Inside: Entertaining Emoji Quizzes To Take On The Go – Complete With Answer Keys. 

Emojis are practically a universal language at this point. It doesn’t matter what your first language is, you can communicate with anyone through a string of emojis.

Emoji games make for perfect activities at events such as baby showers. Pass them out to every guest and whoever gets the most correct is a winner!

Along with this, emoji Pictionary can be a wonderful way to entertain your children in a long car ride, when you’re out to dinner, or anywhere really.

Stuff a few of the printable games in your bag and pull them out when needed. It’s that easy…

Emoji quizes answers

And the best part about these types of games? There are a ton of them online that are free to download and print! We saved you the time and energy of searching for them yourself and have compiled a list of the best ones we have found, complete with answer keys.

Free Printable Emoji Games

With minimal set up and no money needed to play these games, they’re the optimal source of amusement. All you need is to download the free PDF and send it to your nearest printer, and voila! A way to pass time in an enjoyable way for both children and adults.

  1. These adorable nursery rhyme templates: This quiz has you guess the nursery rhyme using only the emojis that describe them. There are multiple templates with different colors so you can use them at baby showers as well! Scroll to the bottom for the answer key. 
  2. Disney movie Pictionary: Can you guess the Disney movie just by deciphering the emojis? With more than 20 classics up for guessing, see how many you can get correct!
  3. Guess the children’s book: How many of these well known children’s books can you guess the title of using only emojis? Give it your best shot and compare it to the answer key to tally up your total right answers.
  4. Guess the baby songs emoji quiz: This game isn’t what you may think! Instead of baby songs (like songs for babies), it’s asking you to guess songs with the word baby in the title! With a variety of aesthetic templates, it makes for a super cute activity for a baby shower or even a parents’ night out.
  5. Food chain pictionary: Does your family consist of foodies? If you answered yes, this template should be a breeze for you guys! Play with caution because if you’re hungry, you may find yourself in the drive thru for one of the answers.

printable emoji quiz

Holiday Themed Emoji Pictionary

Super fun seasonal emoji Pictionary games that the entire family will have fun trying to decode! Nothing brings a household together quite like some friendly competition, and these quiz templates are a great way to do so. These can also act as a source of entertainment at a holiday party.

  1. Winter themed emoji quiz: All your favorite elements of winter, but in emoji form! The perfect activity to complete while brewing up a cup of hot cocoa and cuddling up with the family on a chilly winter night.
  2. Halloween Quiz: Try guessing all these different and fun Halloween themed emoji hints to decode horror movie titles and other spooky elements that are prevalent during this time of the year.
  3. Classic Christmas movies quiz: Everyone loves a good Christmas movie, they just really amplify the holiday spirit. Decode the emojis that represent the different Christmas movies and maybe it will help you choose which one to watch your next movie night. 
  4. Christmas emoji pictionary: Gather around the fire, throw on some Christmas tunes, and see who can decipher these traditional Christmas songs, movies, and elements of the happiest time of the year.
  5. Emoji quiz of Christmas songs: This quiz is strictly having you guess Christmas songs, how many are you familiar enough with to decode the emojis used to represent them?

Free Emoji Pictionary Games Everyone Will Love

Printable Emoji Pictionary game

There are so many free emoji pictionary games out there on the internet, and some of them can even help assist in education. Despite the nature of the games, they can definitely pose a challenge and even stump you! They’re tons of fun for both adults and children, and since they are printable, can be played anywhere at any time.

  1. Guess the children’s movie: Using only the emojis, take your best shot at guessing which classic children’s movie they represent. From Disney movies to a number of other kid favorite films, everyone in the family will have fun with this one! 
  2. Emoji proverbs: Not only are emojis fun, but they can also be educational! So this is the perfect way to amp up a Sunday school lesson or just enhance your children’s religious knowledge in a way that will be exciting for them and they can understand easily.
  3. Fairy tale themed emoji quiz: With a medley of traditional fairy tales in emoji form, this makes for a great baby shower activity or a fun way to keep your kids occupied.
  4. Can you guess the cartoon character?: Despite the title of this one, it’s definitely one that parents can have fun trying to complete as well! A lot of these answers include some super classic cartoons that have been around for decades.
  5. Marvel hero emoji pictionary: This version of the emoji quiz guessing game would be the ideal printable for that little superhero lover in your life! See how many Marvel heroes they can guess before time is up and then compare it to the answer key.
  6. Famous bands emoji version: Teens and parents, this one’s for you! Try and guess which band the emojis are trying to symbolize, I’m sure you have most of them in your music library already!
  7. TV show emoji quiz: Can you guess the title of the TV show solely from the emojis used? A great last minute game idea for family game night or any gathering!

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