Inside: The best party themes for college that will blow your mind.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about college? You may imagine school work, lectures…the occasional cafeteria food. But when I think of college, one thing comes to mind quicker than the rest: Parties!

Everyone knows that partying is a staple experience for every college student. It’s a right of passage. There is a party going on every single weekend… even during finals, playing all the games for college students!

So with all of this competition, throwing a party that will make a mark can be hard. And isn’t that what you want to do in your college year – make a mark?

Fun Party Themes for College

So today, I thought I would help you out. I have compiled a list of some of the best party themes for college that will put your name down in history as the most epic party thrower. I have all sorts of ideas here, from simple to unique, so I know that there will be something you will love. And not just you, but all your fellow partiers too. So read on and try to screenshot or bookmark this article so you can return to it whenever needed.

Fun Party Themes for College

Kicking it off strong, we have some of the most fun themes for a college party. I went ahead and explained what ideas are behind these, but for the last list, it just has the titles…you can get creative and run with them. Take a look through these; they are a blast!

1. ABC Party – For this party, you and your guests can only show up wearing anything but clothes. You may have to get inventive with this one, but it’ll be worth it…and hilarious!

2. Kick it like it’s the 1980s – Everyone has to come dressed up like they’re from the 1980s

3.  Toga Party – This is a classic, but it’s a must-do during your college years.

4. Your Favorite Chris – The amount of famous Chris’ is insane. Have everyone come dressed up as their favorite!

5. 1970s Disco – For this party you will need all of the disco balls…and lots of good music.

6. TGIF Party – Theme this party after Katy Perry’s iconic music video for TGIF.

7. When I Grow Up – Everyone at college is going there to be something, so have them come to the party dressed up as their Major.

8. Rock n Roll – Have everyone come dressed as rock stars. 

9. Aliens and Astronauts – You can only get in if you are in costume.

10. Brittany and Justin – Have everyone dress up as their favorite Brittany and Justin moment. I call the denim!

11. Hippie Party – Make sure you have plenty of lava lamps and peace signs around. 

12. Seven Deadly Sins – Have your guests dress up as one of the famous deadly sins.

13. Marvel Themed – Everyone loves marvel, so have them express it at his party by dressing up.

14. Christmas – Whatever month you are in, be it December or May…a Christmas party is always a winner.

15. Food-Themed Party – Have everyone come dressed up as their favorite food.

16. White Trash Night – Have everyone come dressed up like hillbillies.

17. Great Gatsby – Everyone knows that Gatsby threw the best parties

18. Twilight-Themed Party – Twilight is inching it’s way back in the spotlight and it would be a hilarious party theme.

19. Lovers and Enemies – Have your guests come as a lover and enemy duo. 

20. Apocalypse – Have everyone dress as their favorite apocalypse movie.

Best College Party Ideas

Best College Party Ideas

This list has some of my favorite ideas for people to use when throwing a college party. They range from hilarious to super entertaining, so take a look through and see which ones you like. A good rule of thumb is to find whichever you think would be the funniest and go with that. Laughs are always a win in my book! Check these out.

21. AA Party – This one is a little insensitive, but when is there a better time to get away with it than in college? Have everyone wear Hi My Name Is… Stickers.

22. Speed Dating Party – Have everyone play a speed dating game. 

23. Singles Only Party – If you are going to a party to meet someone, there is nothing worse then everyone already being taken.

24. Luau – Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiian punch! 

25. Living in the Future – Have everyone dress up like they are from the future.

26. Decades Party- Have your guests choose a decade to dress up as. 

27. Sports Party – Have everyone dress in their favorite sport or sports team.

28. Favorite Flick Party- Everyone has a favorite movie, have them dress as it and show up to your party. 

29. Disney Princess Party – In order to get access, you have to be dressed in a costume. These are the rules!

30. Game Night – Have your college equivalent to the Olympics. I am talking about hosting beer drinking contests, beer pong challenges Etc.

31. A Person in History – Have everyone come dressed as their favorite historical figure.

32. Group Costume Party – You can only get in if you and your group have a matching costume.

33. Italian Evening – Have everyone dress like they are from Italy.

34. Anything But Cups – Have everyone bring their own cup, but with a twist: Their cup cannot be a cup. 

35. Game of Thrones – Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV series in the world, so it only makes sense that a party would be a hit.

36. Dad-Themed Party – Have everyone come dressed up in their best Dad outfit.

37. Rainbow Party – Serve rainbow drinks and food, and have everyone come dressed up in rainbow colors.

38. John Hughs Bash – John Hughs directed some of the most iconic movies in the 80s…so come dressed up as a character from one of them.

39. Thunderdome Party – Everyone must dress up as famous wrestlers.

40. Will Ferrell Theme – Will Ferrell has some of the best movies out there.

Simple Party Themes

And lastly, if you haven’t found an idea that you like so far, then you have to go through this list. There are so many awesome options that shouldn’t be too hard to put together.

I left the descriptions off so you can let your imagination run wild. What are you waiting for? Get to it!

41. Classic Kegger

42. Simple House Party

43. Movie Night

44. Game Night

45. Music Artist Theme

46. Fruit Themed

47. Murder Mystery

48. Storybook Themed

49. Romance Themed

50. Blacklight

51. Splatter Paint

52. Foam Wonderland 

53. Coffee Themed

54. Tarot Card Themed

55. LGBTQ+ Themed

56. Pool Party

57. Garage Party

58. Escape Room

59. Billionaire Themed

Fun Simple Party Ideas

60. Meme Themed

61. Glow in the Dark

62. All 50 States

63. Favorite Trope Themed

64. Childlike Wonder Theme

65. Greek Themed

66. Bridgerton Themed

67. Sweet 16 Shots

68. Slumber Party

69. Fifty Shades

70. Masquerade Party

71. Dress in Red

72. Dress in Blue

73. Dress in Green

74. Coachella Themed

75. Fast Food Restaurant

76. Nerd Party

77. Flower Power

78. TikTok Party

79. Anime Party Theme

80. Technology-Themed Party

81. Sexy Squidward Party

82. Cottage Core Party

83. Snowball Fight

84. New Years Party

85. Baby Themed Party

86. Couples Themed Party

Fun Party Themes for College

And there you have it, over 83 of the best party themes for college. I hope you found this list to be helpful and that you are excited to be throwing your own college party. Remember, they are a right of passage.

Being in college can sometimes feel more stressful than fun, so enjoy these little moments of awesomeness. Though they might not seem like a big deal to you, you will look back on these days with a sense of wonder and appreciation.

If not for the party, for how much you could drink without being hungover the next day.