Inside: Printable Road Trip Games

We are smack dab in the middle of summer break, and though summer break means lots of family fun and adventure, it also means lots of hours in the car. Road trips, visits to theme parks, weekends at the beach or in the mountains – all of that fun is frequently accompanied by endless hours on the road.

And with little ones that can me countless hours of boredom or “Are we there yet” on repeat. But don’t worry with these super fun printable road trip games they will have endless amounts of fun!

The Best Printable Road Trip Games

Tips for a Successful Road Trip with Kids

Put In the Prep Work: Whether you are going to be in the car for two, six or 12 hours, if you want to survive the trip with your sanity you must plan activities — lots of different activities. The goal is to have more activities than you need because in this case, less is not always more!
Tip: Keep all of your activities a secret, even consider wrapping some like gifts. And then dispense as needed. Don’t forget to reserve some surprises for the trip home!
Pack Snacks: I am not sure what it is about traveling that turns everyone into professional snackers? Anyone else have that problem? So pack your best snacks for each passenger!

Pit Stops:  If you can plan for some well-timed stops, like lunch, for everyone to stretch their legs and use the bathroom, fantastic. But there will likely be additional stops along the way. My recommendation is to stop at a fast food restaurant for potty breaks over a gas station, they are cleaner.

Doctor Mom: Hopefully, your adventures will be smooth sailing without any ailments, but with kids, you never know. Keep your travel meds handy so that in the event you need something you don’t have to stop. Some of my essentials are Benadryl. Tylenol, Advil, and Dramamine — keep it in an easy to reach baggie, just in case.

Printable Road Trip Games for Kids

Car Bingo: Check off the squares as you find the matching color car! Super easy and a great way to bust boredom with your younger kids while traveling!

License Plate Finder: Keep your eyes open for all the different State license plates you see while on your long road trip! Color in this great printable map!

Road Trip Games

Roadtrip I Spy: This printable I Spy Scavenger Hunt road trip game will keep their attention for hours as they search for everything from blue trucks to horse trailers, yellow flowers, and even someone singing in their car!

Scavenger Hunt: See if you can check off all the different road trip items! Keep your eyes open for signs, animals, and rest stops. This is a great game to keep young kids eyes on the road vs. on electronics!

Would you Rather: This Disney Edition Would You Rather game is perfect if you’re headed to any Disney park! It keeps the excitement up during the whole trip!

Sticker Book: Okay this printable road trip game takes the cake. It checks all the boxes! First, it has stickers and we all know that kids love stickers. It also has some really creative learning activities!

Printable Travel By Car Games for Older Kids

License Plate Game: Just like the game above search for as many different state license plates during your trip! Cross off each one as you see them. To make it a little more difficult for the older kids, make it where the first one that sees it get to mark it off!

Printable Games

Scavenger Hunt: This printable travel scavenger hunt is the perfect challenge for older kids. Print this out for your tweens or teens on your next road trip. These items are a little harder to find and will keep those teens busy for hours!

Alphabet Race: We play a version of this when I was growing up, and still to this day if just my husband and I are traveling we still play this game! I love this fun twist on a classic road trip game, the kids will love it!

Find the Object: This fun I Spy inspired game keeps little hands moving and big minds entertained during an entire road trip!

Road Trip Word Search:  I love a great word search, but when it is themed with whatever activity I am doing, I love them even more!

Free Road Trip Games

Now make sure to packs those snacks, make the perfect road trip playlist and enjoy the ride!

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Safe and fun travels to all, let us know in the comments your longest road trip!