Inside: Must have 90s party games to include at your themed get together.

Okay, I cannot be the only one with a soft spot for the 90s. I was born in the 90’s, so my childhood included many of the awesome 90s staples and pop culture moments!

Plus nowadays, the past doesn’t stay there for very long. Clothes and styles become popular again, old songs become trending ones, we are truly closer to the past than we ever have been before. So it can’t be a surprise to learn that 90s parties are actually a super popular theme (especially when the involve Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air party style!). They’re loads of fun & a themes I’ve loved to use for easy party fun!

90s Party Games that are a blast from the past: Photo of people playing twister game.

Though there are many different aspects to a 90s party, there is one thing that CANNOT be overlooked. 90s party games! You want your games to transport you to the past, so I have gathered some ones that will do just that. Whether you are from the 90s and feel nostalgic, or you just want to experience that decade for yourself, the games below will help you get there.

90s Party Games That Are A Blast From the Past

Okay, so I had to truly go classic with the first list. These games are straight out of the 90s, which was 30 years ago…by the way. Sorry, I just had to give you your daily jump-scare moment. Isn’t that just wild? Anyways, check out the list below and see if any of these are going to make the game list for your party!

1. 90s Party Games: Twister 

For all you 2000s babies out there, I bet you are going to recognize a lot of these games. Starting out strong with Twister. Including twister at your 90s party is the best possible idea you could ever have. This game gets everyone involved, laughing, and breaking down social barriers. GET TWISTER.

2. The Game of Life

Another classic. I think the best way to include many of these 90s games is to have different sections set up at the party for each of them. You can either play them one at a time, or if you have enough people, you can have them all going at once and people can rotate games! 

3. 90s Party Games: Nintendo 64

Okay, this one hits my nostalgia buttons REAL HARD! We used to play the Nintendo 64 all the time when I was growing up. We played Mario, Tetris, Donkey Kong… you name it. If you have one of these still, then bringing it out at the part is an absolute must. You literally don’t have a choice, how could you miss this opportunity?

4. Bop It

Bop it is another one that would be such a fun addition. You could play it as a championship, meaning the person that wins keeps playing, and the loser is out. Then the next person plays the winner and the cycle repeats. Lots of fun, lots of laughs.

5. 90s Party Games:  Crazy Eights

This is a card game that was popular in the 90s, so have a table set up with a deck of cards so people can play. Like I said, I imagine there to be lots of different games going on at once, and this is one I envision being a part of that. 

4 different examples of 90s party games: Magic 8 Ball, Connect 4, Nintendo, and Uno.

6. Magic 8 Ball

This isn’t really a game that you can play, but it would be such a fun thing to have at your 90s party. Everyone knows that magic 8 balls were the IT toy in 90s for kids and teens alike. I love the idea of having a little ball answer all of my questions and concerns about life. I think I need to get my hands on these right now. 

7. 90s Party Games:  Uno

I was shocked to learn that Uno was around in the 90s. I think it’s super cool that kids today are still playing a lot of the same games that they did 30 years ago. I bet you already have an uno deck in your game closet. So pull that sucker out and include it at your party! 

8. Connect 4

Another game that you probably have in your game closet. I honestly wonder if anyone made any new board games in the early 2000s, or if the 90s made so many good ones that they were like, “Yeah that’s enough.” I really can’t think of any board game that came out after the 90s that is as iconic as the ones from the previous decade.

9. Etch A Sketch Challenge

Did you know that they still make Etch A Sketches? I sure as heck didn’t! I was so excited to learn that they are still around. My game collection is about to be expanded. Next thing you know, I am going to have light bright too. Do you remember those? I do. Man, do I miss them. 

10. Mad Libs

This one will be particularly fun if you are drinking. Mad Libs + Drinks = the best time in the world. I don’t make the rules, that is just simple math. I love this game because you always end up laughing by the end of it. Those are truly the best games. 

90s Themed Party Games

Next up, I wanted to include some games that are themed around the 90s. These include different kinds of trivia, some drinking games, and just some overall fun times. Check them out!

11. 90s Pop Culture Trivia

You can google some of the best 90s pop culture moments and then quiz your quests to see who knows the most 90s trivia.

12.  Spin the Bottle

Yep, this game is still a thing. But instead of kissing(if you are not down for that), you can do spin the bottle truth or dare. Who cares how old you are…you’re never age out of fun!

13. 90s Drinking Game

Here is a link to an awesome 90s drinking game. Obviously this one is for 21+ only. Drinks make for the best party games. Check it out!

14. 90s Music Trivia

I am such a 90s music girlie, so I know I am going to ace this one. You type in 90s music into youtube and then only play the first 3-5 seconds. Then the person has to guess what song it is based on that little snippet.

15. Guess Who: 90s Edition

You can make your own guest board by cutting out photos of celebrities from the 90s. This one is lots of fun!

16. Slip or Slime

This is a scary one, because no one wants to get slimed. When your guests get there, you all choose a word that was popular in the 90s(like Dude), and then everyone has to try not to say it throughout the night. If anyone SLIPS, they get SLIMED. You can make slime by adding green dye to vanilla pudding. 

17. 90s Movie Trivia

See who knows the most 90s movies by playing 90s movie trivia. 

90s music dance party. Photo of people dancing at party.

18. 90s Music Dance Party

This one doesn’t even need an explanation. Just put on the jams and have some fun!

90s Party Games to Buy

If you want some easy games to buy, then this last list is for you. These are already put together, so they should save you a good amount of time and energy. 

19. 90s Jeopardy Game

20. Printable 90s Trivia

21. Emoji Picture Idea

22. 90s Taboo Game

23. Printable Famous Couple

24. 90s MASH Game Printable

25. 90s Movie Emoji Quiz

26. 90s Scattergories Game

27. Ultimate 90s Printable Bundle

90s party games.

There you have it, some of the best 90s party games that are truly a blast from the past. I hope you enjoyed this list, and that you found the games that you were hoping for. 

Parties are my bread and butter, so naturally, there are many more ideas where this one came from. I think you would really get a kick out of my salad bowl games which you can use for any decade party! 

The 90s may be 30 years ago already, but we are all keeping its memory alive and well. Wouldn’t you agree? I even heard that low rise jeans are back. Haha!