Inside: House Cup Worthy Harry Potter Birthday Party Games. 

Where are my true Harry Potter fans at? I mean I have seen every movie, read every book, and have taken every possible BuzzFeed quiz ever made, so I guess you could say I am a pretty big fan myself.

Whether you’re a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff these Harry Potter Birthday Party Games are PERFECT for you!

Harry Potter Birthday Party Games

House Cup Worthy Harry Potter Birthday Party Games

Pin the Glasses: Switching up the classic pin the tail on the donkey is simple no matter what your theme. Put your artistic skills to test with this pin the glasses on Harry game.

Table Top Quidditch: Channel your inner Seeker with this easy DIY table quidditch. End the game by sinking the snitch and celebrating your victory. And remember, no blocking allowed.

Make Your Own Wand: Guests can make their own Harry Potter wand with this how-to make Harry Potter wands tutorial. Bonus, wands can go home with guests as a party favor!

Harry Potter Party Ideas

Catch the Golden Snitch: Hide golden snitches throughout your party space and play Catch the Golden Snitch Game. Those little wizards will be searching high and low.

Guess What’s in the Box: What’s in the box? The Guess the Artifact Game has guests stick their hands through a box and determine what mystery item is inside.

Printable Harry Potter Birthday Party Games

Character Scramble: See how well you know your favorite and (least favorite) Harry Potter Characters with this free Harry Potter Character Scramble from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff.

Harry Potter Bingo:  This Harry Potter Bingo Game will create plenty of magic and wizardry!

Character Word Search: Find your favorite Harry Potter Character with this super fun Character Word Search! This Harry Potter Birthday Party Game is perfect for all ages!

Printable Harry Potter Games

Trivia Night: Think you’re a Harry Potter whiz? Put your knowledge to the test with these Harry Potter trivia games. This party game and Harry Potter Wizard Quizzes includes a word find, Alphabet Game, and sorting quiz to see which house you’d go into.

Minute to Win It Harry Potter Games

Erumpent Horn: The horn of an Erumpent contains a dangerous fluid that causes whatever it is injected into to explode. Create your own horn by stacking five disks on your head in 60 seconds. Be careful it doesn’t blow up! The horn disks were created by cutting pool noodles up into slices.Unicorn Tail: This is a variation of the Junk in the Trunk game. I just gave the tissue box a unicorn tail and extra bling.Minute to Win it GamesDevils Snare: This plant has a deadly habit of wrapping around and strangling anything that touches it. Tightly wrap your partner up by wrapping an entire roll of toilet paper around your partner’s body in 60 seconds.

Mirror of Erised: This mirror shows the “deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts.” Use it to show you the way through a maze of chairs by walking backward with the mirror to guide you.

Collect the Dragon Eggs: Using two wands as chopsticks, pick up the eggs (jelly beans) and collect them into a bowl.

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Harry Potter is the epic book/movie series that has rocked the world since the 2000s. Written by J.K Rowling, it follows the story of a young boy who finds out he is a wizard on his 11th birthday. The antics that follow him as he learns to control his power while dealing with the evil wizard Voldemort got us through our long childhoods. 

It’s been quite a few years since the last of the original Harry Potter Movies came out(I say that because there have been spin-off prequels since), and yet the world still holds this young wizard in extremely high regard.

He taught us the beauty of growing up, even when it is painful. And that we can truly see our minds to everything.

Games for a Harry Potter birthday

With Harry having such a positive impact on people, it should come as no surprise to you that there have been so many merchandise items made to celebrate this character. Things like action figures, blankets, clothes, and even games. 

Today we are going to focus on the latter. The coolest Harry Potter Party Games you can play for any party, it doesn’t even have to be a birthday! 

You can buy them outright, which is nice if you are busy and don’t have time to DIY your own games. I know how overwhelming throwing a party can be, with the food, decorations, and keeping everyone entertained. So save yourself a little trouble and get a few of these.

1. Pin the Scar on the Harry – Who even needs a donkey anymore. There are so many spoofs of this game we’ll never need it again!

2. Harry Potter Hedbanz – Yep, they make Harry Potter-themed Hedbanz. Cool right?

3. Harry Potter Catch The Golden Snitch – This game allows you to be in a quidditch game and catch the golden snitch. Yes, please!

