Inside: Best Birthday scavenger hunt ideas & printable ideas.

A birthday is such a special time for everybody, but especially when you are young. It’s a day all about celebrating you and the fact that you were born; of course, it’s going to be something you look forward to as a kid.

There are so many different ways to celebrate a birthday that it can be hard to choose one or to find good ideas out of the crowd of many. So today I wanted to present to you one idea that you have to include in your next birthday celebration. And that is a birthday scavenger hunt!

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas with Printables

I will go over what it is and how to do it, and I even include some great printable options to help you get set up. So without further ado, let’s jump into these ideas.

What is a Birthday Scavenger Hunt and How to Throw One

I figured this would be the best place to start. So a birthday scavenger hunt is a fun way to prolong the gift-giving experience. You have certain gifts hidden all around the house and little riddles that lead the birthday person to each present. This is super fun and a cute way to give gifts. 

Creating a scavenger hunt like this for yourself, it takes some thought. There are two ways you can go about it: You can leave presents at each stop, or you can simply leave a clue that leads to one big present. Either way, you start by giving them the first clue, which will lead them to the first spot with the next clue. This carries on until they find the last one. 

You can make this personalized and make your own riddles, such as “You found this clue in a backpack, but the next one is hiding in your favorite snack.” And then have the next clue hiding in a box of their favorite snack. 

Or you can save time and print out one of the birthday scavenger hunts from below. There are tons of great options!

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Printables

I know how busy a birthday can make the people throwing the party. You have to worry about presents, invitations, music, food, decorations…basically everything. So why buy yourself some time by just getting one of these hunts pre-made? You still have to supply the presents, of course, but you’ll just follow along with these pre-made riddles. Take a look!

1. Birthday Treasure Hunt

2. Birthday Hunt for Indoor

3. Cute Black and White Cards

4. Birthday Hunt with Cute Characters

5. Perfect Hunt for Indoor Birthday

6. Simple Birthday Hunt Idea

7. Light Pink Cards

8. Light Colored Cards

9. Colorful Cards with White Border

10. Birthday Themed Cards

Unique outdoor party games for kids

Unique Birthday Hunt Ideas

Here we have some awesomely unique hunt ideas. These range in terms of age and variety, so I know that there is something for everyone here. Take a look and see which ones would be perfect for your next celebration. 

11. Tri-Colored Card Hunt

12. Light Blue Birthday Hunt

13. Cute Decorated Scavenger Hunt

14. Glitter Border Hunt

15. Sweet 16 Scavenger Hunt

16. Kid Birthday Hunt

17. Birthday Scavenger Game

18. Moon Themed Hunt Idea

19. Pink Birthday Cards with Riddles

Birthday Hunt Ideas

Now I thought I would add a list for all the people who want to make their own Birthday scavenger hunt. I have included all of the places where you can hide your presents, but you will get to do the fun part and personalize the riddles. For example, the start it off, you can say, “The fun has just begun; go to the place where your day has begun.” To hide a present in their bed! It’s simple

20. Hide a present in their favorite place

21. Hide a present in the bathroom

22. Hide a present in their bedroom closet

23. Hide a present in their shoes

24. Hide a present in their favorite snack box

25. Hide a present in the shower

26. Hide a present in their favorite book

27. Hide a present behind the tv

28. Hide a present behind the lamp

29. Hide a present behind the WiFi router

Classic Hiding Spots

Now, some of these might seem kind of obvious, but It’s the obvious things that end up helping you in the long run. It gives you the opportunity to get creative with your rhymes. You get to pick and choose which ones are the best for your house and which ones don’t apply. You’d be surprised by what you don’t think of without a list!

30. Hide a present in the toys

31. Hide a present in dining room

32. Hide a present in a chair

33. Hide a present in the silverware drawer

34. Hide a present in the back of the toilet

35. Hide a present in a plant

36. Hide a present in the fridge

37. Hide a present in the pots and pans

38. Hide a present in a cabinet

39. Hide a present on a bookshelf

Classic Hiding Spots

Best Hiding Spots

Here are some of my all time favorite hiding spots for birthday hunts. You have to think about who the hunt is for and make it personalized to them. Is it a teen or a tween? A child or toddler? You can make it easier or harder based on those things. So think about it and consider which spots would be the best.

40. Hide a present in a candle

41. Hide a present in a laundry basket 

42. Hide a present in a laptop

43. Hide a present an animal house

44. Hide a present under their bed

45. Hide a present under the sink

46. Hide a present in their sock drawer

47. Hide a present on top of the fridge

48. Hide a present on their desk

49. Hide a present in the hallway

Hard Hiding Spots for Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Lastly, I wanted to include a list of harder hiding spots. These aren’t so obvious, and they are perfect for an older crowd. I love the idea of these hunts because it makes opening the presents that much more fun. I am definitely going to try this out for my kids one day.

50. Hide a present on the back porch

51. Hide a present in a tree

52. Hide a present in the car

53. Hide a present on the front steps

54. Hide a present in the garden

55. Hide a present under the couch pillows

56. Hide a present under the couch

57. Hide a present in the cake

58. Hide a present in the washer

59. Hide a present in the dryer

60. Hide a present in a storage container

61. Hide a present in the Christmas decorations

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

I hope this list helped you get some ideas for creating your own birthday scavenger hunt. I also hope that you have fun when creating this game for the person you love. That is what it is all about, after all: Going above and beyond to show the people you love how much you care.

This birthday game is just the tip of the ice burg. If you want to include even more games, then you have to check out some of our other birthday game ideas. We have so many to choose from; you are going to love these. Your party will thank you for it!

Birthdays are a time to celebrate the fact that the birthday person is here, existing and blessing us all with their presence. I know that may seem dramatic, but it’s the truth! Why not make it as special as you can for them?