Inside: 33 Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Showering a Mom-to-be can be SO FUN! I love everything about Baby Showers from the little bitty onesies to the fun diaper cakes, they are always guaranteed to be a fun time filled with love and laughter! To make your next baby shower extra special check out these Free Printable Baby Shower Games everyone will love!

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

1. Price is Right: Who doesn’t love this game? I think by far this is the most fun free printable baby shower game.
Display baby items you purchased on a table. Each guest has to write down what they think each item costs on the sheet.
Once everyone is done, read off what the price was of each item is. Whoever has the most accurate prices, wins!

The Easiest “Price is Right Baby Shower Game” Template

2. What’s in Your Purse?: Your guests go through their purses and get points for certain items on the list. The person with the most points, win.

3. Emoji Pictionary:This baby shower game might be one of the more tricky ones! The printout includes a combination of emojis that are hints to the title of a children’s book. There are 25 book titles in total that need to be filled in and most of them are classics that people of all ages should be able to figure out!

4. Are you My Mother?:Are there any animal lovers in the group? Can you match all the animals to what their babies are called?

5. Candy Bar Game: This game is easy if you know your candy bars. The objective of the game is to match the candy bars with the pregnancy or baby related word. Of course, there is an answer key provided in case you need a key.
Hospital Address = 5th Avenue
Newborn Girl = Baby Ruth
Twin Boys = Mike & Ike
Triplets = Three Musketeers

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games You’ll Love

6. Who Knows Mommy Best: This is probably one of the most popular baby shower games. This is a trivia like game of who know the mom to be best. What is mom’s biggest craving? How old is mom?
There is a range of questions included. It may be mommy’s bestie that knows her the most! The person who truly knows mommy the best will win a prize.

7. Pass the Prize Baby

  1. Prior to the game, have a wrapped prize.
  2. Have everyone sit in a circle
  3. Start reading the “pass the gift poem”
  4. Follow directions of who to pass the gift to in the poem
  5. The last person to recieve the gift at the end of the poem, wins!

8. Baby Jeporady: Follow the regular jeopardy rules.One person has to keep score.
The game can be played individually or by teams. Or if the baby shower is co-ed, it can be boy vs. girls.
Once the participants/ teams have been identified, hand them each a whistle/ buzzer or instruct them to raise their hands if they want to answer the question. If they give the wrong “question”, move on to the other participant/ team.
Only the host sees the questions/ answers.

9. Animal Pregnancies: Can you name how long each animal’s pregnancy lengths are?

10. Nursery Rhyme Game: Can you guess which nursery rhymes the clues are pointing to?


  1. Give a game sheet to each guest.
  2. Set a timer and have guests find as many words they can.
  3. The winner is who guessed the most amount of correct rhymes.

Free Baby Shower Games

11. Baby Shower Taboo: This game is putting the baby spin on taboo!
Remember, what you don’t say is just as important as what you DO say! Everyone plays in teams to try and guess the baby/pregnancy related words as their teammates shout out clues. But some words are taboo, so don’t say the wrong clue or your team loses out! This game comes with 48 Printable game cards (they print on 4 pages).

12. Don’t Say Baby: What is the number one word at a baby shower? Obviously, the word is “baby”! So to make the shower a challenge, the rule is no saying “baby”. Or you can decide another word that is taboo (not allowed to be said).
As guests arrive, they are given a token and told the taboo word. If the word is baby, guests will now have to use other terms like “little nugget”, “bundle of joy” instead. Now when someone does say the taboo word, a guest is allowed to take their token. The guest with the most tokens at the end of the “new arrival” shower.

13. Who Am I?: This is a quick and easy way to get the party started! There is a ready to play printable list of names for this mommy game.

Baby Shower Ideas

Fun Shower Games Mom Will Enjoy

14. Memory Game: Here are printables for Baby Shower memory game. This game can not be played using only the printable graphics but you will also need baby related items such as diaper pins, cotton balls, cotton swabs, baby wipes, pacifier, bottle, bib, rattle,, baby bootie, baby cap, spoon, board book, a tray and a cloth. This is a very interesting game as it will challenge the Baby Shower party guests and test their memories. To help you with the arrangements for this game I have prepared free printable Baby Shower memory game stationery which you can print and give to your guests so they can write down as many items as they remember.

