Inside: 17 of the Best Family Board Games

Family game night is my favorite night around here. It is full of friendly, sometimes intense, competition, lots of laughing, and great memories! Finding the right game for our beloved family game night can sometimes be a challenge. As the kids get older it becomes easier and easier to find a board game that we can all enjoy!

This list of the best family board games is my tried and true for every family game night. But don’t worry, if you have little ones in your house we came up with the perfect list for you too!

Best Family Board Games

Best Family Board Games

Loot: This pirate-themed game is quick to learn and fun for the grown-ups and simple enough for the kids.

Guess Who: I played this game approximately ten million times as a child (we had a travel version, and my sisters and I played it CONSTANTLY one summer) and it’s been really fun to play it with my kids now!

9 Innings: There are a bunch of versions of this game, some of which are called Golf, and there’s an official version of this you can buy here, but we just play with two decks of regular cards. Both of my girls (7 and almost 5) really enjoy this one, and it’s fast enough for a quick game in 10 minutes or so.

Best Games

Dominion: Now I have never personally played this game but I have friends that regularly play this game for family game night!

Ticket to Ride: In Ticket to Ride the goal is to build the longest railway course. Players choose destination tickets and try to build a railway connecting those cities while attempting to block the routes that their opponents appear to be creating. If you’re just not up for another loud, wild game this is a good choice.

Code Names: Code Name is a very enjoyable game that requires communication and the ability to make some unusual connections. This is a great game of reasoning and lateral thinking.

Our Favorite Family Games

Splendor: Splendor‘s set up is easy enough, collect gems and buy enough cards to get 15 points to win the game. But this is one of those situations where simple and easy are NOT the same. You’re working with two currencies simultaneously and your opponent can pretty easily guess what you’re trying to do. A true game of strategy where it can really pay off to sabotage each other.

Clue: Become a detective with Clue and travel from room to be the first one to uncover the murder mystery. I’m a sucker for this classic board game!

Beat The Parents: Kids love Beat the Parents because they get the opportunity to dominate their parents at trivia. It’s in the name! Kids answer questions that parents should know, and parents answer questions kids should know. Like: “What is the special skill of the light bluebird in the angry birds game?”

Best Board Games

Wits and Wagers: This is one of my kids all-time favorite games. Mostly because you don’t really need to know the answers to the questions to win at the game. Most questions have answers that no one will know. Also, a great game for large families when played with teams.

Settlers of Catan: This board game is great for strategy- but there’s an element of bartering and trading that other games don’t have that is super fun. Collecting cards, building roads and settlements and talking your opponents into giving you something they have and you want.

Best Family Board Games for the Whole Family

Qwirkle: This is such a fun game! Made up of a ton of square tiles, each showing a shape in different colors. It’s sort of like a mix between Rummy-O and Scrabble (minus the words). You create lines of shapes- only one of each shape or color is allowed per line, and each player builds the board as the pieces are laid down.

Suspend: We got Suspend a few years ago and it was another favorite family game that EVERYONE can play.

Swipe Out: This is a highly addictive and highly frustrating game but it’s great for testing eye and hand coordination! The aim of the game is to collect five Swipe Out Cards to win the game! It does take a little getting used to for younger children and it is a bit noisy.

5 Second Rule: If you’re looking for a great family board game that everyone will enjoy – The five Second Rule is it! Often the best games are simple games and this game couldn’t be easier to play. All you have to do is name 3 things from a chosen card in 5 seconds. That’s it.

Family Games

Blokus: Blokus is a great family game that’s one of our favorites. It’s a great strategy game that is best for kids aged 8+. The aim of the game is to expand your territory and blockade your opponents, it’s won the game of the year twice and you can play with 2-4 players.

Tension Family: This game features categories that will appeal to all members of the family and tap in to their specific interests and areas of expertise – so no one feels left out. You can play with two people or in two teams.

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