Birthday scavenger hunts for adults are always great party entertainment, regardless of your age! No matter what birthday you are celebrating, putting a scavenger hunt on your list of entertainment will have all the guests competing in good fun. 

I recently did one for Matt’s birthday and here are the ideas that everyone loved + my printable hunt page for our indoor birthday party hunt. 

.A collage with images of solving clues and people solving scavenger hunts.

Birthday scavenger hunts for adults are surprisingly just as fun as they are for kids. Grown adults get super competitive and put tons of effort into solving the clues.

Adults don’t always have entertainment at their birthday parties besides a few drinking games.

Printable Birthday Activity Fun 

These indoor birthday scavenger hunts for adults show that you can have entertainment just like you did when you were a kid at your party. 

Pro Tip: These printable adult scavenger hunts are super easy to set up. They can be printed at home, making set up a breeze… even for us last minute party planners.

All other instructions or supplies needed will be on the printouts, so you’ll have everything covered. 

If you are looking for a great activity to celebrate your birthday, these birthday scavenger hunts for adults will be excellent entertainment. 

While drinking games or hanging out and playing a few board games are great ways to celebrate a birthday, printing out a scavenger hunt and getting the competition going is even better. 

Get ready to put your thinking caps on, as these adult scavenger hunts will have you racking your brain for clues. Here are some excellent birthday photo scavenger hunts to add to your celebration. 

Tracking Clues and Riddles 

1. Girls vs. Boys 

Splitting up boys versus girls will never get old, especially when it comes to this scavenger hunt. See who is the smarter gender and race through the tough clues. 

2. Mrs. Riddle

Time to put on your detective hat and solve these clever riddles. The printouts are perfect if you are hosting a girl’s birthday party

3. Birthday Treasure Hunt

This treasure hunt puts your birthday on full display. The birthday-designed clues take you from place to place around the house. It is the perfect brain exercise, especially for those getting older! 

4. Hunt Around The Home 

Celebrate the big day with a hunt around the home. This scavenger hunt is great no matter how many guests you have at your party. Split into teams or go one-on-one to see who is the first to get to the prize. 

Keeping The Celebration Inside

5. A True Challenge

If you breeze through clues and riddles like it is your job, up the ante on the game with this tricky indoor scavenger hunt. The clues are harder than your average hunt, so don’t be surprised if it takes you longer than normal to figure it out. 

6. All Sorts of Clues 

Riddles and clues aren’t the only way to solve a scavenger hunt. Go through clues with word searches and more puzzles in this indoor scavenger hunt for adults. 

7. Keep It Simple 

If you want to keep the clues simple, print out this indoor scavenger hunt. The clues are easy to solve, making it fun and not overly stressful to solve what is on the paper. 

Two images with people partying and problem solving dice.

Fun At The Bar

8. Bar Fun 

Just because you are celebrating a birthday at a bar doesn’t mean you can’t add a scavenger hunt to the entertainment. Grab your camera, split into teams, and see who can snap the most points in this photo scavenger hunt

9. Getting Daring 

Add a few dares into the celebration with this scavenger hunt made just for the bar. The more daring you get, the more points you shall receive. 

10. Photo Mania 

If you find yourself without a picture from your party, make sure to add this photo scavenger just to the list of activities. It makes you take pictures as proof, making sure all of your memories are captured from the party. 

11. Complete The List 

If you plan to bar hop during the birthday celebration, add an extra element and see what tasks you can check off the list with this bar scavenger hunt for adults. Each item has a different point value, so split up or play as an individual to see who can get the highest score. 

A collage of images with problem solving and people partying.


Do I need anything specific to set up these scavenger hunts?

Read the instructions on the printouts to see what you will need for the adult scavenger hunts. Basic materials like paper, pens, and envelopes will probably cover most of the bases. 

Are these scavenger hunts for adults only?

While the scavenger hunts at the bar are for those of the drinking age, the rest of the printouts can have participants of all ages. Older kids and adults will fare better with the challenging clues, so it may help to go in teams if you have younger players. 

These adult scavenger hunts are great to incorporate into your special day, regardless of the type of celebration you plan on having. Having everything printout ready makes the setup quick and simple. The celebration will be extra special, with a scavenger hunt added into the mix.

I can’t wait to surprise my family and friends with these scavenger hunts during their next birthday celebration.

It will be so thrilling to see adults looking around and hoping to solve and check off all of the clues. 

If you are looking for more ideas for what to do when celebrating an adult birthday, our 90s birthday party theme, superhero theme, or hotel party games will give you some great inspiration.