Inside: 29 ideas for the best buchona theme party, including tons of awesome outfit and decoration ideas. 

If you’re throwing a party with your best girlfriends, chances are you’re going to have a great time no matter what. However, you can always take things to the next level with a theme. There’s nothing more fun than dressing up together in outrageous costumes and taking on a new persona for the night with all of your closest besties for an unforgettable night.

One super fun theme is a buchona theme party. Buchona is a Mexican slang term that is kind of similar to the idea of a mob wife.

So, it’s sort of like a mobster or gangster theme.

Buchona Theme Party

For a buchona themed party, there are no rules. This theme could be fun for a bachelorette party, a birthday celebration, or simply a memorable girl’s night out. You’ll need your best boujee outfits and glamorous decor to pull this theme off the best way!

Outfits for Buchona Party Theme

A buchona party theme is all about money. It’s about being boujee, wearing designer clothes, and having nice things.

So, even if you’re not already a rich mob wife or a buchona, you can still do your best to dress the part! Here are some great ideas to get your party started.

1. Glamorous makeup looks First thing’s first: you’ve got to do your makeup! With this theme, you’re going to want a dramatic makeup look, complete with thick lashes, lots of eyeshadow, and a bold red lip.

2. Luxury Fake Nails These nails are obviously over the top, which is why they work so well with the theme. They’re gold, sparkly, and super extra, so they’re perfect!

3. Black and Gold Tight Bodycon Dress Your outfit is important for this theme! You want something that feels sexy but also gives off a wealthy vibe. You can’t go wrong with a clubbing kind of tight dress, and this black and gold pattern works perfectly.

4. Button Down Striped Dress This is another tight dress, only with a black and white stripe pattern to offset the gold accents. Pair it with some stilettos, and you’re ready for a fiesta!

5. Men’s Striped Night Club Shirt This men’s shirt actually kind of matches the striped dress, so if you’re attending this party with your boo, say yes to matching while you can! These will look great together and you’ll take some unforgettable pictures.

6. Blinged Out Black and Gold Club Dress This is another tight nightclub type of dress, only it has a lot more sparkle and bling for those that want to go all out for this buchona party theme.

Outfits for a Buchona party

7. Gold Shirt and Pants Outfit Not everyone wants to wear a short, tight dress! We get that. This is a great outfit option for those who feel like wearing pants, and the top is a similar pattern to the dresses listed above.

8. White Jeans Outfit Again, we have that black and gold boujee patterned shirt. Here, this particular woman chose to go with white flared pants and we love the way it looks!

9. Men’s Night Club Shirt Men have to dress the part too! This is another nice patterned button down night club shirt option for men.

10. Oversized Boujee Sunglasses These oversized dark sunglasses just scream wealth and over the top accessorizing, and that’s what a buchona is all about. These can be worn to the party or handed out as party favors.

11. Oversized Blinged Sunglasses If huge dramatic sunglasses aren’t attention-grabbing enough for you, these ones have gemstones studded around them for an even more eye-catching boujee look.

12. Red Bottom Press On Nails It would be ideal if you could wear red bottom heels to this party, or as much designer clothing as you can. Now, that’s probably a little unrealistic. If you can’t wear red bottom heels, you can certainly wear these adorable and unique red bottom press on nails!

Fun adult party ideas

Buchona Party Theme Ideas

When it comes to decorations, again, you’re thinking boujee. Buchona is like Gatsby meets Narcos meets the mob. So, money, a little bit of class, and a lot of extravagance. It’s common for a black and gold color theme to be used for a buchona theme, in addition to lots of glitter and alcohol. Check out some of these decoration ideas for some inspiration to get your party going.

13. Buchona Party Invitations It isn’t a party until the invites go out! It’s always a nice touch to have your party invitations match the party theme. These invites go great with the buchona theme.

14. Blinged Out Modelo Beer Bottles How cute are these little bedazzled beer bottles?! They will make for an awesome touch at your party’s bar, as table centerpieces, or even as party favors for guests. You can choose whether or not you’d like to keep the beer inside of them.

15. Fake Inflatable Gun Props This theme is all about the mob or the cartel, so yes, guns are involved. These harmless inflatable fake guns will be a hit and will make the perfect photo props or even decorations.

16. Fake Hundred Dollar Bills You can use these in so many ways. You can scatter the bills across the table as a fun decoration, or all around the floor, or leave them in stacks as a centerpiece. You can also use them to make it rain on the birthday girl or guy!

17. Hundred Dollar Bill Banner These fake hundred dollar bills are already strung, so they can be used as banners! You can even choose to hang them vertically in a doorway for a super cool entrance for your party guests.

18. Custom Hundred Dollar Bill The birthday girl or guy or party host will be thrilled to see their face on a hundred dollar bill. These will be even more of a hit than regular old fake hundred dollar bills, and they make for good mementos once the party is over.

19. Gold Chain Balloons How cool are these gold chain shaped jumbo balloons?! They will go perfectly with the theme and totally stand out, impressing all of your guests and looking great in photos.

20. Gold and Black Balloon Arch Let’s be real, everyone wants a giant sparkly balloon arch at their birthday party! These will go great as a photo opportunity.

21. Dollar Sign Engravable Trophy This could possibly be the best gift you could give someone at their buchona themed birthday party. You can even engrave it so that it’s a gift they’ll keep and remember forever!

22. Fake Louis Vioutton Gift Bags To go along with the theme of wealth, these gift bags are an adorable extra touch for gift bags.

23. Dollar Sign Gold Chains Your guests will love these party props.

Glitter modelos

24. Tequila Piñata The piñata has to be on theme, and there has to be tequila at a buchona party, so this is ideal.

25. Don Julio Cake Again, tequila is a no-brainer, and Don Julio is the bougiest of all tequilas, so this cake is perfect!

26. Buchona Cake Topper This custom cake topper will make the birthday girl feel so special, and you can keep it after the party.

27. Black Handbag Cake Topper Another cool cake topper idea for the glamorous birthday girl.

28. Gold Money Gun How many parties have you been to where they have a money gun? Probably not too many. This will be a hit with all of your guests and will make the party one to remember.

29. Dollar Sign Money Bag These are the perfect bags for party favors or goodie bags if you choose to have them. For this theme, it would be fun to fill them with fake money, mini tequila or liquor bottles, a pair of bedazzled sunglasses, and candy of your choice.

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