Hosting an outdoor beer Olympics is always a good idea. An even better idea? An epic prize to show off the beer Olympics trophy and all of the glory that comes with it!

When it comes to competition, I love to have a prize at the end of the day and it motivates everyone involved to play their best. 

Two images with a trophy and beer pong.

There is nothing like showing off your win with a plaque, trophy, or medal, especially when it comes to beer Olympics. The beer Olympics trophy allows me to have bragging rights against all my friends.

After a few years of holding a beer Olympics ceremony with all of my friends, I realized we needed a trophy to commemorate the winning player. While being the winner is cool and all, having the hardware to show off is ten times better.

Luckily, there are so many beer Olympic trophies that can be bought or made.

Whether you are looking for ideas of what to buy to crown your beer Olympic winner or looking for DIY ideas for a trophy for beer Olympics, you’ve come to the right place.

With a little luck, you might even end up taking the trophy home yourself!

Beer Olympics Trophy Ideas To Buy And DIY

Just because beer Olympics is not technically an official sport doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve its own kind of trophy. These trophy ideas prove that the games are awards-worthy.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting trophy to highlight your beer Olympics winner – these DIY ideas deserve a gold medal themselves!

1. 3D Paper Trophy

Turn your paper into a 3D work of art by creating a paper trophy. At the end of the day, the winner’s name can be written on the trophy to personalize the win.

2. Spray Painting Cups

Keeping cups and bottles doesn’t have to be tacky when they are spray painting gold and assembled into a trophy.


3. Dollar Store Trophy

Bet you never thought you could come out of the dollar store with a trophy in hand. Well, maybe all the supplies to make a trophy. These directions show you how to turn cheap finds into a gold medal prize.

4. Plastic Bottles

A plastic bottle doesn’t look like much when it is empty, but for some, it’s the perfect base for a trophy. Chances are you have all the craft supplies needed to upcycle this plastic bottle into a prized possession.

Friends playing beer pong.

Best Beer Olympics Trophies To Buy

If crafting isn’t your thing and you’d rather have a trophy that doesn’t look homemade, there are plenty of options to choose from. Buying a trophy allows you to use it year after year, so the winner can show off the accomplishment and pass it on once the games are done.

1. The Red Solo Cup

2. A Personalized Classic – Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with sticking with a classic.

3. Beer Pong In Action

4. Personalized Beer Stein

5. Classic Tall Trophy – The taller the trophy, the easier it is to show off!

6. Monogrammed Beer Boot

A collage of images with beer mugs and trophies.

More Beer Olympics Prizes

Not all the awards have to be a giant classic trophy. Switch up the hardware and get clever with it. These ideas will get you started!

1. Personalized Plaque

2. A Custom Photo – Adding a photo of everyone playing in the games will make the win even sweeter.

3. The G.O.A.T.

4. Medals – First place shouldn’t be the only team getting a prize. Hand out an award to everyone with these personalized medals.

Collage with beers and trophies.


What materials will I need to make my own beer Olympic trophy?

Most of the DIY trophies require basic crafting supplies like glue, glitter, and paint.

Read the full directions for the DIY before getting started. That way, you can make sure you have everything prepared and ready to go.

What do I write on the personalized trophy?

That is totally up to you! You can put the name of the winner, the date and location, or even an inside joke to make the winner laugh.

I am so excited for my next beer Olympic tournament with my friends to show off the trophy for the winner.

I can’t wait to see the smile on their faces when they realize that we went all out with a giant prize for the winner.

If you found these trophies exciting but need some inspiration for beer Olympics, make sure to check out our beer Olympics games for a guaranteed fun time.