Inside : 29 incredible ideas for throwing your best Arabian nights theme party including Arabian night themed decorations.

When it comes to throwing a memorable party, you’ve got to have a great theme. The Arabian nights theme is very popular for birthday parties like surprise parties and quinceñeras.

Arabian nights is a theme that refers to the culture of Saudi Arabia. Many people liken this theme to an Aladdin theme, as the popular Disney film is set in an Arabian desert.

Arabian Night Parties

So, for your elegant Arabian nights party, think flying carpets, rich colors, and a little bit of magic! To throw a successful themed party, you’ll need to make sure you get all of the right decorations, from table settings to wall hangings and goodie bags. We’ve got a great list to inspire your best party yet.

The great thing about this theme is that there are tons of options to make it work. Whether your party is a birthday celebration, a holiday party, or simply a party for fun, you can get creative with decorations, foods, costumes, and more.

Here are some great ideas to give you inspiration for your Arabian nights themed party.

1. Colorful hanging curtains This is a great image for inspiration for how to decorate for an Arabian nights party. These parties typically sport colorful hanging curtains and patterned rugs and pillows for that Arabian desert feel.

2. Low table with pillow seats It’s also very common for these types of gatherings to make use of long, low tables with pillows or large cushions as seats, as this is a traditional form of dining for these cultures.

3. Outdoor Arabian theme decorations Setting up a big tent outdoors will not only bring some sunlight and nice weather to your party, but will give it an authentic outdoor desert feel.

4. Colorful gold foil party invitations If you have a celebration, of course, you’ll need some on-theme invitations to catch your guests’ attention.

5. Henna ideas A great way to impress your guests (and to leave a lasting party memory) is to set up a henna station at your party. Make sure you have someone who knows how to henna!

Arabian Nights Theme Party Food Ideas

Of course, you’re going to need food if you’re going to have a good party! The best themed parties are the ones where the food is also on theme — go big or go home!

The good news is that for an Arabian nights theme, there are tons of food options that will satisfy your guests while fitting the aesthetic that you want. Here are some scrumptious options.

6. Pillow and genie lamp cake If your Arabian nights party is a birthday celebration, you will need a cake that fits the theme. This stunning pillow-shaped cake is elaborate, colorful, and super realistic, and is sure to wow the birthday girl or boy.

7. Henna hand sugar cookies Henna tattoos are native to Arab culture, and these cookies make a perfectly authentic touch for your dessert table.

8. Mandala sugar cookies If you don’t happen to have a hand-shaped cookie cutter, these round colorful mandala sugar cookies are also a great treat option.

9. Arabian theme cake pops How adorable and artful are these gilded cake pops?!

10. Genie juice This labeled pitcher is such a fun idea for your drink(s) at your party, rather than putting out an eyesore cooler or drinks in bottles.

11. Genie lamp cupcakes The more desserts, the better! As long as they fit the theme like these beautiful genie lamp cupcakes do!

12. Gold coin goodie bags Treasure, such as jewels and gold coins, is a big aspect of the desert night theme, so these chocolate gold coin baggies are a lovely touch.

Arabian Nights theme party decor

Arabian Nights Decoration

Now that you’ve got some inspiration and a vision in your mind for your Arabian nights themed party, you’re going to need to get some decorations. No worries, we have created a list of the best decorations that fit this theme perfectly, so that your guests will truly feel like they’re having a festive Arabian night!

13. Decorative Mandala Throw Pillow Cover If you’ve already got throw pillows, these intricately detailed mandala pillow covers will make for an easy and beautiful addition to add to the Arabian aesthetic.

14. Egyptian perfume bottle set These Egyptian bottles are colorful and can be used as drink holders, table centerpieces, candle holders, or guests’ goodie bag gifts.

15. Purple and gold plastic tablecloth Purple and gold are two major colors for this theme, so this tablecloth will work great, and since it’s plastic, it will work well for a kids table.

16. Rainbow colored sheer curtains These sheer, flowing curtains will look stunning when strung across the ceiling or in doorways, adding a cozy, authentic Arabian feel.

17. Metallic balloons You can’t have a party without balloons! These balloons fit the color theme perfectly.

18. Moroccan nights photo backdrop Guests love an on-theme photo backdrop. This large backdrop is eye-catching and will make for beautiful photos that you and your guests will get to have to remember this party always.

19. Gold genie lamps Genies are usually a big part of the Arabian nights or Aladdin party theme, so placing these gold genie lamps around as table centerpieces will be a lovely touch.

20. Gold mini lanterns If you don’t want to go with the genie idea, you can simply use these authentic-looking miniature lanterns as table pieces, or you can light them and place them around the perimeter of the room on the floor for a more authentic feel.

21. Arabian nights party decoration kit This is a simple one-stop for a bunch of necessary decorations, including a table cloth, hanging streamers, gold genie lamps, and more.

22. Metallic gold life-sized camel cutout It’s not a desert without a camel! This is a cool life-sized cardboard camel cutout with a shimmery gold finish that would make a great entryway piece.

Arabian Nights Outfits

Arabian Party Outfits

Remember when we said go big or go home? To go the extra mile, have your guests dress for the Arabian occasion! Here are some awesome dress ideas for your Arabian nights party that will truly tie the entire night together.

23. Sultan men’s costume This Sultan men’s costume features a turban in addition to a vest, sash, and pants. 

24. Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin costume This is a very popular outfit choice for women at an Aladdin or Arabian themed party.

25. Women’s belly dancer costume This costume comes in an array of vibrant colors.

26. Men’s genie costume A genie costume is a huge hit at Arabian night’s parties.

27. Men’s Aladdin costume Someone’s got to be Aladdin at the party! This is a very simple and easy costume for anyone.

28. Youth belly dancer costume Get the kids dressed up too! How adorable is this costume?

29. Youth Arabian prince costume How cute is this kid’s Arabian prince outfit?! It can even be reused for Halloween!

Arabian Night Parties

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