Inside: Best Neighborhood scavenger hunt ideas to fun in the sun.

I think that there are so many unused scavenger hunt ideas out there, and this is an absolute shame. The truth is, you can make a scavenger hunt for any occasion, even something as simple as getting to know your neighborhood.

If you have any little kids in your house, it can be very helpful for them to know their way around your neighborhood. Obviously, in an ideal world, they wouldn’t find themselves lost and unsupervised, but we all know how talented kids can be at doing the exact things that we tell them not to. So today, I am going to go over neighborhood scavenger hunt ideas

How to make your own neighborhood scavenger hunt

These will help your kids learn their way around your neighborhood in a fun and informational way that doesn’t feel like a bore. Kids will retain information more if it is presented to them in a fun way, so this will be great. 

Printable Neighborhood scavenger hunt ideas

First things first, I thought I would start out with some great printable options for your neighborhood scavenger hunt. These are some of the cutest options out there, and they are full of some great staples that you will be able to find around your neighborhood. Check these out!

1.  Big Neighborhood Hunt Idea – This first one on the list is one of my favorites because they put so much thought into it. I find that scavenger hunts like these work best for kids ages 7-10. That is because they are able to read along and have fun with this style of game.

2. Cute Photo Scavenger Hunt – When it comes to little kids, I think having a scavenger hunt that has photos of the items they are supposed to find is a must. This is because they might have a hard time reading, and the photos will make it easier for them.

3. Neighborhood Scavenger Game – Neighborhood scavenger hunts can look different for each person. So if you don’t connect with any on this list, don’t worry. I have created a list of great ideas down below that you can use if you are planning on DIYing your own.

4. Perfect Scavenger Hunt Idea – I love the little cartoon images of the things your kids are supposed to find. This person used really artistic photos and I think it improves the overall look of this scavenger hunt. 

5. Simple Photo Scavenger Hunt – And lastly, I thought I would finish us off with a simpler option. You don’t need your scavenger hunt to be all decked out in order to have fun when you are on it. So check this idea out.

Neighborhood scavenger hunt ideas printables

How to make your own scavenger hunt

Next up, we have my list of ideas for those of you who want to make your own scavenger hunt rather than print one. But before we get into the ideas, I thought I should briefly cover how to make your own scavenger hunt.

Step one

You are going to want to decide whether you want to make little scavenger hunt cards or if you want a checklist on paper. Personally, for this style of game, I think it works best with a checklist paper. The little cue cards are best if you are hiding things for them to find, but with a neighborhood scavenger hunt, the things you are finding are already there.

Step Two

Now you get to make your checklist. You can do this by hand, or you can do it on a computer. I recommend the ladder that way you can print out more than one, and you can save yourself some hand aches.

Take a look at the lists below to get ideas of what you can add. Try and think if there is anything specific and personal you can add to yours that your child would get a kick out of finding. Really make it your own.

Step Three

Lastly, pick a nice day to go out, and then get out there. All you really need are some pens and your list. Then you can walk around with your family and watch as your kids check things off their list and get to know their area a little better!

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Now for all of you DIY lovers out there, this is your time to shine. I have a whole list of different things that you can add into your scavenger hunt that you can pick through until you are left with the perfect list of things you know your kids can find in your neighborhood. This is going to be so much fun!

6. Find a Bike

7. Find a yellow Flower

8. Find a welcome sign

9. Find a brown house

10. Find a  purple sign

11. Find a stop sign

12. Find your house numbers

13. Find a basketball hoop

14. Find a basketball

15. Find a scooter

Fun Things to Find in Your Neighborhood

Fun Things to Find in Your Neighborhood

Next up, I have a list of some fun things to find in your neighborhood. I like the idea of having scavenger hunts that don’t exist just for people to find presents, but rather they exist to help people become more present. So cool, right? I hope you love these ideas. I kept them simple but cute!

16. Find a red car

17. Find a green truck

18. Find a trash can

19. Find a flower garden

20. Find a dog in a yard

21. Find a White Fence

22. Find a mailbox

23. Find a Wreath

24. Find a wind chime

25. Find a birdhouse

26. Find a Grill

27. Find a long hose

28. Find a  sprinkler

29. Find a lawn decoration

30. Find a little gnome

Helpful Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Ideas

And lastly, here I have put some things that you can add to your list that would help your little one with finding their way home if they were to ever get lost. These are things that they will be able to identify, and they can lead them back home if something were to happen where they were separated. 

31. Find a no parking zone

32. Find a fire hydrant

33. Find your neighbor’s house

34. Find a street sign

35. Find a cat

36. Find a big tree

37. Find a street lamp

38. Find a no soliciting sign

39. Find a street drain

40. Find a daisy

41. Find a flag

neighborhood scavenger hunt

I hope you loved these neighborhood scavenger hunt ideas that you can do with your child to help them remember their way back home. This is also a wonderful way to get to know your neighborhood if you are new to the area.

Moving somewhere new can be fun but also scary. Getting to know your area is the best way to help you feel more at home. If you loved this scavenger hunt idea, I think you would also get a kick out of some of our other scavenger hunt ideas! There are plenty, so you’ll never be bored again.

The important part about this scavenger hunt, whether you are using it to teach your child to be aware of their surroundings or if you are doing it just to do it, is to have fun.