Inside: Super fun emoji pictionary games with answers that you need for your next party.

Pictionary is a classic game of fun, laughs, and terrible drawings. Even the best artists fail when the timer starts, so if you weren’t good at producing quality sketches…do not feel bad about yourself.

I used to be so deeply stressed when it was my turn that I didn’t even want to get up to try!

So If you love this game but want to avoid drawing altogether…then do I have the spin-off for you.

Emoji Pictionary Games with Answers 

Introducing…Emoji Pictionary! Man do I wish I had this game when I was younger, it would have saved me tons of embarrassment.

If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about I totally get that. This game is a relatively new concept. Since, you know, emojis are a relatively new concept. But I know all about this game, so let’s go over it!

What Is Emoji Pictionary?

It’s a game that is loosely based on the concept of Pictionary itself. But instead of drawings, you use emojis to try and decipher a hidden message.

It’s also a tad different seeing as you aren’t choosing these emojis, but rather they are already on a page for you to try and figure out. 

It’s like a word puzzle game…without the words. To help you get a clear understanding I’ll describe an example: If you were to see 2 snowflake emojis next to a baby emoji… what do you think that would mean? Ice Ice Baby of course!

It can range from simple, to complex, but it will be a fun experience the entire way through. I love to include this game when I throw parties as a way to get people to participate in something together. Nothing breaks the ice better than a little competition!

There are so many different themes that this can game can be made under. Things like Movies, Halloween, Baby showers…you name it and there is an Emoji Pictionary game for it.

So if you are throwing a party and are in search of a fun and simple game to please your crowd of guests…this one is it!

It’s easy to understand, fun, and best of all… it’s affordable! I created a list of the cutest Emoji Pictionary games you can find. They come in many different themes so there is something here for any occasion you may need. Take a look!

Emoji Pictionary with answers

Printable Emoji Games

For this first list, I put together some of my favorite ones I could find. The best place(in my opinion) to get the cutest printable games will always be Etsy.

They are small business made, and you can customize most of them if you want. It’s always good to support people’s endeavors and this way you can both do that, and also get an adorable and affordable game! They’re almost always under $10.

1. Romantic Movie Emoji Quiz – Are you a Rom-Com fanatic? Then check this one out. It was literally made for you.

2. Baby Books Quiz – This is the perfect game for a kid’s birthday party or for a baby shower. See who has the best knowledge of baby books. 

3. Halloween Emojis – Pictionary is also great for Halloween. There are so many awesome movies and spooky words that you can create with emojis.

4. Summer Time Pictionary – If you are throwing a BBQ then this is the game you need. They are perfect to fill in the time 

5. Printable Horror Movie Quiz – Do you love horror movies? Then this is the game for you. See how well you know the classics off the top of your head.

6. Bridal Shower – Another great party game, bridal shower emoji Pictionary! It’s adorable with its bride-themed riddles.

7. Tv Show Quiz – For all you TV lovers out there, you HAVE to check out this hilarious version of emoji Pictionary.

8. Wedding-Related Emoji Quiz – There is so much free time to kill at weddings, why not fill it with a game?

9. Guess the Phrase – This one is a broad version so it can fit into any party!

Emoji Pictionary Games to Buy

Emoji Pictionary Games To Buy

If you are open to buying them, then that is great! There are so many awesome options to choose from so before you pick consider what kind of occasion you will be using it for.

Chances are some will fit better than others, so it’s always a good thing to think about. I have found that Emoji Pictionary truly brings the most competitive side out of my family members, and laughs always ensue. It is just such a fun game!

10. Lumberjack Baby Shower Pictionary

11. Bridal Emoji Quiz

12. Cute Baby Book Shower Game

13. Pictionary Jungle Edition

14. Emoji Game

15. 90’s Movies Quiz

16. Bridal Shower Game

17. Children’s Book Game

18. Emoji Game

Free Emoji Pictionary Games, example of people playing

Free Emoji Pictionary Games

If you are looking to save some money, I totally get it! There are still so many awesome options for you. There are just so many free options online when you spend the time to look for them. Lucky for you, I have.

So take a look through these games and find the one that is right for you. Then spend the money you are saving on some extra good snacks for your party.

19. Book Emoji Quiz – Similar to one in the lists above, it’s a book-themed emoji Pictionary for all you bibliophiles!

20. Fairy Tale Pictionary – Magical and fun…a must-have for a princess-themed party.

21. Candy Bar Emojis – How well do you know your candy bar slogans? Let’s see who has the biggest sweet tooth.

22. Tv Show Pictionary – This one was also included above, but free is almost always better so here we go!

23. Spring-Themed Emoji – I love the spring season. I bet you the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers” is on here. 

24. Nursery Rhymes – How cute is this one! Nursery Rhyme Emoji Pictionary. It’s not only adorable, but it’s nostalgic as well.

25. Guess the Proverb – How good are you with proverbs? I guess we will find out. 

26. Christmas Emojis – Of course, I had to include a Christmas-themed game. Add this to your Christmas Eve traditions.

27. Disney Movie Printable – Everyone loves Disney, so naturally this one is expected. It’s surprisingly hard though!

So…did you find one that you were excited about? Because I just added loads more of them to my own personal game list. At this point, I don’t have enough celebrations to get through them all! Still, that’s not stopping me.

I’ll just have to start planning OTHER people’s parties so I can get my fix. 😉

I hope you found this article useful, and that you now have a newfound passion for Emoji Pictionary like I do. It truly is the best game. No shame in it…it’s just the truth. If you have a specific party theme in mind, I bet we have articles about those as well.

Have fun and keep partying!