Inside: Top Library scavenger hunt ideas and printable ideas for chilly days spent inside.

I love going to the library. There is just something about the way you feel when you walk into a room full of books; it’s unmatched. It’s a place where you know great things begin. It’s a place where you can learn about yourself and the world around you. But sadly, libraries are not as visited as they used to be. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, the internet is amazing. But it has changed the way that we get information as a society. It may be easier, but it’s not as fun as going to look things up in a library.

BEST Library game Printables

I wanted to find a way to make going to one super fun for the kids, and I stumbled across Library scavenger hunt ideas. Why I have never thought of this before is unknown to me, but I am excited to share my findings with you today. Below I have a bunch of different items that you can put on your list, as well as some printable options if you don’t want to DIY. Check it out!

How to have a Library Scavenger Hunt

Throwing a scavenger hunt can be super simple if you know how to do it right. The hardest part is finding things for the kids to ‘scavenge’ for. When it comes to library scavenger hunts, this part is already done for you! The kids go through and find books. But what makes this fun and unique is how you go about playing it.

To get started, you are going to need a few pieces of paper. You are going to want to decide if you want to do a checklist or if you want to do individual item cards. The checklist is easier, but the cards are cute, so it’s up to you.

Step One: Make Your List

So to start, you are going to want to make your list. This might sound hard, but it is actually quite simple. All you need to do is take a look at the ideas I put together below and add them to your sheet.

When you are doing this, think about the kids who will be playing this game. If they are super little, make sure that the books you are having them find are going to interest them and that they are easy enough for them to find. 

When you are done with your list of items, you can get started on the next step. 

Library Scavenger Hunt

Step Two: Lay out the Rules

Next, you are going to want to lay down the rules, so the kids know how to play. For a library scavenger hunt, they will each have a list of things to find, or they will all pull a card and then find whatever that card says. Either way, they will have 15 minutes to find as many things as they can. 

But remember, they must be QUIET. It is a library, after all. You can decide whether they will actually pull the books off the shelves or if they will just snap a picture. If they do take the book off the shelf, they must return it when the game is done. It isn’t in good manners to leave out all the books for the librarian!

Step Three: See Who Won

Lastly, when the timer goes off, and everyone is back and accounted for, see who has the most books. Make sure that each of them fits into the right category. The winner gets to take home one of the books and get’s their very own library card. Everyone can do this as well if they are inclined.

This way, the winner get’s to come back and continue to enjoy the library, which is the whole goal of this game! I think that the kids are going to absolutely love this. This scavenger hunt is great as well because it can be done rain or shine, it is in the safety of the library! Plus…the smell. I love the smell of books.

So take a look at the list of books below that you can add to your hunt or the printables if you aren’t going to DIY it yourself. Either way, the most important part is that you and the kids have fun. Seeing children get excited about books makes my heart happy, and I hope it has the same reaction for you.

How to do a Scavenger Hunt in a library

Library Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Here is a list of different things you can add to your search list before going to the library. When the kids are looking for these, let them know that they need to leave them on the shelf and check off the box on their paper. There is nothing worse for librarians than a stack full of books that they have to put back.

1. Find a science book

2. Find Huckleberry Finn

3. Find a cookbook

4. Find a Comic book

5. Find a big book

6. Find a book about animals

7. Find a classic book

8. Find Where the Wild Things Are

Good Books Ideas to Find

Here are some more great book ideas for you to add to your list. Having your kids go through and find these books not only teaches them how to find things in a library but also gives them the opportunity to see how many different kinds of books there are to choose from! So add some of these to your list, and perhaps they will be added to their reading list. 

9. Find a scary book

10. Find a book about books

11. Find a book with yellow on the cover

12. Find a book about a girl 

13. Find a book about an adventure

14. Find a book about flowers

15. Find a book about history

16. Find a book with a rainbow on it 

17. Find a book about ducks

Printable book Scavenger Hunt

Printable Library Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you don’t want to create a scavenger hunt yourself but still want to enjoy the game, then you should love these printable library scavenger hunt ideas. They are already put together, and they are super cute! You just buy them, download the file, and then print them out. You could even do this AT the library! 

I hope you loved these library scavenger hunt ideas and that you enjoy them when you throw your own. Libraries are a dying breed, so go and spend some extra time in one and help bring it back! These are super fun ideas, and I think you and your kids will have a blast when you put them together. 

If scavenger hunts are your thing, then the fun doesn’t have to stop here. We have so many awesome scavenger hunt ideas that you can look through to get more ideas for your next game day!

Libraries are amazing. I think making sure you get a library card at the end of your scavenger hunt is a wonderful idea because it means your kids can check out books, and they will have to come back. The more you go, the better it will be for everyone involved. So do your part, and spend some time in the library!