Inside: Superhero Party Games for Adults that will make you feel like a kid again

I don’t know about you, but I am a pretty big Marvel fan. In full honesty, I have only recently(in the past two years) fully become a die-hard fan. Before this, I would watch the newer movies sometimes, but I was never very invested. Don’t get me wrong, I watched the classics growing up but after those I petered out until now.

I hope you got my Spiderman pun there. 😉

But since I had extra time in quarantine, I decided that it was time that I watched all of the movies in order, and now I am proud to say that I am all caught up, shows and all. 

Superhero Party Games for Adults

To my surprise, lots of adults had an equal, if not greater, love for superheroes. This is awesome! Who said kids get all the cool stuff, huh? Because of this, I decided my next birthday would be superhero themed. So today, I have gathered some of the best superhero party games for adults that I could find.

Check them out!

Simple Super Hero Party Games for Adults

First up, we have some simple party games for adults. These games may seem kind of childish, but the best ones usually are. After all, who says that kids get to have all the fun here? So let’s look through these and see which ones make our inner child the happiest. 

1. Costume Contest – This is self-explanatory; have all your friends dress up as their favorite characters and show up to the party. Then hold a contest and deem whoever has the best outfit the winner! Make sure to have some sort of prize.

2. Joker – For this game, you have to split up into teams of 2. Then the winners from each round will face each other until only one team is left to go up against each other. The game’s goal is to get your opponent to laugh in under one minute. If they laugh, you win, and you get to move on. 

3. Super Hero Paint Ball – This one will have to be thrown at a paintball place. You have everyone set up into teams, villains versus heroes. Then you divide and conquer. See who will win the day and save the world!

4. Hulk Smash – This is a classic super here party game for adults and for kids. You get a set of hulk hands and some balloons. Players take turns wearing their hands while trying to pop a balloon. They have one minute to get it to blow. Otherwise, they lose. 

5. Spiderman – Okay, next up, we have the spider’s hands. For this game, you get a bunch of plastic spiders and a few sets of sticky hands. You slap the hands onto the spiders to see how many spiders you can get in under a minute. Go get them, tiger!

6. The Floor Is Lava – Okay, this one is hilarious. You make this game superhero edition by diving into teams(villains vs heroes) and then try to get to a goal first. You can set up the prize as the goal you are trying to get to. Whoever gets to it first wins. 

7. Hawkeye – This is just a simple game of darts. But we call it hawkeye because, you know, he was a great shot. 

8. Spiderman Tag – For this game, you will need cans of silly string. You have to run around the yard playing spiderman tag, which is where you have to shoot your opponents with the silly string(aka webs) to tag them out. I love games like this; they bring you back to childhood. 

9. Kryptonite Sweep – I went to a DC-themed party a while back, and we played this game. They got green goldfish rocks and then poured them all over the floor. You have one minute to sweep it all up into the safe zone. Otherwise, you are OUT. 

10. Villain Shooting Challenge – For this game, you will need to set up different colored water bottles in a line. Then you have to take a nerf gun and see how many you can get to fall down in one minute. How many villains did you fall?

 11. Superhero Movie Marathon – And lastly, we have a superhero movie marathon. The hardest part of this game will be choosing between the Marvel cinematic universe and the DC one. I don’t know about you, but I am partial to one.

Marvel Themed Games

Marvel Themed Games

Next up, we have some Marvel Themed Games. I know that for all of you DC lovers out there this may annoy you, but I am more of a Marvel fan. These movies were my childhood, and now they are my adulthood. Marvel has taken over a decade to create an epic universe of wonder that I believe is just untouchable. So, here are some marvel Superhero party games for adults that I will be playing at my next birthday party.

12. Marvel Movie Drinking Game

13. Marvel Trivia 

14. Infinity Stones Hunt – For this game, you hide the infinity stones around your house and throughout the party; whoever finds the most of them wins. 

15. Marvel Heros Card Game  

16. Super Hero Theme Song Challenge – Go onto youtube and type in different theme songs, then play the first 3 seconds for the players to see who can match it up with its superhero first. 

17. Sheild Frisbee – Use Cap’s shield as a frisbee…he does this all the time.

18. Connect 4 Spiderman Edition

19. Guess in 10

20. Blindfolded Obstacle Course – Yeah, try not to laugh with this one. Especially if you’ll be having drinks at your party.

21. Marvel Uno

22. 5 Minute Marvel Card Game

superhero party decorations

Decorations for a Super Hero Party

I think my favorite thing about superhero adults(a subsection of Disney adults) is how much fun they have, the cool ones, at least. They really don’t care what other people think of them…they like what they like, and they are proud of it. For my next birthday, I will have a superhero theme. I am not ashamed to say that I am extremely excited about it. So along with the games, I thought I would show you some of the cutest decorations to help transform your space.

What makes it even funnier is how childish these decorations are. Adults just want a break from adulthood; give your friends that break with your party. That is what I am doing!

23. Spiderman Balloon

24. Ceiling Decorations

25. Avengers Balloons

26. Marvel Themed Table Set

27. 112 Peace Balloon Set

28. Punching Balls

29. Photo Booth

30. Pinata

31. Happy Birthday Marvel Sign

32. Temporary Tattoos

33. Paper Lanterns

Superhero party games for adults

I hope you loved these superhero party games for adults as much as I loved finding them. I think the best part about growing into an adult is realizing that you can still have tons of fun. So go out there and throw yourself a superhero birthday. Play these superhero games, and watch all the superhero movies. 

This is your life! You get to live it however you choose. I say go big or go home. Live it up, and throw yourself the biggest, childish birthday party you can.

Because how funny would that be? All of your adult friends show up, and you’re like., “Hey, I have a pinata!” That’s so cool.