the group. The twist here if that you cannot use your words to convey what it is…you have to pantomime it! 

This game is a great way to challenge yourself and get your creative juices flowing in an environment that is filled with good energy, good people, and lots of fun. It’s been played by groups are parties for generations. And it will continue to be played for generations to come.

It is just that good of a game. If you don’t know the rules or need to brush up on them a bit, then read on.

How to Play Charades

Playing charades is simple once you get the hang of it. First things first, you will need:


  • paper and pencil
  • scissors
  • bowl
  • timer
  • paper to keep score

First, you should always pick a theme. Whether that be pop culture, movies, animals…you name it. You’ll have to come up with words and topic for you to mime when the game is played. Today, I have gathered a list of over 50 of the funniest animal charades topics. These will help you with this portion of the game.

Next, divide your group into equal parts. If the room is unequal then have the extra person be the timer/score keeper. Once everyone is divided into groups, the fun can begin. 

To play, the teams will alternate having one person stand in the middle and pull from the bowl of topics. They have 3 minutes to try and convey as many words to their group as possible. The other group that is not playing should NOT make any guesses during this time; the other group will get the point. This goes back and forth until you have either run out of words or you’ve hit the agreed-upon number of rounds. 

Lastly, you tally up how many points each team earned(each paper that was guessed correctly is a point). The one with the most wins!

Sound like a blast? Great! Then take a look at the list below and get out your pen and paper. Use these as your topics for your game. If you want even more topics to play with, we have got you covered here too. Get to looking!

Funniest Farm Animal Prompts

Funniest Farm Animals

I thought we would start with farm animals because they are some of the most well-known. So you can think of this as the easy level. Though these may seem like regular animals, when it comes down to miming them out, the room will be FILLED with giggles. That is what makes them some of the funniest animal charades topics. You try and act like a pig or a goat WITHOUT laughing…I’ll wait. 

1. Pig

2. Horse

3. Sheep

4. Cow

5. Chicken

6. Fainting Goats

7. Rooster

8. Cattle Dog

9. Turkey

10. Donkey

11. Llamas

12. Farm Cat

Best Small Animal Charades

Small animals can be a little bit harder not to describe using words…but they are super funny. This list is full of some of the most adorable(and hilarious) small animals that you can incorporate into your game of charades today. Take a look through and see which ones you like, and then add them to your paper. See who can make the best impression of a squirrel!

13. Ferrets

14. Rabbit

15. Hamster

16. Bat 

17. Hedgehog

18. Fancy Mouse

19. Squirrel

20. Hummingbird

21. Snail

22. Little Turtle

23. Kitten

Hilarious Jungle Animal Charades

Hilarious Jungle Animal Charades

Jungle Animals are also some of the most hilarious animals to try and describe during charades. Some of these are harder than others, so hopefully, you will play your luck and get one that can be done easily. But if not, remember the whole point of the game is to have fun with the people that you love, not to be the absolute best. That may be hard for you competitive folks out there(myself included), but the game is so much more fun if you stop caring! Check these out.

24. Tiger

25. Gorilla

26. Cheetah

27. Toucans

28. Monkey

29. Lion 

30. Frogs

31. Zebra

32. Rhino

33. Anaconda

34. Crocodile

Funny Marine Animals Ideas

Now, when I say that marine animals are some of the HARDEST animals to try and mime, I am not exaggerating. But the harder the animal, the funnier it is to try and convey them to the team. Just out on your thinking cap and try your best. That is the only thing that matters. Check out this list and decide on which ones you want to include during your game. If you add them all, I salute you. 

35. Orca

36. Sea Turtle

38. Sperm Whale

39. Sea Cow

40. Flounder

41. Elephant Seals

42. Manta Rays

43. Starfish

44. Seahorse

45. Shark

46. JellyFish

Weird Animal Charades Ideas

Weird Animal Charades Ideas

Now for the people who are charades experts. This list is full of the weirdest animals on planet earth, well, the ones with names I could pronounce anyway. Take a look at these and before you can let your sensible brain take over, add them to your list. It will be hilarious to see you or your friends try and work out. Not only are they unique animals, but most of them have 2 to 3 names. Best of luck!

47. Platypus

48. Guinea Pig

49. Ant Eater

50. Flying Fish

51. Baboon

52. Naked Mole Rat

53. Spider Crab

54. Flying Squirell

55. Stick Bug

Animal Charades

So, are you excited to get your charades on? I sure am! There is nothing sweeter than getting to connect with the people around you in new and fun ways. Charades has been bringing people together for longer than I have been alive. It is a timeless classic that will forever be special in the hearts of the masses.

If you want to incorporate more charade games into your life, then you have clicked on the right article. We have lots of different topic ideas and tips for playing charades, it’s basically your one-stop shop. 

Remember that the most important thing to do while playing is to have fun and let loose a little. The rest of life can be spent doing everything properly, but charades are a space for hilarious mess up and big laughs.