Inside: The best housewarming party themes and ideas.

So… you bought a new house, CONGRATS! 

This is such a huge step and an awesome feat that you have been able to accomplish…so take a second to give yourself a pat on the back. Okay, now that that is over with, let’s get into the fun stuff: Throwing a housewarming party!

Throwing a housewarming party is a right of passage. After you get your house set up, you get to invite people over to enjoy your new space with you. There are many ways that you can do this, and it can be a lot to decide.

So to make it easy for you today, I have compiled some of my favorite housewarming party themes that I have ever thrown/attended. 

Housewarming Party Themes and Ideas

I also cover some great food and decoration options for you to include. This is basically a one-stop shop for everything involving housewarming ideas. You are welcome in advance. So take a look at these ideas and think about which ones you like the most. 

Housewarming Party Themes

1. Garden Party – This is one of my all-time favorite housewarming party themes. So you have everyone come over, and the idea is that each of your friends plants something in your garden. Then you have something to cultivate and care for that was planted by someone you love. It’s like they get to be a part of your home.

2. Crafting Party – By crafting, I mean furniture. This is a good housewarming party that you only invite your closest friends to, because when they show up you let them know that they will be helping you put your house together. Putting together TV stands and bed frames will go by much quicker with some drinks and some friends.

3. Block Party – If you want to get to know your neighbors, then host a block party! This is a wonderful way to break the ice with the people who are living around you. Who knows, they may become some of your best friends. 

4. Karaoke – If you are looking to stay away from making friends with your neighbors…this is the way to go. But karaoke is so much fun; who can resist? I know I can’t. My go-to is Adele because I love to punish the ones I love.

5. Backyard Luau – This is a popular theme for a housewarming party because it is just so much fun. Not only are there colorful shirts and good food…but there are tiki torches. I LOVE tiki torches. I have no idea why; I just love them. 

6. Murder Mystery – A good murder mystery is something that can never steer you wrong. It makes it better that your home will be a new place for your loved ones because it just adds to the effect. 

7. Movie Night – If you like things to be a little more low-key, then hosting a movie night is a good route to take. It allows your closest friends and family to come over and get to know your new space without the added pressure of a big party.

8. Raise the Roof – If you like big parties, then through this kind of a blowout. You will need lots of drinks, lots of tunes, and lots of good attitudes.

9. We Did It! – Host a party where you take a walk down memory lane and see how far you have come. From renting to owning…it is quite a journey. 

10. Classic Party – And lastly, we have a classic party. I had to add this one because you can’t really ever go wrong with it. Is it less fun than having a theme? Maybe a little. But there is less stress, and I am here for that too.

Cute Decorations for a Housewarming Party

Cute Decorations for a Housewarming Party

Decorating your house for a housewarming party can be so hard. But since you have already looked at the housewarming party themes, I figured this would be an obvious next step. You want to keep it simple to showcase the house but still make it feel like a party is being thrown.

Otherwise, people won’t be able to see your house in its natural state, but without them, it will feel more like a hangout than a party. Take a look for ideas!

11. Welcome to Our Home Sign

12. Housewarming Twirly Decorations

13. Wish Jar Kit

14. New Home, New Chapter

15. Colorful Burlap Triangles

16. Cute Cupcake Toppers

17. 1st Time Home Owner

18. New Home Napkins

19. Rose Gold Party Plates

20. Green Balloon Arch

21. Gold Balloon Champagne Art

22. Gold Glitter Garland

23. Matching Table Cloth

24. Rose Gold Garland

25. Tissue Party Decoration

Food To Serve at a Housewarming Party

Food is a very important part of any housewarming party. You want your home to smell comforting and lived in(even though it is new to you), and having some yummy food smells wafting around is a great way to do that. Plus, good food is never a bad thing.

It can turn even the grumpiest of frowns into smiles, so if you have a mean uncle who is revolted by all of your success… just shove one of these foods into his hands, and you will be all good.

26. Pasta Fried Tortellini Bite

27. Meatball Bites

28. Pretzel and Cheese

29. 7 Layer Bean Dip

30. Burger Charcuterie Board

31. Everything But the Bagel Weenies

32. Homemade Pizza Pocket

33. Lime Spinach Cup

34. Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Housewarming Appetizers

35. Reese’s Peanut Butter Ball

36. Pinwheel Skewers

37. Taco Bites

38. Banana Bites

39. Carrot Cake Truffles

40. Apple Pie Tacos

41. Crock-Pot Smokies

42. Artichoke Dip

43. Perfect Cucumber Sammys

Games to Play at a Housewarming

Games are also an important part of any housewarming party. You need to give your guests something to do together, and this list below is some of the best ideas out there. I have added a good mixture of affordable games and ones that you may want to invest in.

Because if you have just boughten a house, it can never hurt to have some great party games on hand. Check these out!

44. Housewarming Music Game

45. This or That Game

46. New Homeowner Bingo

47. House Hunt Printed Game

48. Find the Guest Game

49. Word Scramble

50. Yard Pong

51. Ping Pong

52. Kitchen Table Ping Pong

53. Ring Toss Game

54. Darts and Indoor Games

55. Indoor Bowling

56. Drop Cup

57. Who Knows Us Best

58. Gold and White Paper Game

59. Who’s Most Likely To…

60. Pick Your Poison

61. Minute to Win It Games

Housewarming Party Themes

So, once again, I wanted to extend my formal congratulations to you. You are officially a homeowner, and although that comes with its own handful of stressors, it also comes with a certain amount of freedom. You no longer have a landlord to live under; you get to decide what colors the walls are if you want animals…and if you want to smoke indoors (this is never a good idea, but hey, more power to ya). 

Enjoy yourself at your housewarming party because it really is just one big way to celebrate this accomplishment.

I hope you loved all of these housewarming party themes and the other ideas as well. It makes me happy to be able to extend some help in the form of ideas because I have a lot of them.

Happy housewarming!