Inside: 53 fun camping games for kids and adults

It’s that time of year! The time of year where all I can think about is sitting fireside roasting marshmallows and watching fireflies. One of my favorite things about summertime camping is all the campsite games to be played! Here is a list of 53 fun camping games for kids and adults!

Camping games for kids and adults

Fun Camping Games for Kids and Adults

These fun camping games for kids and adults are perfect for your next big camping trip!

Cornhole: I love cornhole for a fun camping game, it’s the perfect fun camping games for all ages. I love this DIY collapsible cornhole tutorial!

Balloon Tennis: Just like regular tennis but with balloons! The kids will love it!

Ring Toss: This is such a classic game that is perfect for camp. It’s another one of those games that no matter your age you will enjoy playing! Check out this DIY ring toss tutorial to bring a fun festive flair to camp!

Get to Know Each Other Beachball: This is such a fun way to get to know each other while still having fun around the fire. All you need is a ball, sharpie, and some great questions.

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe: One of the reasons I love this game is because you don’t have to pack anything to make it, just use supplies you find at the campsite. Use small rocks to create the board, sticks for the X’s and big rocks for the O’s.

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Spoons: This is my go-to game for any situation! It’s one of the best fun camping games for kids and adults, see how to play here!

Stand Up & Shout: Count up the number of people in your group and remember that! Everyone can sit around the campfire and any player can start. Each player can shout only one number, but they must stand up when they shout it out. The numbers must be shouted in order, there is no assigned order around the campfire – anyone can shout out a number at any time. The big problem, you can’t call out a number that someone else is also trying to call out. If you do, you’re out of the game. Playing gets more frantic as you go since players don’t want to get caught calling out the last number. As more and more people try to call out numbers, there will be lots of opportunities to be eliminated. You may not even get to the last number!

Marshmallow Roast: This is less of a game, but rather a fun activity to just see just how many times you can roast a crust around a marshmallow until there is nothing left.

Make Me Laugh: The classic staredown game! Players face-off and the first player to laugh is the loser. See how long it takes the most serious people to crack!

Name That Tune: Pull out your favorite tunes and get to guessing!

Mosquito Bites: Give each player a sheet of dot stickers preferably red, like mosquito bites! As the evening progress, try to get rid of your stickers by giving the other players “mosquito bites”! Do this by secretly placing stickers on other players. Be careful…if you get caught you have to keep your mosquito bite sticker and receive another from the person who caught you out. The first player to get rid of their sheet of stickers is the winner!

Koob: This is such a great and fun camping for kids and adults!

Camp Games for Kids

Nature Color Scavenger Hunt: I LOVE THIS fun camp game for kids! I cannot even explain how fun I think this game is. The idea of this game is to find different objects in nature that match the colors of your scavenger hunt. For example, if you’re looking for the color grey then you could find a rock or if you’re trying to find the color green then you can find a leaf.

Bigfoot: This is a totally hilarious and fun camping game for kids and adults!

Hula Hoop Pass: This is such a fun camping game for kids and adults! It would be kind of funny to watch a bunch of adults wiggle their way through hula hoops!

Simon Says: We all know how to play this game, but here is a few fun Simon Says ideas! 

Camping games for kids

Shadow Hand Puppets: This is a great late-night tent game to play with the kids. Just grab your flashlights and layback and come up with some awesome shadow puppets!

Water Balloon Toss: I love this fun game, they used recycled milk jugs to capture the water balloons!

The Human Knot: This is such a silly game for kids to play! The object of the game is for everyone to stand in a tight huddle and they all tangle their hands with the one another. Once everyone has found two hands to hold, the group attempts to untangle without unlinking hands. This requires a lot of teamwork, there is a lot of twisting and laughing in the game. Then hopefully at the end everyone is untangled and end up in a single loop!

Telephone: I love this classic fun camping game for kids!

Duck, Duck, Goose: This is another fun camping game for kids and adults to play around the fire!

Pass the Water: All you need is cups for each person playing. It starts by filling up the first cup all the way to the top, and then the first person dumps the water out over his or her head into the next person’s cup. And you continue in the line, trying to keep as much water possible. If there’s still water, the first person can run to the back of the line to start it over.