4. Tri-Wizard Tournament – This one is much safer than the original…trust me. Rest in peace, Cedric Diggory.

5. Trivial Pursuit – If you think you know everything there is to know about this series, then this is the game to show off your talents.

6. Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean Game – We all remember Dumbledore trying one of those jelly beans and it tasted like earwax…well you can try it now too! If you dare.

7. Games Against Potter – This is a simple and fun card game that is all about Harry Potter.

8. Harry Potter Jenga – Even Jenga has gotten on the Hogwarts express…choo choo!

9. Harry Potter Wizards Chess – Now, I am sure that these chess don’t actually move on their own…but they’re themed and it’s adorable!

10. Trivia Harry Potter Game – This is the ultimate Harry Potter Trivia game, so have everyone split up into teams and see who the ultimate fan really is. 

DIY Harry Potter Games

DIY Harry Potter Party Games

If you DO have some extra time and would like to save some money, these DIY games are an absolute blast. Most of them are fairly simple and are a hit with kids, teens, and adults alike.

Because that is the beauty of Harry Potter, it’s for everyone.

11.  Charades – You can always rely on charades for a good time, especially when it’s Harry Potter-themed. Simply write down some main themes of the movies, such as spells, characters, animals, etc., and put them in a hat(a sorting hat if you will). The rest is history!

12. Wingardium Leviosa – Give the kids wands, and a few balloons that they have to keep in the air at all times by saying the phrase and then tapping it. This is such a cute one. 

13. Sock Toss Free Dobby – Imagine corn hole but instead of a ball or a bean bag, it’s a sock for Dobby to help set him free. How cute is this?!

14. Potions Class – Give the kids a jar each, and some other cute crafting tools like stickers, pens, glitter, and slime. Then you let them have at it and create their own unique potion.

15. Defense Against the Dark Arts – Parent, you are needed extra for this one. Attach a black robe or a trash bag to the end of your broom and have everyone take turns defeating it. 

16. Horcrux Scavenger Hunt – Everyone knows the Horcrux is one big scavenger hunt basically(with an epic plot twist for the last one). So create your own and have the kids find clues as to where the next one is!

17. Botts Beans – You can either get the Harry Potter Brand of these or Jelly Belly also has a similar game. Exactly like in the movie, half the jelly beans are delicious, and the other has a nasty flavor like rotten eggs. It’s like Russian roulette but with jelly beans.

18. Wizard Chess – Like regular chess but amp it up a bit by resisting the dialog between Ron, Hermione, and harry in that iconic scene. “Once I make my move, you’ll be free to check the king.” You know what I am talking about!

19. Animal Impression – Remember the time when all the boys were bonding in their dorm, eating the candy that lets you do an impression of an animal, well recreate that game.

20. Transmutation Charades – Write down lots of different kinds of animals and put them into a hat. Then draw and pretend to be transforming into it. 

Printable Harry Potter Games For Boys

Printable Party Games

If you are looking for an even simpler route then printing is the way to go. Take a look at these awesome games that you can print off right from home.

This is that good middle ground for those of you who want to save money, but can’t spend time putting together a DIY game. Check these out.

21.  Printable Trivia Games

22. Editable Games

24. At-Home Escape Room

25. Wizard Party Games

26. Harry Potter Emoji Printable

27. Wizard Charades

28. Bridal Shower Games

29. Wizard Bingo

30. Trivia Card

31. Wizard World Taboo Game

32. Wizard Reading Game

33. Cute Maroon Game

34. Wizard School Escape Room

35. Wizards and Witches Scratch Cards

Harry Potter Hedbanz

And there you have it, the best Harry Potter party games the internet had to offer. If you love Harry Potter, then any of these games will be a blast to you…trust me. You never truly outgrow this phase.

Magical realms will never be uncool. And these games just go to prove that. Whether you are 5 or 25, throwing a Harry Potter party is always in fashion because it’s all about celebrating what you love.

If you are an adult planning one of these parties, then feel free to make any of the games I listed above into a drinking game. Because we all know the difference between a kid’s party and an adult’s party is the presence of alcohol.

Now get this Deathparty started and have a charming time with these fun Harry Potter birthday party games! Let us know in the comments which house you belong too. Surprise, I’m a Hufflepuff!