Basketball is one of those classic sports games that everyone plays growing up. However, playing the game doesn’t always mean the traditional rules. Just look at these basketball games for kids as an example.

Basketball games are always a great idea to play with kids of all ages.

These games are excellent activities full of fun, even for those who don’t call basketball their favorite sport.

  Collage of basketball games for kids with kids playing basketball.

I always find it fun to play these games with kids because they are always so exciting. Even if I know the kids aren’t super sporty, I tell them they will have fun regardless of their skill level on the court. 

These basketball games are activities that everyone will fall in love with. They are great to pull out for a sports-themed birthday party, a youth group activity, or just when the kids need a bit of entertainment. The simple scoresheets, plus the easy rules of the games, allow for an endless amount of fun.

Basketball Scorecards

If you want to get serious when playing basketball games for kids, we’ve collected some score sheets to help you keep track during the games.

These score sheets are printable and easy to work with, so even the older kids can keep the score on their own.

Fun Basketball Games 

These basketball games for kids always make for a good time. The games play out better if you have a few basic basketball skills up your sleeve but still let the most beginner player get in on the action.

Everyone, even non-sports lovers, can get excited about playing these basketball games. Not only are they great fun, but they help with teamwork, understanding rules, and being active.

1. Horse

There’s a reason why horse is a classic game. The traditional game starts with one player taking a shot. If they make it, the next player must take the shot from the exact same spot. If they miss, they get assigned a letter, with the first to spell out HORSE taking second place. There are no real rules in this game, so the trickier the shot, the better. However, making the trick shots and not getting any of the letters is a delicate balance. 

2. 21

Classic basketball gets downsized in a game of 21. This game is perfect for when you don’t have a full team. It’s a 1-on-1 game, with the ball always starting from the same spot after a point to even the playing field. 

3. Around The World

Go touring all the major basketball arenas around the world, all without leaving your basketball hoop in this game of around the world. Start by marking spots around the court to make different places around the world. For each shot that is made, a different location is visited. Make this game difficult by setting up tricky spots around the court to up the ante. 

4. Knock Out

 Channel your inner Steph Curry and make free throw after free throw in a game of knockout. Here, each player will start on the free throw line and attempt a basket. If it’s in, you head back to the end of the line. If you miss, you keep going from anywhere around the court to make the shot. The tricky part? The same rules apply to the person behind you, but if they make the shot before you do, you are out of the game. 

5. Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and minnows may not belong on a basketball court, but we’ll make an exception for them in this playful game. In this game, the sharks go head-to-head with the minnows. The goal? To get to the end of the court all without the sharks getting the ball from the minnows. 

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Easy Games For Hoop Lovers

6. Hot Basketball

Heard of hot potato? You’ll like hot basketball just as much. Hot basketball takes the classic childhood game of hot potato and applies the same rules, just with bouncing and passing. If the basketball is in your hands when the song is up, you’re in big trouble! 

7. Beat The Clock

Put your skills to the test to see how many baskets you can make in a certain time period. Pick an amount of time and give each player a chance to make as many shots as they can. In the end, the person who racked up the most baskets wins. 

8. Basketball Thieves

Protect your ball for all its worth in this nifty basketball dribbling game. Pick one player to be a thief. Everyone else must dribble their ball and protect it from getting stolen. If the thief manages the steal, the positions are switched. The goal of the game is to keep your ball safe from the thief. 

9. Musical Basketballs

Turn the basketball court into a dance floor with a mashup of this classic game. Have the players spread out around the court and place basketballs on the ground instead of chairs in the middle. Play the music, and when it stops, all players must run to grab a ball. The players that don’t get a ball are out of the game. 

10. Chaos Ball

A little chaos on the court can be kinda fun. For this game, assign everyone a spot on the court. Then, on the count of three, let all the players shoot their ball into the same basket. The first person to have their ball go in the hoop gets the point. Keep going until the score that was agreed upon is reached. 

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Group Basketball Birthday Party Games

11. Dribble Down The Line

Save this game for a summer day when you can be outside. Take some chalk and draw some crazy lines up and down the pavement. Then, grab your basketball and see if you can follow the lines up and down. Set timers and see who can get to the end the fastest. Whoever wins gets a point. 

12. Go The Distance

Think you can make that half-court shot? Mark the court with places to take shots, starting simple by the basket and working up to a more difficult range by the half-court line. Assign each shot an amount of points. Whoever has the most points at the end takes the game.

13. Dunk Contest

Channel your inner NBA All-Star player and show off your dunking skills. Set up a panel of judges and give them rules for the score, like style, technical points, and more. See who takes first place by whoever has the fanciest dunk. 

14. Steal The Bacon

If you have a large group, this is a great game. Assign each player a number and then have them spread out along the baseline. Call out 1, 2, or 3 numbers and let those players fight for the ball. Whoever brings the ball back to their side and scores and point, wins that round. 

15. Red Light, Green Light

This classic game gets taken up a notch with basketballs in hand. The rules remain the same, except you must be dribbling at all times. 

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What supplies do I need to play these games?

A basketball and a basketball hoop will pretty much be all you need to make these games work.

Who are these games for?

These party games are for kids of all ages and even the parents will enjoy them as well. 

You’ll have them all running around and having a blast at your next BBall themed party.

It can be challenging to find games that entertain kids of all ages, so these basketball games are great to keep in the back of your mind for when you need some active activities.

The simple printable scorecards make these games competitive in a good way and allow everyone to keep track of their stats.

The games are great entertainment for basketball and non-basketball fans and put a smile on everyone’s face.

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