15. Get Packing: Do you know what mommy will be packing to bring to the hospital? She might not either!  The explanations from mommy when she tells why she needs something totally out of the blue, may turn into some laughs.For added fun you can also have your guests read the ones they got wrong, with an explanation for the more humorous items.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

16. Celebrity Moms and Dads, Who’s Who Trivia: If your group is one to stay up to date on the most recent entertainment news this might be the perfect baby shower game. This baby shower game print out has a list of famous couples and baby’s names that guests must match up.

17. What’s Mommy Thinking?: This is a simple game that puts mommy in the spotlight where she belongs. Can you read mommy’s mind and guess what word she will use to finish these baby related phrases? Baby “Blanket” or Baby “Buggy”? Only answers that match mommy’s are right! Some of the snwers will turn out hilarious!

  1. Give each player including mom a game sheet.
  2. Have everyone finish the baby related phrases by a word or two. Example: “Baby’s first…” players can fill in “tooth”, or “steps”, or “hair cut”.
  3. Once everyone is done, have mommy read her answers and tally up how many correct answers each player matched.

18. Baby Names A-Z: With a time limit, fill out as mnay letters of the alphabet of names that start with each of the letters. To make it more challenging you can say only one gender’s names.

19. Baby ABC: Can you fill in each letter with a baby related word that begins with that letter? B is for Bottle. D is for Diaper.

20. Name that Baby Tune: Fill in the blanks for each song that contains the word “Baby”. For a hint, the artist of the song is listed.

21. Baby Unscramble: This is a list of baby words scrambled up. Players must unscramble as many words possible before the time is up!

Printable Games

Mom-To-Be Games

I love these printable baby shower games for the loving mommy-to-be!

22. Baby’s first alphabet book: This isn’t really a game but it is an adorable baby shower activity! This baby shower print out consists of different letters for each guest to sign and decorate. You then have the letters put together as baby’s first alphabet book which is full of love from friends and family!

23. Guess that Baby!: This is such a fun game that it has its own blog post already!

Start by printing out the baby photos onto the label paper using your inkjet printer. Unless your friends were born circa 2000 most of them will have older grainy looking baby photos – it’s totally okay though when placed against the colorful balloons any photo looks fun!
Fill up each balloon with helium and tie it to a string.
Cut the baby photos out so it is just the face showing, no telltale signs of who is who from the background.
Place each label on a balloon and line up on a tabletop or along a wall. Have guests pick who they think is who verbally if it’s a small shower or by placing notes in a bowl under each balloon for a larger shower.

24. Predictions for baby: Guests fill out their own sheets of their predictions of the baby when they are born. What color will their eyes be? How much will they weigh?

25. Baby Mad Libs: If you want to have some great laughs, this baby shower game is the way to go!!

26. How Big is Mommy’s Belly?: All the guests will write down their prediction on how big mom’s belly is. Once everyone’s prediction is in, measure up and see who was the closest.

27. Baby Bingo: Fill in the blank boxes with gifts you think Mommy to be will receive. As she opens each gift, you can mark off the gift she opens. The first person to mark five boxes in a row yell out BINGO!

28. Words of Advice for Mama to be: This is the perfect way for everyone to share their most valuable knowledge for mom to be!

Free Baby Shower Games

A Few More Baby Shower Favorites

29. Baby Language: This free printable baby shower game has spelled out baby riddles for guests to solve. You baby shower guests can work in pairs or alone to solve these mind-bending riddles.

30. Baby Fued: Play this classic TV game at your baby shower. This free printable baby shower game has already surveyed to get answers of the questions.

31. Mommy Myth Game: Do you know if these mommy statements are true or myths. The guests that have the most correct answers wins.

32. Babies around the world game: How many languages do you know? Maybe only one? Then take your best guess at this baby shower game on how “baby” is translated around the world.

33. Over or Under?: This free printable baby shower game has prices of baby-related statements.

Fill out the sheet by marking if the price is under or over the correct number.

Whew, that was a lot of printable baby shower games! You are sure to have plenty of fun for your next celebration! Let us know in the comments your favorite!