Inside: Fun and naughty bachelorette charades games to play at your bachelorette party. 

Sure, weddings are always fun, but the bachelorette party before the big day is a TON of fun.

There’s nothing better than a group of girls gathering together to celebrate their friend or family member tying the knot, especially when alcohol and fun inappropriate games are involved! Games are a wonderful way to break the ice between everyone and kick off the festivities.

While there are hundreds of games to play at your bachelorette event, charades will always get the party going and have everyone laughing their heads off.

Bachelorette charades aren’t like any other type of charades game, though. They tend to have more risqué categories and ask you to act out scenarios or items that you won’t find in the family game night version.

However, this list includes both raunchy bachelorette charade games as well as charades that have a bit more innocent topics, but whatever one you decide to play at your bachelorette party is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

Bachelorette charades ideas


So we have compiled a list of our favorite —three words, nine syllables… you guessed it! Bachelorette charades ideas!

And just in case the bachelorette party quickly turns into a baby shower, grab & save these free baby shower printables for your next event planning. 

Dirty Charades

If your bachelorette party is leaning more towards the suggestive side, these games are the perfect addition to your event! Dirty charades with a ton of naughty items and situations that you and your party guests will have to act out and try to guess. By the end of a couple of rounds, and a couple of drinks, you all will definitely be roaring with laughter! With a bunch of different styles to choose from, you are sure to find a set that fits your theme and color scheme.

  1. Pink Theme Dirty Charades: These cards are so cute, and most importantly, so easy to download and print! It comes with 24 cards as well as a blank sheet of cards so that way you can add your own ideas to the mix and really personalize the game for your party. 
  2. Adults Only Naughty Pictionary: This can easily be two games in one! Choose to use the cue cards to play a game of pictionary or you can use them as charades inspiration. No matter what game you end up playing, your bridal party will have a blast.
  3. Rude Bridal Charades: No bachelorette party is complete without phallic shaped decorations, and these charades cards can act as both decorations and a fun game to play later on in the night once the drinks are flowing.
  4. Minimalist Themed Naughty Charades: These cards are incredibly chic, simple, and allow you to insert your own phrases on them to make the game completely personal! Add where the bride and groom first met, what they did on their first date, and more.
  5. These Pink Watercolor Charades Cards: This set comes with 50 beautifully styled cards that can pair wonderfully with the theme of your bridal party! A fun game that is just as aesthetically beautiful? Yes, please!
  6. Dirty Hen Party Charades: These cards come with a mix of naughty phrases and items as well as typical bridal themed ones! Plus, they are able to be downloaded and printed out. All you need to do is cut them up (but that’s what a Maid of Honor is for, right?).
  7. Innuendo Charades: Hilarious cards with situations and items players have to describe solely by acting them out! You all well end up laughing so hard watching your fellow party guests trying to do so.
  8. Raunchy Bachelorette Charades: This set has a mixture of innocent wedding themed topics and naughtier ones. It will keep everyone on their toes since they never know what card they’re going to pull!
  9. Spicy Bachelorette Charades: Try to act out these cards well enough so that the players on your team can correctly guess what you’re trying to non-verbally communicate. You’d be surprised what actions people result to to do so!

Wedding Charades

This section includes charades that have more traditional items and experiences listed on each card. These wedding charades card sets are just as challenging and extremely fun! When there’s charades involved in a gathering, you can bet that there will be a ton of fun. It’s just one of those activities that no matter what is on the cards, it’s always hilarious to watch those around you try desperately to act out what’s on the card without using their words!

Wedding party charades  

  1. Wedding Themed Charades: These classic white charade cards are perfect for a bridal shower or bachelorette party! 
  2. Bride to Be Charades: A box set of cards that also includes small, sand, one minute timer for an added challenge. Do you think you can communicate these items to your teams in under a minute with no words? Play this game to find out!
  3. Printable Bridal Charades: Creative images on each of these cards make them visually appealing and a lot of fun. You can also include the optional drinking rules if that’s your vibe!
  4. Name That Wedding Movie: Such a fun twist on this bridal activity! Instead of trying to guess wedding related items and situations, you and your guests will be acting out clues to communicate wedding themed movie titles.
  5. Wedding Related Charades: This set is not only incredibly aesthetic, but the cards have so many different charades to act out! From movies, to books, to love songs, these cards would be a hit as bachelorette charades.
  6. Personalized Charades Card: The rules of these wedding charades are hilarious! Instead of sitting down in a designated area to act out the wacky cards, each person gets their own to cut out, hold on to, and hand out during the night to act out randomly. They may even need help from a stranger to accurately act out the clue!
  7. Wedding Song Charades: Have the most fun with your bachelorette party by acting out these song titles to have everyone try and guess them. This is such a creative twist on this game, making it super entertaining!

How to play bachelorette charades

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