Inside: Enjoyable 21 TikTok Party Games and Challenges. 

TikTok has soared in popularity over the last two years. At the height of COVID-19, it became the most downloaded app in the world as people spent more time at home.

This is especially impressive because it’s a completely new category of app, and was released only in 2016.

TikTok is an app where users can share short, creative, and hilarious videos of themselves or other people. New party games and challenges are released and become viral almost every minute, but some that have become a staple are 10 Second Storytelling, Now Look At This, If I Was You Dance Challenge, and Duet Me.

Since TikTok is so popular, it’s also perfect for parties because it makes everyone dance, sing, and share specific information that not everyone knows!

TikTock Party Games

Here are 21 fun TikTok party games and challenges that everyone will enjoy, along with important hashtags you need to use in your video’s caption:

Popular TikTok Games and Challenges in 2021 for Parties

Start the party off with these cool and exciting TikTok games that will definitely set the tone! Be prepared, some of them can get a little wild and hilarious!

  1. Name That Tune: This game is perfect for parties because it gets everyone involved! Watch a TikTok user play a tune or a song and let other users guess the title! You can pause the video before asking your friends to answer. #namethattunechallenge
  2. Passing The Phone: Someone starts by saying, “I’m passing the phone to,” then goes on to describe the person they wish to pass the phone to. That person then has to describe the next person they’re passing the phone to, and the process repeats. #passingthephonechallenge
  3. Living In Your Head Rent-Free: Jess Marciante, a popular TikTok user, posed the question “What is a video that lives in your head rent-free?” Use the #rentfree hashtag so other TikTokers can find you!
  4. Duet Me:  Make a split-screen video with a distinct TikTok user’s clip and record a song, a skit, a Q&A or a dub! #duetme
  5. What I Mean When I Say I’m From: Challenge your friends and loved ones to do this! Global creators have utilized the trend to showcase their nation’s or town’s most notable locations, local cuisine, and other experiences. #whatimeanwhenisayimfrom
  6. Without Telling Me: This challenge has become a TikTok classic! The game starts with the line “Tellme your ____ without telling me your.” For example, “Tell me your mom is Asian without telling me your mom is Asian,” has produced some videos about common Asian mom stereotypes. You’ll be surprised how creative people’s answers can be. #withouttellingmechallenge
  7. Now Look At This: This competition challenges contestants to share the most hilarious or odd videos they’ve ever seen or watched online. To make things more exciting, try making your own hilarious video during the party using the TikTok sound and the hashtag #nowlookatthis.

Classic TikTok Party Games and Challenges

Viral TickTok Party Challenges

Classic TikTok games and challenges have definitely become a go-to in parties.

  1. Lip Sync Battle:  This is a classic party game that can be easily adapted for TikTok. Have your friends lip sync to their favorite songs and post their videos online! You can also use your own party hashtag or even tag your friends in the videos, so they are easier to find. #lipsyncbattle
  2. Best Friends Challenge: Each person in the duo takes a turn filming their best friend doing three random things. Be sure to make it as interesting as possible for more chances of getting more views or even going viral! #bestfriendchallenge
  3. Fandom Battle: This game is perfect for large groups! There are several TikTok accounts dedicated to memes about specific fandoms like Star Wars or Harry Potter. Have your friends pick one of these fandoms and battle it out in hilarious videos! #fandombattle
  4. Backpack Challenge: In this challenge, friends film themselves doing stunts or challenges with a backpack on. Who thought this would have been a thing 10 years ago? Make sure to use the hashtag so other users can find your videos! #backpackchallenge
  5. 10 Second Storytelling: This is a variation of TikTok’s #StoryTime. This challenge is perfect for making new friends! Each person is allotted 10 seconds to tell a story. The catch? You can’t repeat any words or phrases that have already been mentioned.
  6. The Wacky Wednesday Challenge: This challenge is a great way to get creative! Film yourself doing wacky things on Wednesdays – like dressing up in crazy costumes or trying out new makeup looks. #wackywednesday
  7. Guess the Quote: In this game, everyone tries to guess a famous quote and attribute it to a fictional character or celebrity. Here’s a tip to make it even more fun: If you and your friends are big followers of a specific film or movie, geek out and use quotes from that movie! #guessthequote

Most Viral TikTok Party Games and Challenges

Classic Fun Tick Tok Games for patries

Don’t miss out on these viral TikTok games and challenges. We think it’s never too late.

  1. If I was You Dance Challenge: If you’ve heard Meghan Trainor’s Me Too, you’ll know it is very catchy. That is why some TikTokers found an opportunity to make it viral with even catchier dance steps you challenge your friends with! #ifiwasyoudancechallenge
  2. This is Us After Challenge: Create memories with your friends having drinks at a party! The challenge requires you to take a couple of short videos from your first shot, fifth shot, up until you feel a bit (or super) wasted. #thisisusafterchallenge
  3. Christmas Dress Code: TikTok or no TikTok, this game is classic. Invite your friends and ask them to be in their best Christmas outfit ever! The person with the most votes (or TikTok hearts) wins a prize. #christmasdresscode
  4. Red Light Green Light: Inspired by the popular TV Series Squid Game, try this red light green light challenge with your friends. #redlightgreenlight
  5. Put a Finger Down Challenge: This challenge has many different versions, from a friendship edition to one for couples! It is a fun way to get to know people better at a party. #putafingerdownchallege
  6. Never Have I Ever: I would say that this game is perfect for all party settings. It is a classic that has remained viral on TikTok, without being too complicated. #neverhaveieverchallenge
  7. Try Not to Sing Challenge: This challenge will test your competitiveness in winning the game or losing to your favorite song or artist. Pick just one! #trynottosingchallenge

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