Inside: Transformative garage party setup ideas that are simple to achieve

If you are planning on throwing a party, but have no ideas where to hold it when you have so many guests…there may be one place that has skipped your mind that will have the space AND the potential.

Your garage! I know this sounds funny, but your garage has the ability to be transformed into the perfect space to hold a party that your home is just simply too small for. You may be wondering, how?

Garage party ideas that are easy 

There are many tips and tricks, and I am going to go over them all. I created a list of over 40 of the best(and easiest) garage party ideas to help you throw the biggest bash you could imagine. Plus you can save money on a venue that you’d have to decorate anyways. It’s a win-win.

So let’s get some more use out of that space. With these garage party setup ideas you’ll find that it isn’t just for storage after all. 

Decorating a Garage for a Party

Let’s start off with the decorations. The best thing I can suggest is to get lots of curtains to hang up around the perimeter. You will see in the examples in the lists to come just how big of a change that actually makes in the long run when you are throwing this party.

It truly transforms your space. So I added a few options here, see what you like and go from there.

1.  Fringe Foil Curtains

2. Iridescent Party Garland

3. LED Boho Balloons

4. Tissue Pom Poms

5. Black and Gold Plate Set

6. Rose Gold Party Set

7. Star Garland

8. Light Curtains

9. LED Projectors

10. Curtain String Lights

11. Tablecloths

12. Colorful Garland

13. Party Bundle

14. DIY Balloon Arch

15. Versatile Glow Tubes

How to transform your garage for a party

Transform Garage for Party

This next list is full of examples of people working their at-home magic and turning their garage from dusty and drab to colorful and fab.

You are going to be floored when you see these. 

16. Hang Up Curtains – Curtains are one of the best ways to transform your garage into the perfect party space. They really have the ability to take you out of a garage and put you into an adorable party room.

17. Cute Table Set Up – Having a cute table set up is very important when throwing a party.

18. Cute Dinner Set Up – If the curtains aren’t your style, and you like a more rustic look, then use this example as your inspiration. 

19. Gold and Black Themed Garage Party – Black and gold garage party is the next black tie chic.

20. Hanging Balloons – The rafters are one of the hardest things to transform when having a garage party. But these balloons will take care of that. Aren’t they magical?

21. Multiple Tables – If your party has many guests, then perhaps using your garage is your only option. But there is so much potential. Look at how these tables fit!

22. U-Shaped Table Set Up – This setup gives the most seating and the most space. Not to mention, look how cute those hanging balls are!

23. Hanging Ribbons – This is a cheap and adorable alternative to the ballons. Take some ribbons and pin them in a row on the ceiling.

24. Matching Table and Wall Curtains – The way these tables match the walls just adds so much to this party. I love it.

25. Cinched 2-Tones Curtains – If you find the curtains a bit boring, there are many ways to spice them up. Like this!

26. Polka Dot Kids Party – This cupcake-themed party is so cute that I just had to include it. It’s simple to achieve and has such a cute feel.

27. Sweet Light Decor – The LED lights in this example are such a great touch. I always think adding some of these lights is never a bad idea when throwing a garage party.

28. Cute Thanksgiving Setup – Thanksgiving parties are one of the most popular to have in a garage because you need to use the space. 

29. Cute White and Rainbow Room – White and Rainbow-themed party decorations are such an adorable way to add some color. Not to mention how simple this would be to achieve. I love it!

30. Lights with Curtains – If you love twinkles lights then this is a must-have when you are creating your decorated garage party.

2 car garage party setup

2 Car Garage Setup for Party

If you are lucky enough to have a 2-car garage then you need to put that extra space to use. Take a look at the examples down below for this larger garage party setup to get some ideas on how exactly to go about doing that.

31. Makeshift Dance Floor – If you are planning to get your boogie on during your party, then consider setting up your party like this, with a simple dance floor in the center.

32. Grey and Pink 2 Car Garage Party – I like this one because it includes a tv in the middle. A Tv can add music, and games to a party.

33. Simple Thrifted Garage Party – I love the look of vintage mixed-matched dish-ware, and they look even better when at a garage party. They just go together!  Adding a plant can also add some life. 

34. Large Spaced Out Tables – Big garage with lots of space makes for the absolute perfect party room!

35. White and Silver Party – Adorable and classy white/silver party set up with lots of chairs. 

36. Sweet Outdoor Garage Set Up – I love the way they used lights as the roof, It just goes to be the perfect example of the ability to truly transform a space.

37. Elegant Garage Reception – Who would have thought that a garage could be such a beautiful place for the whole wedding reception. I would have never expected it, but it is so doable!

38. Center Table with Cute Cake – This is a unique way to set up the table, but it really works. Beautiful right?

39. Cute Dinosaur Garage – This is the best view of a two-car garage. There are so many ways you can set it up but this is a classic. 

40. Rustic Barn Themed Garage – If you are a fan of this Pinterest themed 

41. Before and After – This is such an epic before and after.

42. Blue and Black Award Ceremony – There are also ways to make your garage feel bigger. Take this one for example, for a moment that backdrop tricks your eyes.

43. Sweet Square Tables – These people arranged their tables into a square, I love this because it makes for the best conversation. Everyone is facing each other.

Well, what did you think? Pretty amazing right? 

Who would have ever thought that your garage had that much potential? And it’s been there all along. Now that you are throwing your party, you have to think about what kind of entertainment you’ll be including. What kind of games would fit the theme of your party? 

That’s right, the work doesn’t stop here, but it’ll all be worth it when you are having the time of your life.