The Pinata T-Shirt Game:  If you love candy, tag and a whole lot of fun, then this game is the perfect fun camp game for kids.

Balloon Tennis: Just like regular tennis but with balloons! The kids will love it!

Camp Games for Teens

Flashlight Tag: I love playing this fun camping game with the kiddos. Just grab a bunch of flashlights and wait for the sun to go down!

Sleeping Bag Races: The camping version of a potato sack race!

Two Truths and A Lie: This is a great game to play around the campfire! Each person comes up with two truths and one lie about themselves. The goal is for everyone is guess which is the lie. I love this fun summer game, it’s a great way for people to get to know each other.

Camping games for teens

Mancala: This is such a classic and fun game. I love how they used rocks for this version, it’s a great gaming version!

Human Ring Toss: I love playing this game with inflatable pool tubes or hula hoops. So FUN!

Shaving Cream Cap: This is a fun camping game for kids and adults, messy but fun. Grab a shower cap, lather it up with shaving cream and let the games begin. This game works in pairs, one person with the shaving cream cap and the other with a bag of cheese puffs. Then you set the clock for 30 seconds and see how many cheese puffs you can stick to the cap!

Keep It Up: This is such a fun camping game for kids and adults! All you need is some balloon and people that are ready to play!

Frog: Sitting in a circle around the campfire the first person says: ONE FROG, the second person says: 2 EYES, the third person says: 4 LEGS, the fourth person says: IN THE PUDDLE, the firth person says: KER-PLOP. See how many frogs you can get into the puddle without mistakes.

UNO Wilderness: This fun twist to a classic game makes for the perfect fun camping game for kids and adults!

5 Daily Facts: While this sounds simple at first, it can get harder! All players start by listing five facts of their day (Examples: “Today, I swam,” “I got a new car today,” or “My phone rang today.”), they can be silly or normal – it doesn’t matter.  After everyone has said their five facts, Player 1 would say a different fact that one of the five they had already listed. The goal is to see how many facts about each player can be remembered as you go down the line.

Giant Jenga: Another great classic game, just giant! What is better than a giant game?

Camp Games for Adults

Ladder Toss:  I love to pay this game all summer long. Its a fun camping game for adults plus it breaks down to make it easy to pack!

Horseshoes: Grab your favorite drink and play this classic camping game!

Chubby Bunny: This game is played in rounds. During the first round, everyone puts a marshmallow in their mouth (don’t chew!) and say “Chubby Bunny.” Whoever can say it without having to spit it out the marshmallow stays in the game. Keeping adding a marshmallow each round, and each round saying “Chubby Bunny” the winner is the person who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth while still being able to say “Chubby Bunny”.

Flip Cup: For a little adult friendly campfire fun flip cup is a fun camping game for adults!

Paddle Ball: If you love ping pong, tennis or all the above, you will love playing paddle ball!

Adult Games

The Winking Assassin: This fun camping game for adults is especially entertaining! One neutral moderator secretly selects an assassin. After they are selected, everyone mingles around while making sure to look in the eyes of the other players. The assassin’s goal is to wink at the other players to kill them off without being detected. As players are winked at, they must re-enact a horrifying death where they are and they are out for the rest of the round. If a living person thinks they know who the assassin is, they can point and accuse! If they accuse wrong, they are dead for the round. Play continues until only the killer or one player remains.

Beer Pong: This is such a classic fun camping game for adults!

Twenty Questions: To play 20 questions a player thinks of a person, place or thing, then another player asks 20 yes-or-no questions before trying to guess what the play is thinking of.

DIY Yard Yahtzee: There is something so fun about giant games, they are so fun to play around the campfire.

The Bowl Game: I love this game! It is one of my all-time favorites and such a fun camping game for kids and adults!

Mafia:  This game is played with anywhere from 6-16 players, so it’s good for small and large groups. The only equipment needed is a deck of cards. One person must serve as the neutral moderator, but everyone else is split into two teams: The Honest or The Mafia. Check out the complete mafia game rules.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite camping games for kids and adults is! Happy Camping!