Inside: Toddler Birthday Party Games That Are Guaranteed To Be Fun. 

So, you’re little one is having a birthday party, how fun! However, you still have to figure out a way to keep a group of high energy, rambunctious toddlers entertained for the duration of the event. You’d think that would be a simple feat but any parent of a toddler knows that it isn’t!

So we have done the hard work of finding over 20 games that are perfect to incorporate into a toddler’s birthday party.

All you need to do is take a deep breath and scroll through our findings and pick out your favorites.

Toddler Birthday Party games

Entertaining Toddler Birthday Activities

Games that will keep all the kids amused throughout the event!

  1. Bubble Popping: Such a fun way to stimulate the little ones! Blow bubbles yourself or get a machine and if they can pop more than 10 bubbles in a minute, they win a small prize. 
  2. Toddler Musical Chairs: Instead of the intense version of running around and sitting, make it a little safer for the toddlers by having them dance while the music plays, and sitting when it freezes. Anyone who doesn’t sit down in time is out.
  3. Animal Sounds: Kids love doing impressions! So call out an animal and give them around 30 seconds to act it out, they’ll all have a great time!
  4. Pin the Tail on the Donkey: The best part about this game is that there are so many versions that you’ll be able to find one that matches the party theme with no problem.
  5. Duck Duck Goose: Another staple party game that is a ton of fun! Have the kids sit in a circle and one person is the one on the outside touching their heads saying “duck” for each person they touch. If they land on a head and say “goose,” that player has to get up and chase them. If they catch up to them, that person stays in their position, if they don’t they assume the position outside of the circle as the head toucher.
  6. Donut On A String Challenge: String up a donut and tie it to a tree branch above their heads. Participants then have to put their hands behind their back and eat the donut off the string without it falling.
  7. Freeze Tag: This classic playground game is also a great option to play at a birthday party! One person is “it” and whenever they tag someone, they freeze. Other players who are not “it” may run up and tag them in order to unfreeze them.
  8. This Adorable Animal Bean Bag Toss: Set this up in no time!

Games To Play At A Toddler Birthday Party

Birthday party games for toddlers

The most fun games to play at your toddler’s birthday party.

  1. Funky Knockdown Cans: Bring this traditional carnival game to your own party! 
  2. This Colorful Bowling Set: This set works both indoors and outdoors and it’s soft, squishy material makes it safe for a toddler!
  3. Hopscotch: A playground classic that is guaranteed to garner some fun amongst the toddlers!
  4. Simon Says: Have them all stand around and maybe have an adult kick things off as Simon. Commands such as: touch your nose, hop on one leg, or spin in a circle are all great ideas.
  5. Keep The Balloon Up: Simply grab a balloon and let the toddlers know that the balloon cannot touch the ground for as long as they can.
  6. Carnival Ring Toss: Scatter the cones and have each player take turns trying to toss the rings so it lands around the cones.

Birthday Party Activities For Toddlers

Activities that will make every child there have a blast!

  1. Create Their Own Party Hat: Not only is this a fun activity for them to participate in, but now they also have something to take home from the event with them. 
  2. Roll and Play Game For Toddlers: A super adorable game with no set up!
  3. Hasbro Elefun: Each player gets a butterfly net and the elephant will spit butterflies out of her trunk! Try and catch as many butterflies before they hit the floor.
  4. No Mess Egg Toss: The game of egg toss is so much fun, but the clean up…Not so much. This alternative comes with a plush egg instead.
  5. Hot Potato: No potato needed, a small pillow or even a balloon will do just fine! Have them sit in a circle and then play some music. While the music is playing, they have to pass the item around. Whoever is holding onto the item when the music stops is out!
  6. Duck Matching Game: Each duck has a shape on the bottom and comes with a matching duck. The toddlers have to take turns picking up two ducks at a time and trying to match them!
  7. Tail Pulling Belt Game: Fasten the tail belt around their waists and collect as many other people’s tails as possible while protecting yours!

Fun Games For A Toddler Birthday Party

Fun games for toddlers birthday party

Simple and amusing games for a group of young kids to play at a toddler birthday party.

  1. Freeze Dance: Play some upbeat music and have the kids dance their little hearts out! When the music stops abruptly, they have to as well. If any of the players don’t stop in time, they’re out!
  2. Birthday Bingo: Hand these out to each guest and see how many of the items they can spot and mark off their board!
  3. Turtle Shell Obstacle Course: A game of balance and coordination, spin the wheel and whatever color the arrow points to, they have to step on the same color shell!
  4. What Time Is It Mr. Fox?: The perfect party game because it’s so much fun with more players!
  5. Make A Face Activity: This kit comes complete with so many different features so that the kids can customize their own animal face!
  6. The Piñata Game: Find a piñata that fits your party’s theme and fill it with mini candy and other goodies, then have the children take turns hitting it with a stick and try to break it open!

More Fun Game Ideas You’ll Love

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