Inside: Super Fun Candy Games for Parties

Throwing a kid’s party can be easy, inexpensive, and fun when you add a few games that involve sweets! We’ve gathered a list of our favorite candy themed games for kids within an age range of 4 and up. The games are as easy as hitting a piñata or as difficult as building a candy-bar tower.

Whether it’s a gathering or just some family fun time, these party games are sure to keep your little ones entertained!

Oldies but Goodies Candy Party Games for Kids

These games have been with us for ages, so expect to get that nostalgic feeling and have fun yourself! Get ready to share favorite game-time memories and make new ones with your kids.

The Piñata: One of the most anticipated games for kids. Choose a regular piñata that a stick can easily break or you can choose pull-the-string type for smaller kids. Fill the piñata with candies and hang it on a tree, basketball hoop, or a support beam. Blindfold the kids and turn them three times and then guide them while blindfolded to hit the piñata with their best shot! Once the piñata breaks, the other children can run and pick up the candies.

Piñata Party Candy Games

Candy Straw Suck up Game: A fun way to test children’s motor skills. Set some paper plates and a few straws on a table. The kids need to suck the candies through a straw then transfer it to the other plate. You can vary the game by setting a time limit or putting different candies for the kids to choose from, which then becomes their prize at the end.

Candy Spoon Relay: What’s gonna work? TEAMWORK! Group the children and line them up. Hand out spoons to each and ask them to put it in their mouths. Kids need to relay the candy using the spoon to the next one in line without touching the spoon. The first group to get the candy at the end of the line wins.

Pin the Candy: Create a poster that goes with the theme of your party. If the theme is candy, then create a candy jar poster. Add double-sided tape to mini-candy. This also works great with peppermints or small circular candy. Blindfold the children. Turn them three times. Then have them try to pin the candy in the jar.

This works with the inverse too.

You can start with candy taped to the poster. Blindfold the kids and then have them try to go pick their favorite piece.

Just take 1, 2, 3… however many you designate!

Creative candy games for parties

Inexpensive Candy Themed Party Games for Kids

Working with a tight budget? Worry less since these games are totally inexpensive and easy for the kids to do. You can still create fun without spending too much.

Candy Bar Stacking Up: This is like Jenga, but with candy bars. Gather together several mini-candy bars or regular sized, and set a timer for kids to stack them. The goal is for the kids to stack the candy bars under pressure without it falling.

Guess How Many Candies in the Jar: All you need are sweets like jelly beans, Skittles, M&M’s, or other small candies and a jar. Fill the jar with candy and let the children take turns guessing. The winner can take the candy jar home.

Candy Scoop Up: Fill a bowl or a bucket with your sweets of choice. Set the time to 1 minute and see how many candies the kids can scoop. Kids get to keep everything they transferred. 

Unwrap the Ball: Using cellophane, wrap candy in the shape of a ball so that every layer of plastic adds another piece of candy. By the time you get done with it, you should have a basketball sized wrap full of candy. Have the children sit in a circle. Set a timer for ten seconds or use playing music to signify when they can unwrap and when they should pass.

  • Music on means they are unwrapping.
  • Music off means they are passing.

Whatever candy they are able to unwrap on their turn is what they get to keep. This game is for six years old and up (because you don’t want them putting cellophane in their mouths).

Best Candy Games For Parties

Creative Candy Party Games

We all know that kids have great imaginations. You can witness this wonderful creativity through these games.

Candy Construction Game:
You are going to need some soft treats like gummy bears or licorice and toothpicks. Ask the kids to build anything by sticking the toothpicks in the candies. Kids love building mini-houses, bridges, towers, animals, and more. You can cut the edge of the toothpicks for safety for younger children.

Form-me-a-thing: Ask the kids to arrange the candies to make an image similar to different objects. For example, say “form me a rainbow” and let them channel their creativity by making a rainbow using treats.

Candy Lights: Prepare strings, tapes, and candies. Place the string on a flat surface and let the kids tape the candies according to their preference. Use their work of art as room decor or hang them anywhere around the house to show you’re proud of them.

Candy Rainbows: This project works great with Skittles or M&Ms. Create a poster of a large rainbow or use several regular sized card stock and ask the kids to glue the candy to the shape of the rainbow already there or in the shape of the rainbow from their imaginations. Make sure to have large bags of the candy on hand because while much of it will go on the page, more will be eaten. Children have fun expressing their creativity with this project. You can either judge the rainbows for prizes when they are done, or simply send them home with the project.

More Fun Game Ideas You’ll Love 

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Dino-mite Dinosaur Birthday Party Games – I am a 100% “saur” children like Dino-mite dinosaurs. Kids always get excited upon seeing different dinosaurs, so this is a fun way for them to experience it through games. They will memorize the thesaurus, I mean the dinosaur names, as fast as an ostrich mimic.

Festive Fall Games for Kids  – It’s Autumn season, and it is the best time for kids to play outdoors. The weather is perfect and there are a lot of things you can use outside, like pinecones, leaves, and pumpkins. Those kids need to release their energy and appreciate the environment through these games. Go out and have fun!