Inside : 11 Free Printable Birthday Trivia Games to celebrate their special day! 

Birthdays mean parties, and parties mean party games. And what is everyone’s favorite party game these days? Trivia!

I don’t think any of us can really say that our friend group doesn’t love to show off a little bit and dominate the game.

So birthday trivia games are a no brainer!

Get the pens and pencils ready for a whole marathon of fun printable birthday trivia games that’ll have party guests’ competitive juices flowing.

Free printable birthday trivia games

It’s up to you if you want to coordinate with the guest of honor or if you’d rather surprise them. It’s their party, so you totally have to make them the center of attention! And these fun printable birthday trivia games are a great, frugal way to do it.

Check out these crazy fun printable trivia games to celebrate your friend’s birthday!

Fun Trivia Birthday Games For Adults

Fun trivia birthday games for adults

There’s nothing like some fun printable birthday trivia games to really put the guest on honor in the spotlight. They’ll feel loved when guests get the answers right, and it’ll be hilarious when they get them wrong! Don’t forget to keep score so that the winner can be entitled to their well-deserved bragging rights.

  1. Who Knows The Birthday Girl/Boy Best?:  Who doesn’t love getting a little competitive while playing games? Even the name of this game poses the challenge: who knows the special guest best? Some of them are easy, but some of them are hard! After all, can you say you know your best friend’s biggest pet peeve? Accuracy aside, you’re bound to get some hilarious answers with these fun quizzes that come in male, female, and gender neutral options. This page is actually a few fun printable birthday trivia games in one: it comes with a “This or That” game as well! 
  2. 80s Trivia Game:  Was the guest of honor a kid during the 80s? Then they and their guests are going to get a kick out of this hilarious 80s game! These questions aren’t based on the person, but rather questions about that period of time. If their guests were born around the same time or older, then it’ll be a round of nostalgic fun for everyone!
  3. Birthday Question Game:  Do you know your friend’s idea of a perfect day? Their favorite book? What they would do if they had just 30 extra minutes each day? These thought-provoking questions will bring everyone a little closer as the questions are bound to start some interesting conversations!
  4. 1950s Birthday Trivia:  If your guest of honor was born just before or during the 50s, then this game will take them back to their childhood! The honoree and guests alike will be surprised that they remember the pro basketball team that won 11 championships between 1956 and 1969, and be so frustrated when they can’t remember who sang “That’s All Right Mama!” 
  5. Free 40th Birthday Printable Trivia:  This activity is perfect for someone turning 40. This Turning 40 game has questions all about that period of time, and even fill-in questions based on the number 40! It’s way harder than you might think, and some of the questions are actually pretty tough as well. Give guests plenty of time to answer!
  6. Who Knows Me Best? This or That:  Does the guest of honor prefer Coke or Pepsi? That’s one of the easier questions in this funny “This or That” game! You’re bound to know the answers if you spend a lot of time together, but you’ll really be testing your knowledge on this one.

More Great Birthday Trivia Questions

Who knows the birthday girl best trivia

The best thing about these fun printable birthday trivia games is that it doesn’t matter if you get the questions wrong. At the end of the day, you’ll know more about your friend, and they’ll feel happy to have been the center of attention on their special day! Everyone is going to learn more about each other, because there’s no way other guests won’t chime in with their own answers to these fun printable birthday trivia games.

  1. Who Knows Me Best?:  Hope you studied! Give guests this 20 question test on the honoree and see who scores the highest marks! Make it fun by having everyone start with sheets face down and only give them a certain amount of time to answer as many of the questions as they can. Have the guest of honor grade the tests for added laughs!
  2. Birthday Trivia:  This is another fun, colorful printable activity that has you thinking hard and scratching your head as you try to remember the last thing that your friend ordered from Starbucks. Some of these questions will get some hilarious answers, like “What celebrity do they look like?” I can guarantee that you’ll get a whole mess of answers!
  3. It’s All About The Birthday Star:  Childhood friends will be at an advantage with this one. Another fun set of 20 questions about the special guest! There’s no way everyone will be able to answer all of these. After all, how could anyone know how many driving tickets their friend has gotten? One thing’s for sure: this game is tough!
  4. Who Knows The Birthday Girl Best?:  This game is gender specific, but you could always just call out the questions and use the right gender if playing for a guy. We have some of the basic questions, such as number of siblings and favorite color, that everyone might know. But do they know her shoe size? What he’d do with an extra $1000? They might not even know! 
  5. DIY Birthday Trivia:  We’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend throwing together your own fun printable birthday trivia games! After all, no one knows your friend as well as you. Learn how to make your own game using one of these quiz sites. This is also a great option if throwing a virtual birthday bash or if some guests can’t attend in person! And if you go this route, then it can be fun to have the special guest help put together the questions.

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Printable birthday trivia games

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