Inside: 19 Birthday Party Games for Adults 

These birthday party games for adults will keep your guests happy, entertained, and laughing all the way to the end. It will truly be a party that your guests won’t soon forget.

There’s a great mix of classic and unique party games here that are just for the adults.

Some of them involve drinks, some of them are a little naughty, and all of them can be modified for the type and number of guests coming to your party.

Birthday Party Games for Adults

The Best Birthday Party Games for Adults

Drop a Hint: Three people work together to get their teammate to guess a word, each person saying one word at a time!

Don’t Say Yes: You’ve probably heard of those taboo word games before, but this one will be quite the challenge. Guests aren’t allowed to use the word, yes, or any variation of it. You can have them wear a sticker or a yarn necklace if they say the word during the party. It will be fun to see who’s the most “decorated” at the end of the night.

Movie ID: Players have to get their team to guess a movie title using a limited number of words before the other team can get their team to guess it! It’s kind of like the old school Name That Tune game show but with movies instead!

Great Minds Think Alike: Great Minds Think Alike is a game where you want to choose what you think everyone else will choose: the more people who get the same answer, the more points those people will kit.

Birthday Party Games for Adults

Celebrity: Everyone playing writes down popular celebrities to start the game. Teams then play three rounds using those celebrity names as words to guess. Each round is a little different and progressively more difficult, but also more fun!

Who am I?: Who Am I? is a guessing game where you act or draw the famous person on the slip of paper that you drew. Can your teammates guess who you’re pretending to be?

Spoons: Spoons is a card game that’s great for any age or group of people. It’s fun and fast but still a card game that everyone can play.

Adult Birthday Party Games

Not SO Newlywed Game: The Not So Newlywed Game is the perfect way to entertain your friends at your next couples event. It can also be played at wedding showers and engagement parties.

Kiss, Marry, Kill: This game of Kiss Marry Kill is a less personal touch on the original game because you use fictional characters or celebrities for your choices.

Never Have I Ever: The classic game of Never Have I Ever had to be included in this list of party games for adults. With 400+ questions, there are some fresh ideas here that your guests won’t be expecting. Besides the huge number of questions, there’s also a drinking game variation, penalty variation, and a non-alcoholic variation.

Birthday Party Games

Two Truths and A Lie: Two Truths and a Lie can be a great game for all ages, and it makes for a fun icebreaker for a group that may not know each other very well.

React & Act: React, and Act is an icebreaker game that will have your guests acting and reacting to different situations such as winning the lottery or getting fired.

The Bowl Game: This is the most hilarious ice breaker game for birthday parties. It is totally one of the best games and one of my all-time favorites.

Murder Mystery Games: Murder Mystery games aren’t just for Halloween; they can be played at any time of the year. A single murder mystery game is all you need to have a whole evening of fun with your friends.

Birthday Party Game to Buy

Ice Cool: This is my NUMBER ONE, TOP favorite board game EVER! Trust me when I say this game is full of fun and a MUST HAVE!

The Voting Game: The Voting Game is a party game that uncovers the hilarious truth behind your friendships. Play again and again – Gameplay varies dramatically based on who you’re playing with.

Cards Against Humanity: If you don’t know about this game already, then you’re missing out! This is definitely an ADULT ONLY game but it is full of laughs!

Adult Birthday Party Games

Bad Choices: This hilarious amazon board game, Bad Choices is the naughty love child of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘UNO’. This is the adult party game for finding out hilarious truths, secrets, and stories about your friends!

Loaded Questions: The hilarious adult party version of the classic ‘who said what’ game. This amazon board game Features 308 new and classic Adult Loaded Questions, all-new design, and added gameplay features/components for a laughter-filled Game Night!

Catch Phrase Uncensored: Just like the classic Catch Phrase game but with an adult twist!

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