Inside: Awesome gaming theme for 40th birthday that will make you feel as playful as when you were 20.

When I was younger, I used to be TERRIFIED of getting older. But as I have grown into a young woman, I honestly look forward to reaching that sweet era of confidence and wisdom. I realized that the only thing that I was scared of was LOOKING older. The narrative seems to be that once you get old, your life stops being interesting.

I now know this is NOT the case at all. So now I look forward to my 40s the same way some people look forwards to retirement. Being young and naive can be so tiring.

One thing that I want to carry with me as I get older is my playful spirit. If you feel the same way, then I want to show you one of my favorite 40th birthday themes of all time.

Unforgettable gaming theme for 40th birthday. Photo of 40th birthday party.

I know that party games may seem a bit juvenile, but just because you are turning 40 does not mean that you suddenly can’t partake in child-like fun. So I am going to walk you through this unforgettable gaming theme for 40th birthday parties that will blow your mind!

Unforgettable Gaming Theme for 40th Birthday

I think the best way to walk you through this theme is going to be in steps. But before I get into the action section of this article, I want to give you a brief description of what this gaming theme for 40th birthday party will entail.

As the name suggests, this theme revolves around games. The main event will be a series of games that are chosen by you, that you and your guests will get to play. You can have trophies and prizes for the winners of each game. You can play this Olympic style, meaning you keep score of who wins and pass out metals at the end, or you can give out the awards as you go along.

As far as decorations go, you can either deck your party space out in gaming-themed decorations, OR you can simply decorate as you would for a regular 40th birthday party. But I would recommend doing something in the middle. Perhaps having trophies and metals lying around, and some trophy balloons as well.

Turning 40 is so much fun, so make your party reflect that. But remember to enjoy yourself while you do it. Plan a 40th birthday photoshoot, get your nails done. Let loose!

So now that I have walked you through what you can expect let’s just go into how to set up this party!

Step One: Plan Your Day. Photo of party with friends.

Step One: Plan Your Day

So you are going to want a day when most of your friends and family don’t work. I say most because it can be really hard to find a day when everyone you love is free. But this is important because this isn’t going to be a relaxing party. Your guests are going to get up and get their hands dirty playing the games you pick, so they are going to need their energy!

I have found that Saturdays are the most popular day to host a party. So start a group chat and see what works for everyone in your life. The whole point of a party is to have the people you love in your presence to help celebrate the fact that you are alive. You can’t do that without them!

You can either send E-Vites and Invitations or start a Facebook invite group so you can keep everyone updated on the party.

Step Two: Pick Your Games

Okay, so the number of games you are going to have will be up to you. How long will your party be, and how many games do you think you and your partygoers will enjoy doing? I think five games is a good number to stick to, at least. Anything less than that, and the whole ‘game-themed party’ will start to feel a little far-fetched. The games are the star of the show here!

I have some wonderful game ideas for you to choose from right here.

Unforgettable 40th Birthday Game Ideas

1. 40 Years of Trivia – For this game, you are going to get trivia questions from the decade that you were born. Then you will gather around all your players and see who has the best knowledge of life from 40 years ago!

2. Drunk Jenga – Drunk Jenga is one of my favorite games to play at a party. You can either do this in the form of Giant Jenga or you can just use a regular set. The difference is that each block has its own direction that you have written onto it. For example, you can get a block that says, “Take a drink,” and then you have to listen to it. 

3. Lawn Bowling. Photo of adults playing lawn bowling.

3. Lawn Bowling – You get a set of pins and a ball and set them up in the yard. This is lots of fun, and you get to be outside. This is a win in my books!

4. Wine Pull Game – For this game, you will need two rolls of toilet paper and two glasses of wine. You are going to unroll the toilet paper until about 4 feet of squares are lying on the ground. Place a wine cup on one end that is full of the wine on; the two contestants then have to use the toilet paper to pull the wine to them using the toilet paper without it ripping.

5. Twerk Pong – For this game, you basically strap an empty tissue container that is filled with ping pong to your butt, then you have 30 seconds to try and twerk them out! It’s hilarious.

6. Panty Hose Cup Race – For this game, you are going to want to strap some pantyhose to your head with an orange at the end of them. Line up a row of paper cups, and you have to try and knock all of them over using the orange in less than a minute. 

7. Tortilla Laugh Challenge – You and your opponent will fill your mouths with water, then you face each other, both with big tortillas in your hand. You take turns smacking each other in the face with the tortilla; the first person to break is the loser!

Step Three: Order Your Supplies

Now that you know what games you are going to be playing, you can order your supplies! This will be quite the list, so make sure you have a checklist to cross things off as you go. There is nothing worse than realizing you forgot something on the day of the party. 

You are going to be ordering your cake, your decorations, your game supplies, and of course, some snacks and food for people to eat. 

gaming theme for 40th birthday

This is really the last step because everything else will be up to you. When the day comes, set everything up, and have the time of your life! You are turning 40. This is going to be awesome!

So there you have it. I hope you loved learning about this unforgettable gaming theme for 40th birthday parties. I really enjoyed putting it together for you. I think the beauty of this theme is how easily customizable it is to your wants and needs. You get to pick whatever games you want, you get to pick the schedule, and how it all plays out.

If you are interested in some more 40th birthday party ideas budget friendly, I think I can help you out! I have so many awesome ones to share with you here. You only turn 40 once, so make it count!