Inside: The best tips for throwing a big great Gatsby themed birthday party.

Okay, so you are planning a Great Gatsby Themed Party…how exciting! Everyone knows that Gatsby is the king of crazy parties. His elegant style left the hearts of millions yearning to be able to attend one of his infamous bashes. 

But sadly, we are about a hundred years too late, not to mention the tiny little fact that he was… you know…fiction?

But hey, regardless of whether he was fiction or not, the feeling we get from watching his party unfold was real. Now is the time to create it for yourself.

Tips for Throwing a Great Gatsby Themed Party

I have created a list of the best tips for throwing a great Gatsby-themed party. I cover everything from decorations, to tips, to what to do when you are at your party. So take a look, and take notes.

Great Gatsby Decorations

The first thing is first, decorations. It’s not a Gatsby-themed party without Gatsby-themed decorations. I collected some of the cutest decoration ideas the internet offered. You can find everything here, from balloons to signs to photo backdrops. You have everything you need, so take a look and start getting your ideas! This is one of the most fun parts, in my opinion…the planning.

1. Black and Gold Photo Area – Chances are, after getting all dolled up, your guests would love a place to take some themed photos to remember the night by. Take a look at this example for inspiration. 

2. Grand Curtains – Grand curtains are a must. They will add a chic feel and truly transport any area into the roaring 20s. You can use these in your entrances or perhaps in your photo area!

3. Champaign Glass Tower – If you don’t want actually to pour real champaign in your tower, you can do something like this, which is much better since it’s far less wasteful. 

4. Gold Confetti Balloons – If you are throwing yourself a Great Gatsby Themed party…these need to be on your list. They are perfect for this theme, especially with the confetti. 

5. Themed 1920s Cups and Plates – Having themed cups and plates is a cute little touch that can pull the whole place together. If these aren’t your style, you can get simple black and gold ones as well. 

6. Gold Fringe – I think that this gold fringe would be perfect to line the doorways of your party. 

7. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Sign – This sign is iconic and must be included in your decor list if you are planning a Roaring 20s party inspired by the great Gatsby. 

8. Roaring Good Time Balloons – These balloons are so cute, I just had to include them. I think little additions like these are truly what make a party feel extra special.

9. Great Gatsby Backdrop – This huge backdrop is a wonderful addition to all of these other decorations. If you are looking for something with a little more wow factor, this may be the direction to go in. It’s huge and super cool.

10. Affordable Gold Chandelier – Not everyone can afford a real gold chandelier as Mr. Gatsby can, but we can make do with what it is we have. Take a look at this awesome touch.

11. Gold Dipped Feather Center Pieces – Remember that the link here is only to the feathers, but you could easily create your centerpieces with old liquor bottles.  

Great Gatsby Themed Food Ideas

Themed Food Ideas

Food is the second most important thing. You want your guests to feel like they are being transported back into the roaring 20s. How will they feel like that has happened if you are serving pizza from a popular 21st-century chain? They won’t! So below are some awesome food ideas that just scream fancy finger foods that belong in the 1920s at a Great Gatsby Party. Take a look. 

12. Golden Tower of Ferrero Rochet – Everyone knows how fancy Ferrero Rochet candies are, plus they are wrapped in gold, making them a perfect snack to have at your party.

13. Pretzel Cigars – Tell me these are not the cutest things you have ever seen in your life. You must simply dip large pretzel sticks into colored white chocolate and then dip them into gold sprinkles.

14. Snack Table Set Up – This one is less of a food recommendation and more of a recommendation for presenting the food you choose. 

15. Champaign Glass Tower – You knew this one would be on the list. How could it not? The champaign tower is one of the most iconic to waste your alcohol in the fanciest way possible. Okay, all jokes aside, this one is super cool.

16. Shrimp Cocktail – I figured I didn’t need to include a photo for this one either since we all know what a shrimp cocktail looks like. Any food that is presented in a fancy glass is a win for this themed party.

17. Themed Cake – Depending on the reasoning for your party, you may want to include a cake for a birthday or wedding or any other occasion that cakes are a part of. If this is the case, then check out this inspo.

18.  Fancy – Tartlets are fancy little finger foods that would be perfect for this kind of upper society gone wild party.

19. Proscruitto and Melon Bites – When it comes to fancy snacks, mixing Proscuitto with fruit is the way to go. All of your friends will be impressed. 

20. Tenderloin Crustini – This is a little more than a snack so you can consider it one of your mains. Check out this recipe. 

21. Fancy Crab Puffs – Crab puffs are always a crowd pleaser, but they needed a little bit of a makeover to be fancy enough for an invite to a Gatsby party.

22. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus – This is my absolute favorite way to have asparagus…wrapped in bacon. Yum!

Great Gatsby Party Ideas

Great Gatsby Themed Party Ideas

Lastly, here are some fun ideas that you can include that will put your party over the top. The ideas range from small to grand so make sure to look through them all. Only take what excites you, and leave what doesn’t.

This is your party; after all, you never want to include anything that doesn’t make your heart excited and counting down until the party. Take a look.

23. Themed Invitations

24. Dress Code – Make sure that all of your friends come dressed up in their best 1920s outfits. 

25. Candle Lights

26. Black and Gold Elegant Rock Candies

27. Photo Booth Props

28. 1920s Themed Game

29. Speakeasy Sign

30. Printable Roaring 20s Cityscape

31. Chocolate Thank Yous

32. Bottle Covers

33. Champagne Ballons

Great Gatsby Party Ideas

So did you find some of these ideas helpful? I hope so! Because a Great Gatsby-themed party deserves to be a huge, transformative bash that will live in guests’ memories for years to come. It’s like partying in a time machine!

Because when else are we really going to be able to say we partied like it was the 1920s? Never. Now is our chance, and we have to seize it. If you are thinking of a couple of different themed party ideas, then we have you covered on that as well.

Parties are the best, and planning them is half of the fun.